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Activities in ICON Park Orlando Eye Ferriss at night in ICON Park Orlando

Looking for the funniest things at ICON Park in Orlando, Florida?

ICON Park is a great place, along with an aquarium, a wax museum, a really cool vantage point and a multitude of shops and restaurants.

What to do in ICON Park?

We always adore a family vacation in Orlando. It’s such a great place to go back and have fun, with affordable accommodation, lots of fun family stuff, wonderful weather and great food.

When we don’t visit huge attractions like Universal Orlando (see our Here you can find tips on the magical world of Harry Potter, together with our guide the best souvenirs from the magical world of Harry Potter), or LEGOLAND Florida, we set aside time for some other fun attractions in Florida.

ICON Park (formerly ICON Orlando 360) is a huge open-air park of 20 acres. There are dozens of fun attractions and activities at ICON Park, but we’ve selected 10 favorites to share.

Drive to a point in ICON Park

Have you ever heard of the London Eye? It is a famous London landmark, the Ferris wheel, which offers a beautiful view of the city of London, and which must be done on every list. the best stuff with kids in London.

The wheel at ICON Park is Orlando’s version of the London Eye. Built in 2015, it is an iconic observation wheel that takes visitors to stunning views of Orlando. The wheel is one of the most famous things in ICON Park.

How long does it take to ride a Wheel?

The ride to the Point takes about 20 minutes.

Is the wheel worth it?

The wheel lifts visitors to a height of 400 meters, with a beautiful view of the top. From the top of the observatory you can see Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World and nearby lakes and nature reserves. In our opinion, this alone is worth the price of admission! The land around the theme parks in Orlando is incredibly flat, and the beautiful views are pretty hard to come by!

If you are worried about social distancing, you can even drive yourself or book a private ride with friends and family.

The wheel is an absolute must see, but in ICON Park you can see and do much more.

ICON Park Orlando ticket family

Madame Tussauds of Orlando

I have always been a fan of the great wax museum. The art of wax figures is definitely impressive, and even a little creepy (in a good way, if that makes sense).

The days of the wax museum that clogged the shielded, dust-covered tribute to your parents ’favorite movie stars and politicians are long gone. These days Madame Tussauds has heroes from the Justice League, Aquaman, as well as all the famous favorites. Many attractions here are interactive, which increases the fun factor.

Beyonce in the park icon Madame Tussauds Orlando fkrCC

MARINE LIFE Orlando Aquarium

MARINE LIFE Orlando has over 5,000 species, including sharks, octopuses and penguins.

ICON Park Sealife Aquarium

Orlando StarFlyer

If your group is an adventure lover, be sure to stop by the Orlando StarFlyer. With its 450 feet high, this is the tallest swing in the world.

Orlando Starflyer ICON Park

Pearl Express train

Every theme park needs a theme park train, and ICON Park has a great one. The Pearl Express train is perfect for all ages and runs in front of the Steeringhouse. It’s also a fantastic way to rest your feet for a few minutes while enjoying the sights.

7D dark driving adventure

This is an absolute explosion. 7D Dark Ride Adventure is a shooting game in an amazing seven dimensions, including wind, movement and sound.

Have fun with your family in Arcade City

Our family loves arcades, so we must see Arcade City. It’s always fun to compete for prizes (our youngest are the luckiest!), And arcades are tons of fun! When you buy the ICON Park Play Pass, in addition to Arcade City, in addition to the entrance to 7 other attractions of the ICON Park, you will also receive a $ 5 playing ticket.

Shop until you fall

There is a pretty good variety of shopping, with commemorative memories of the Wheelhouse Gift Shop and 360 gifts.

If sweet treats are more available to you, be sure to visit a sugar factory. Flip Flop stores and Calenoi sunglasses can take care of your summer needs for warm weather.

Woman with shopping bags

Enjoy the fun

There is a lot of fun to keep you busy, from everything from free shows at night, through country music to nightly flamenco shows in Tapa Toro.

Have a great meal or a delicious snack

There is definitely an international flair in the restaurants at ICON Park. One of the best (we think) is iCafe de Paris which serves delicious French pancakes.

If Mexican is your thing, check out Uncle Julia’s Mexican restaurant or Tapa Toro for Spanish cuisine.

Fans of Japanese sushi or ramen food can get it at the Japanese restaurant Mikado.

If you’re looking for something more casual, check out the options at The Wheelhouse Market Food Hall below The Wheel in ICON Park.

Latte is pouring

Is ICON Park free?

Admission to ICON Park is always free, but some attractions, such as Kotača, charge entrance fees.

Parking in ICON Park is also free!

If you want to visit ICON Park on a budget, it is a fantastic place to enjoy night light shows, dance fountains and people watching the central greenery without spending money.

Tickets for ICON Park Orlando

The best place to buy tickets for ICON Park is directly on the ICON Park website here.

Tickets for ICON Park Orlando

ICON Park discounts

The easiest way to save money is to book online on the ICON Park website here.

Save $ 2 on the ticket price for Wheel when you book online, and there are discounts for Florida residents. There are also attractive combo packages that help save money.

There are also a few days each year when admission to The Wheel is free for an active and retired military.

Hotels near ICON Park Orlando

ICON Park has a fantastic location near Disneyworld and Universal Orlando. This makes it easy to find hotels or Airbnb.

Looking for great deals for your next Airbnb? Click here to get a $ 35 loan!

Looking for fun in other parts of Florida? Take a look at ours guide to Destin Florida, i the best things to do on Crab Island Florida near Destin.

Have you visited ICON Park? What is your favorite activity in ICON Orlando?

the best things to do in ICON Park Orlando Florida


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