11 best things to do in Jersey, Channel Islands – hand luggage only


Jersey works hard, especially since it is the largest island in the Channel Islands. From the castle to the coves, a bunch of beautiful places and a bunch of the best things to do in Jersey are dotted all over the island.

With a combination of British and French influences, Jersey has a unique charm that is completely epic for a long weekend (or even longer) break. An island teeming with natural beauty but also mountains of history makes it so much fun to explore.

Not only that, Jersey is one of the southernmost points in the British Isles and is usually a little warmer than most other places in the UK itself. That means it’s great for a summer break if you want a little warmer weather, all without traveling at all!

Best thing to do in Jersey

Check out the best things you can do in Jersey below. Have an amazing time on the Channel Islands.

1.) The ruggedness of the north coast of Jersey

West Coast of Jersey

You can then explore the north coast of Jersey, known for its rugged cliffs and breathtaking scenery.

Explore the island’s diverse landscape by hiking the various trails bordered by ferns (like the northern loop) that occupy some of the best spots on the coast. However, don’t forget that a full loop is bigger than 20 miles! If you don’t feel like mammoth walking, take a few pieces or just explore Sorel Point instead of on the path of the Devil’s Hole.

Also, in the northwest you will be able to stop at prehistoric sites, like Couperon Dolmen. Although quite small, it is worth seeing, especially since it dates back thousands of years. In addition, you have a beautiful view from this area of ​​Jersey.

If you are looking for beaches on the north coast, head towards Plémont beach which is wonderful. Here you will cool off with the most beautiful sand sands before visiting the nearby ruins Grosnez Castle. In addition, you will see beautiful views of L’Etacq and St Ouens Bay.

Stop by later Summer of sea wine for a small tip and their wine restaurant.

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2.) Mont Orgueil Castle

Gorey Castle, Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey

Built more than 800 years ago, Mont Orgueil Castle overlooks Gorey, a historic little west coast village that exudes charm.

When you get here, tour this iconic Jersey castle and find secret passages, hidden rooms and soak up the medieval architecture inside. Oh, and don’t forget to find the Death Dance statue tucked deep into the castle itself.

Do you want excitement? Choose the descent down the castle walls! it’s completely unique and one of the best things in Jersey if you want to get that adrenaline pumping!

Also, don’t forget to take a walk along the lower port of Gorey and look for some of the best views of Mont Orgueil Castle. Do you feel pecked? Jump to Jersey Crab Shackin Gorey because of their delicious crab tacos.

3.) Corbiere Lighthouse

Sunset at the lighthouse in Jersey

Located on the west coast of Jersey, overlooking Corbiere Lighthouse is one of the best things to do in Jersey at sunset; the views are fantastic.

For a warm summer day this is complete bliss and is worth the ride and walk.

Corbiere Lighthouse in Jersey

If you have a view of the lighthouse you are looking for, head towards Radio tower which you can actually book to stay in it!

4.) Beauport Beach

Beauport in Jersey

On an island full of beaches, all amazing in their own unique way, Beauport Beach perhaps the most beautiful to visit. Well, at least in my opinion.

Located in its own secluded bay, the beach itself can be accessed by descending paths (and stairs) from the parking lot above.

Beauport Beach in Jersey

Despite the lack of cafes or facilities, chilling on Beauport Beach is one of the best things in Jersey if you want a day at the beach. It is completely intact and stunning.

Then head to a nearby one Oyster Box for the most delicious Jersey Rock Oysters with spicy chorizo ​​butter.

5.) Saint Helier

Tidal pool in Jersey

After visiting Seymour Tower, stop at nearby St. Louis. Helier, which is one of the best things in Jersey if you want to visit a bigger city. Well, I say big, it’s still completely small and beautiful.

Once here visit Elizabeth Castle (by ferry) or the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery. They are both beautiful and worth having fun while you are on the south coast.

In fact, when it comes to art, don’t forget to visit Harbor Gallery, the largest art gallery in the Channel Islands. With a number of unique collections, you can join one of the gallery’s workshops and browse the works and crafts of local artists. It’s wonderful.

Oh, and don’t forget to venture into the Havre Des Pas, an outdoor tidal pool carved into the rocks.

6.) Le Braye

Rocco Tower in Jersey

Right on the west coast, a visit to Le Braye is one of the best things in Jersey if you want a long line of sandy delicacies!

This is a place that is great for a day at the beach, and you can even test your surfing skills. You see, Jersey surf school here they host lectures (and rentals) – which is great for surfing novices like us!

In addition, in the distance you will get a stunning view of La Rocco Tower.

7.) Good night

Good night in Jersey Bay

Bonne Nuit is another small cove in Jersey that deserves its own exclamation.

Situated at the foot of a steep hill on the north coast of the island, Bonne Nuit is completely charming. It is best to explore on foot, you can follow the trails around the coast or head to Good night on the beach for the most delicious Thai noodles in Jersey.

Robust coastline in Jersey

In addition, you can easily combine this with a trip to nearby Fort Leicester, Bouley Bay and the coast towards Gorey Bay. It’s wonderful.

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8.) La Hougue Bie Museum

La Hougue Bie in Jersey

Housed in the tenth oldest building in the world, La Hougue Bie Museum takes visitors through one of Europe’s best-preserved tombs that you can’t miss.

Discover the Neolithic history of the island and learn about the oldest inhabitants of Jersey, who lived more than 6000 years ago.

The museum houses geological and archaeological treasures, including weapons and coins that illuminated life thousands of years ago. Trust me, every history buff will love it and it’s easily one of the best things in Jersey you can’t miss.

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9.) Seymour Tower

Seymour Tower in Jersey

The coast of Jersey is absolutely beautiful and, to be honest, one of the biggest attractions to visit this stunning island. Although the mainland areas are beautiful, the coast is really special.

Two such locations are Kula Seymour and Kula Icho, located on islets 3 km from the coast.

Both towers were erected after failed attempts by France to invade Jersey as early as the 1700s. Typically, in fine weather you can reach the Seymour tower once a day (if conditions are safe) and even once stay in the tower alone! It’s a completely unique experience and is great if you’re looking for a little treat.

However, be careful – stay too long and you will be trapped until the next time the tide disappears!

10.) Lecq strike

Greve de Lecq Beach in Jersey

Another favorite tour of the north coast, a visit to Grève de Lecq and the beach, is one of the best things in Jersey if you are around the northwest coast. On a quiet day, this blanket is stunning for rowing and a bit of swimming – plus, the sandy beach is just bliss.

Then head towards Lecq mill for some classic pub rough. Once an ancient mill, you can order traditional ale with barrels with a classic dinner in the pub.

Afterwards, take a stroll along the evening promenade and Greve de Lecq pier to enjoy the view.

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11.) Jersey War Tunnels

Jersey War Tunnels in Jersey

The Jersey War Tunnels are one of the unique war museums that can be seen in Jersey.

Founded from an old war hospital, built by forced labor during World War II, Jersey war tunnels provide an insight into the life of Jersey under Nazi occupation from 1940 to 1945 and worth a visit.

Not far from St Helier, it’s pretty easy to get here in the morning before heading further north to the island.

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