13 reader comments about relaxation


The past few weeks have been a bit hectic and I have longed for a certain amount of time. We love learning about ways to reduce stress and recharge, so here are 13 reader comments about it relaxing

About quick fixes:

“My favorite thing of all time is going through the car wash. There’s just something about being in this cocoon while all the swirling brushes are scrubbing and water and foam are flowing. “- Christine

“I’m not even knitting, I’m going to enter yarn stores to touch and crush it. Bright colors help, as does just knowing that knitting generally relaxes people. I relax by osmosis. “- Miruska

“Wandering through the aisles of the library. Better than a spa. “- Conner

“He is sitting on a bench and people are watching. Last weekend I went to a solo meeting, picked up a frozen spot and sat on a bench for half an hour. It was wonderful. ”- Alexandra

“Listening to the pleasant idle chatter of strangers, e.g., in public transportation, in hair salons, etc.” – Alicia

About routines at home:

“Listening to history lectures as I fall asleep. Diving deep into the Middle Ages or the ancient Greek world takes me away from the present troubles, and it also reminds me that people used to come out of very difficult times. “- Erin

“Every night, when I return to my studio in Harlem, I say out loud,“ Hello, beautiful home! “As an important worker, I have found that my appreciation for a peaceful, safe and stable home has deepened so much. “- Margo

“When I put my girls to bed, we do a game of the senses: list five things you can see, four things you can feel, three things you can hear, two things you can feel, and one thing you can taste. My girls are three and five years old and sometimes their answers are so funny! ‘I can taste my tongue. I can smell the wind. ‘They love it and it definitely calms them down. “- Kelly

In individual moments:

“On weekends, my dog ​​and I are first, so I make a cup of tea and check all the plants. Sometimes it means watering and pruning, sometimes just sitting together and enjoying the peaceful greenery. “- Rachel

“I started whispering to my newborn when I put her to sleep at night:” Thank you for this day, for all the birds safe in their nests, whatever it is, for life. “It came from Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver, and it may become one of our sleeping rituals. “- Megan

In delicious moments:

“This year I started having hot chocolate every afternoon while my baby was napping. Homemade with 70% square meters of dark chocolate, Dutch cocoa powder process and oat milk. Taking that time for treatment made up for every difficult thing that happened to the little baby during the day. I continued to do this every day, despite the summer heat. “- Shira

“If I’m home alone and feeling lazy, I eat spaghetti hoops on toast with melted cheese. Then there would be Ben and Jerry and the time relationship my husband would refuse to watch. “- Cece

On the run:

“My husband and I have a ritual of going somewhere once a month. Even just for the night, it’s such an amazing way to reset without interference. This weekend we spent less than $ 200 per cabin on nearly 200 acres with horses, cats, etc. ”- Daniela

What is your favorite way to relax? Anything that always does the trick? We would love to hear …

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