2021 NFL Schedule Edition: Betting Predictions, Screening for Total Team Win


NFL schedule has been officially released, and sharp bettors already want to take advantage of the lines for early betting. This includes overall winnings / lower wins in the season, which is fun to choose even for casual fans who want to run just a little action.

Here’s BetQL’s initial overview of each team’s total winnings, keeping in mind that injuries and trades (ahem, Aaron Rodgers) could still shake up a lot of things before the season starts. Also, it’s important to remember that there’s an extra game this season, so consider if the overall score seems to be particularly high or low.

2021 NFL Schedule Edition: Betting Choices, Predictions for NFL Team Total Wins

Looks kind DraftKings Sportsbook

Arizona Cardinals: Win Total Over / Under: 8

Select: BELOW (+110)

The Cardinals had a solid NFL draft and led JJ Watt to bolster the defense with a playmaker sprinkled on the field, but the attack will have to be more consistent with striker Kyle Murray and head coach Kliff Kingsbury in 2021.

Had I been safer in Kingsbury, this would have been OVER for an incredibly talented team, but ultimately NFC West is too hard to predict.

Atlanta Falcons: Total O / U Gain: 7.5

Select: Below (+127)

The Atlanta offense should be back on track after Kyle Pitts finished 4th in all, but is the defense planning to stop this upcoming season?

The overall win of 7.5 is low, but NFC South is in the air and I’m not comfortable supporting the Falcons to secure wins during the season with this poor defense.

Baltimore Ravens: Total O / U Gains: 10.5

Select: OVER (-155)

Ravens are what they are at the moment. The tough defense and dynamic quarterback in the regular season at Lamar Jackson should have more than 10.5 wins, as seen by the extra vigilance you have to pay to bet.

The Steelers should fall behind in the division, and Baltimore should once again reduce less competition.

Buffalo Bills: Total O / U Gains: 11

Choose: OVER (+115)

AFC East should be better in 2021. The Jets are improving, the Patriots have pulled off some nice off-season moves, and the Dolphins look ready to prepare a step forward.

However, it is difficult not to exceed this number. The Bills had one of the best fouls in the NFL in 2020, and Josh Allen is just improving. With the 23rd toughest schedule according to last year’s record, the bills can run for the best record in the AFC.

Carolina Panthers: Total O / U gain: 7.5

Select: OVER (+110)

You can read more about why I think the Panthers are a dark horse team here.

Chicago Bears: Total O / U Gains: 7.5

Select: Below (-130)

There are two questions that need to be answered before I get involved in this overall win: When does Justin Fields begin and what happens to Aaron Rodgers?

If Rodgers is out, it changes the complexion of the NFC North. If Fields starts early in the season, the Bears will be better than expected, likely to fight for .500.

Cincinnati Bengals: Total O / U Gains: 6.5

Choose: OVER (+118)

This number is interesting, with plus money on OVER. Joe Burrow is expected to be ready in Week 1, and the Bengals have done a nice job around him. If the No. 1 choice for 2020 is healthy, this team could be third in the league.

Cleveland Browns: Total O / U Gains: 10.5

Select: OVER (+107)

The front office of Browns presses all the right buttons. Another strong off-season has a team fighting for the AFC crown.

Baker Mayfield should continue to advance in 2021, and the return of Odell Beckham Jr. can lead to Browns attacking all cylinders around improved defense. A record of 11-6 seems more than achievable.

Dallas Cowboys: Total O / U Gains: 9.5

Select: Below (-130)

Mike McCarthy had a chaotic first season in Dallas. While Dak Prescott could be ready for 2021, will the defense improve?

Dallas couldn’t stop nosebleeds in 2020 despite a strong foul before Prescott failed. McCarthy can quickly find himself out of a job with a new bad start. NFC East is wide open, but this total may be too high.

Denver Broncos: Total O / U Gains: 8.5

Select: OVER (-150)

This price is heavily overshadowed by OVER – and rightly so.

The Broncos are not only associated with Aaron Rodgers, but are also indebted to good luck. The entire defense was confused in 2020 and could not get out of the way. Even without Rodgers, the Broncos should be able to cross 500, with the amount of talent on the list.

Detroit Lions: Total O / U Gains: 5

Select: Below (+107)

It would be interesting to watch the Lions try to bite off the caps on the field. Do not touch.

Green Bay Packers: Total O / U Gains: Off the Plate

This price is over while we wait for news of Aaron Rodgers.

Houston Texans: Total O / U Gains: 4.5

Select: BELOW (-143)

It’s hard not to go below here. The prevailing opinion is that Watson is ready for a long-term suspension due to unresolved lawsuits against him, and there is not too much talent on the list. Tyrod Taylor and rookie Stanford Davis Mills are the backup behind Watson.

Indianapolis Colts: Total O / U Gains: 10

Select: BELOW (-139)

One of the easiest schedules in the league only prevents me from going below this price. Although I’m willing to Michael Pittman Jr. in his second season, it’s kind of in a passing game with TY Hilton over the hill.

We’ll see if Frank Reich can revitalize Carson Wentz’s career, but I’m skeptical.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Total O / U Gains: 6.5

Select: OVER (+110)

I was suspicious of Urban Meyer who became the NFL coach and he didn’t change my mind in the season. His support team of coordinators is worrying and has brought Tim Tebow back into our lives.

However, there is some talent on the list, and the division will be easier than in previous years. OVER might be worth a look when taken over by Trevor Lawrence.

Kansas City Chiefs: Total O / U Gains: 12.5

Select: OVER (-123)

The split will be harder with the Chargers and Broncos improving – and Chiefs ’schedule is the 11th toughest in the league – but getting the plus-money for Patrick Mahomes to cross his overall win is enticing.

Although there could be general fatigue on the roster, the Chiefs are the dream of the regular season with Mahomes ’ability to create games around the world.

Las Vegas Raiders: Total O / U Gains: 7

Select: Below (-110)

Vegas has a similar character composition as last season’s team of 8 to 8. The overall win highlights the top 10 best schedules, as well as a sharper division. I would stay away.

Los Angeles Chargers: Winning Total O / U: 9

Select: OVER (-110)

A modern choice for a tangible leap in 2021, Chargers had a fantastic mid-season.

The organization has brought in Brandon Staley of Rams as head coach, picked offensive player Rayshawn Slater in the first round for great reviews, and has one of the most promising young quarterbacks, Justin Herbert, on hand. A record of 10-7 seems more than feasible for LA 2021.

Los Angeles Rams: Total O / U Gains: 10.5

Select: BELOW (-121)

The Rams have acquired Matthew Stafford, who will join the most talented team he has ever been on. Coach Sean McVay feels more comfortable with former Lions starter than Jared Goff, and Stafford will be tasked with navigating the competitive NFC West.

LA has a tough schedule, the 10th toughest in the NFL, and there could be some regression of injuries after most of the defense played all 16 games last season. Tread carefully.

Miami Dolphins: Total O / U Gains: 9

Select: OVER (-150)

The Dolphins knocked on the door in the post-2020 season, but they should be able to break through in 2021 when Tua Tagovailoa gets the keys to the franchise.

The team procured several throwing weapons to Will Fuller and former Alabama teammate Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle, to make the team less reliant on the stingy defense. The price is overshadowed by OVER for a reason, but Miami will compete in 2021.

Minnesota Vikings: Total O / U Gains: 8.5

Select: OVER (-139)

The Vikings are a nice candidate to come back. The team, which was crushed early by injury, never found itself on its feet until it was too late in the season.

Dalvin Cook is a star in running, and Kirk Cousins ​​is still a useful quarterback. With questionnaires surrounding the Packers, Minnesota could return the division’s crown.

New England Patriots: Winning Total O / U: 9

Select: OVER (-121)

Cam Newton will likely start the season as a first-team quarterback, but it will be interesting to see if Mac Jones gets more involved.

The Patriots have spent a ton of money out of season and it is unclear whether Newton is still capable of being a starting QB.

New Orleans Saints: Winning Total O / U: 9

Select: OVER (+103)

No one knows for sure whether Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill will be the starting back, but the Saints should take a step back in 2021.

Inflated blankets and member traffic can leave Saints prone to severe falls. The only thing stopping me from shooting at this UNDER is that the team has a bottom 10 schedule in terms of difficulty.

New York Giants: Total O / U Gains: 7

Select: OVER (-130)

The Giants gave Daniel Jones all the weapons he needed to succeed, right now? It will be a big issue in New York after he made a heroic defensive effort in 2020 to cover up an anemic offense.

If Jones can stay on the field and avoid rolling the ball, New York has the most talent in the NFC East.

New York Jets: Total O / U Gains: 6.5

Select: OVER (+127)

The Jets had an outstanding season that included finding a strong candidate for head coach at Robert Saleh and a new offensive coordinator at Mike LaFleur.

With the total selection no. 2, Zach Wilson who was supposed to bridge the new era of Jets football, the team could shock some people. I love OVER and I wrote about it here.

Philadelphia Eagles: Total O / U Gains: 6.5

Select: Below (+127)

Jalen Hurts was a mixed bag in a small sample as a quarterback for Eagle 2020, so the jury still doesn’t have him. Although the team put together former Alabama receiver DeVont Smith, this list is still a long way from its Super Bowl winner.

NFC East is to grab, so maybe Eagle will surprise, but Philly this can go south very quickly – it’s an expensive over-betting.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Total Winnings O / U: 8.5

Select: Below (-110)

I wrote about why I am selling Steelers in 2021 herebut assembling a run backwards in the first round is the icing on the cake.

San Francisco 49ers: Total O / U Gains: 10.5

Select: OVER (+107)

The Niners should be much more competitive by 2021. Whether it’s Jimmy Garoppol or Trey Lance, the San Francisco defense should return to their Super Bowl form with better health.

NFC West will be a backbone, but this team will be dangerous this season.

Seattle Seahawks: Total O / U Gains: 9.5

Select: BELOW (+110)

Will Pete Carroll let Russ cook?

Reports of Wilson’s problems with the Seahawks have dissipated over time, but this is a tough NFC West. I stay away from this total gain.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Total Winnings O / U: 11.5

Select: OVER (-134)

The defenders of the Super Bowl Champions found form in January and brought back the entire team.

NFC South is going through some radical changes, but Bucs should dominate. Not to mention, they have the fourth easiest schedule in the NFL.

Tennessee Titans: Total O / W wins: 9

Select: OVER (-110)

The Titans lost some of the contributors on both sides of the ball, but AFC South is once again in play.

How will the team react to the loss of offensive coordinator Arthur Smith?

Washington Football Team: Winning Total O / U: 8

Select: OVER (-130)

The football team had a solid draft and brought in veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to help support one of the league’s strongest defenses.

Why can’t there be a back-to-back title in the wide-open NFC East of Washington?

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