5 things to know on Thursday


Biden signs the bill that became June 19 as a federal holiday

President Joe Biden on Thursday afternoon will sign a law making June 19 a federal holiday, according to his official schedule. The National Independence Day Act, held on June 19, passed through Congress this week, with House i Senate they both pass it just days before the holiday, which falls on a Saturday. The 11th, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, marks the day news of the proclamation of emancipation reached Texas in 1865. Although Lincoln’s proclamation of emancipation took effect on January 1, 1863, some slaveholders did not give them the message that they were free. . On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger brought the news to Galveston – and told the locals to join the program.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill continues to gain momentum

A bilateral infrastructure agreement may continue to gather support on Thursday, a day after 10 senators approved a $ 1.2 trillion proposal framework. The bipartisan proposal now supports a significant group of centrist lawmakers – 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats – and proved to be the best opportunity for President Joe Biden to reach a broad agreement with Congress on a comprehensive plan to modernize U.S. deteriorating transportation systems. Many details of the proposal have not been released, but it will not include “soft” infrastructure such as climate change and housing, as Biden requested in his original U.S. $ 2.25 trillion Employment Act. Democratic senators supporting the infrastructure framework briefed White House officials on Wednesday on the proposal. White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates called the briefing “productive and encouraging.”

After the previous confusion, California will loosen the rules of the pandemic at the construction site

California regulators are expected to approve revised rules on a workplace pandemic on Thursday that allow it fully vaccinated employees the same freedoms as when they are out of work. The revised regulations would be in line with general state guidelines that went into effect on Tuesday by repealing most of the rules on masks for people vaccinated against coronavirus. “If there is any ambiguity, if there is any concern about the execution, we will clarify it. I have a draft executive order ready immediately after voting for an explanation and providing greater security,” Governor Gavin told Newsom. The move comes after the plate has made a double twist backwards in recent weeks when it was first postponed, then rejected, then adopted, and then repealed proposed rules that would allow workers to give up masks only if every employee in the room had been fully vaccinated. The state effectively reopened on Tuesday, ending a multitude of 15-month restrictions to stop the pandemic.

The US Open is ready to begin in Southern California

Bryson DeChambeau, an eight-time PGA Tour winner and U.S. Open champion, will put it together with U.S. amateur champion Tyler Strafaci and Masters champion Hideki Matsuyam in the first two rounds of the 121st U.S. Open at the Torrey Pines in San Diego this week. The bookmaker’s favorite, John Rahm, should start his round late in the afternoon. South Course is hosting the national championship for the first time since Tiger Woods ’epic 2008 victory with a broken leg. The South Pole is also known for its wild rough, which 2015 U.S. Open champion Jordan Spieth described as “wicked”.

The first part of the gathering of the Kardashians in the ether

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” may have ended last week, but E! will begin broadcasting its two-part gathering with the cast on Thursday night. The show aired for 14 years and followed the Kardashian clan through marriages, children, divorces and a lot of drama. In the show’s finale, fans saw Kim Kardashian-West open up to her former “momagerie” Kris Jenner regarding her divorce from Kanye West. The gathering, hosted by Andy Cohen, will also address topics such as the possibility of Kourtney and the father of her children Scott Disick returning. The first part of the gathering will be broadcast on Thursday at 20:00 ET on E !.

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