66% of schools and 60% of centers in anganwadi now have a tap water supply: Govt


The center said Sunday that within 10 months of launching a campaign to provide clean tap water to children in schools and anganwadi centers, about 66 percent of schools and 60 percent of anganwadi centers now have access to clean water.

On September 29 last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged all states and territorial communities (UTs) to work as a priority to ensure that every school and anganwadi center has a tap water connection to ensure that children have access to safe tap water.

Consequently, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Minister Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat launched a 100-day awareness and urgency campaign to provide clean drinking water to children across the country.

“In less than ten months since the launch of this campaign, tap water has been provided in schools of 6.85 lakh (66 percent), anganwadi centers (AWC) of 6.80 lakh (60 percent) and 2.36 lakh (69 percent) grams of panchayat and community health centers in villages across India, “a ministry statement from Jal Shakti said.

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and disruptions, nine states and one UT – Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands – have achieved 100% coverage of tap water supply in schools , centers for ashramshalas and anganwadi, it is said.

While 6.18 lakh schools have tap water in toilets / urinals, 7.52 lakh schools now have a hand washing device from the tap, the statement said, adding that the supply of tap water not only contributes to better health for children but also prevents the spread of water-borne diseases.

“To ensure water availability and treatment of used water, gray water management systems have been established in 91.9 thousand schools, rainwater harvesting and 1.05 lakh schools. This will not only increase water availability, but also create awareness among children. and inspire children to learn water management in their growing phase, ”it adds.

The Jal Shakti Ministry is carrying out the mission of the Jal Jeevan Center for drinking water supply through individual tap connections for all households in all households in rural India by 2024. According to the mission, 4.57 connections of household tap water with such connections up to 7.80 kroner (41.14 percent) have been provided in the last 23 months.

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