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We love the Cup of Jo community for eight million reasons, but one is the stories you share in the comments section. Here are nine reader comments about the romance (we laughed, cried!) …

The moment they knew

We were together (at a distance) for three months when Valentine’s Day arrived. I flew to him that weekend and told him that if he did something romantic, I would throw up. He took it to heart and we prepared a family brunch for his grandmother’s 85th birthday, followed by a surprising Valentine’s Day package in the Medieval Times. As we sipped champagne from marked flutes and ate turkey legs, took pictures and laughed at the absurd, I knew it was special. A few hours later at the diving bar with our friends there was one bite of pie left and I said, “Take it, I love you more than cheese.” Then I knew – it was true. I love cheese, but I loved it more. ”- Lauren

“Even before we started dating, I knew he loved me for the way he looked at me and watched me go through life in my early twenties. Then, one night at a friend’s party, I started raving about this ‘ring ring’ app I used on my phone. I kept talking about how it was always exactly. He toyed and took my phone to try. When he did, the ring of mood read IN LOVE. It had never done this before, so it felt touching and hilarious. It was like a cosmic confirmation that what we were feeling was real. “- Joni

For delicious treats

“My girlfriend surprised me on my birthday with a photo of a cup of tea on WhatsApp, with the caption” I made you a gift. ” We don’t live together and I suddenly realized the photo was taken in my kitchen. Then she showed up in my bedroom, with tea, to tell me she had put the pastry in the oven and borrowed Dad’s car to drive me to work. “- Katie

Just knowing what to do

“Honestly, one of my favorite gestures from a recent relationship was this one: although he was an enthusiastic and exclusively canine person, this man followed three different feline Instagrams just to send me funny posts.” – Veronica

In difficult times

“I had appendicitis and asked my then-boyfriend to bring in his pajamas. He brought his beloved mosques and said I could borrow them. (There are the same ones since he went to boarding school – they were his only winter couple and very precious and extremely comfortable in a thousand wash cycles.) That’s when I knew he was the one. I borrowed them again two weeks ago when I went to the hospital to get our first baby. “- Alex

“Recently, my father’s already weakened heart became much weaker and he landed in intensive care for 10 days. My siblings gave him a pill because he was stuck in a hospital bed. One night, my father texted me around 11pm and asked if I was still awake. I called him and he said, ‘I like this tablet you got me – it was so thoughtful – but I can’t figure out how to watch Netflix and it drives me crazy.’ I tried to spend it on the phone, but he’s definitely not the smartest man and he became frustrated. My husband was lying next to me in bed and whispered in my ear, ‘Tell your father I’m going.’ He threw away some clothes, drove to the hospital, convinced that the security guard had let him into my father’s room (although the time of the visit was already over) and continued to sit with my dad and patiently show him how to use his tablet. He didn’t leave until my father fell asleep around 1am. Romance comes in all forms and forms. “- Kaysie

“A few years ago, I discovered a whole new level of romance. I suffered from a depressive breakdown and was suicidal. My husband was amazing. He showered me. He picked me up and drove me around so we could “be sad somewhere else for a while.” He screamed, “Hey, World, stop being an asshole” through the window with me. He sincerely congratulated me on the smallest victories on my way to recovery: ‘Hold on, did you wash the spoon and take a shower? That’s impressive. ‘He supported me financially and overcame the stress of my recovery over my own life. Four years gave me full priority. He helped me see myself quickly when I struggled to see who I was. He was the guardian of my personality until I could reconnect with her. This kind of love is really hard to describe. For me, it is pure love. We are so strong now. I would absolutely stand in front of a bullet for him. In a way it already has it for me. ”- Jessica

About love of friendship

“At my mother’s funeral, her best friend gave a speech that included the line ‘friendship is your own love story.’ Since then, I’ve been thinking about that line every day. It made me realize that my female friendships are some of the most complex and significant and the most fulfilled love stories in my life. I was only 24 when my mom passed away; since then her best friend has become my godmother. We have a special friendship that transcends generations and binds us to love my mother and each other. I am so grateful to my mom for bringing us together and giving me that gift. “- Arielle

Let’s just get together

“My husband and I were lying in bed a few nights ago and we were laughing and laughing and laughing and I couldn’t tell you anything. We both looked absurd in proper mouthguards and disgustingly old pajamas, and then he sent me a message the next day, “I’m constantly thinking about how I would laugh with you last night.” Ro.Mance. “- Lauren

PS Great reader comments dating i rituals.

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