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the medieval city of Salisbury is amazing to visit. Not only is it immersed in history, but the wider region has thousands of years of ancient sites and places to see. Best of all, even for a cozy little town, Salisbury has a bunch of the best things that are easily accessible on foot and great for exploring over the weekend.

We have visited Salisbury several times over the years; and it was always so beautiful! It’s the kind of city that’s great for a day trip from London or part wider British travel.

You see, you can easily combine a visit to Salisbury with a trip to nearby places like; Stonehenge or even further away from historic cities like Bathroom, also.

So to help you get the most out of your time in Salisbury, I wanted to share with you my favorite places you can see in the city.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Check out the best things you can do in Salisbury below. A wonderful journey!

1.) Salisbury Cathedral

Best thing to do in Salisbury

You can’t visit Salisbury without going to its iconic cathedral!

Known for holding one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta, Salisbury Cathedral, one of the most popular cathedrals in England and one of the oldest buildings in the city, dating back to 1258. Its architecture is classically Gothic and has many unique and awe-inspiring features you really can’t miss (both inside and out).

And not only that, the Salisbury Cathedral houses the oldest clock in the world that still works! Built in the 1300s, it represents pride on the port side of the ship when you enter and is so beautiful to see!

Inside Salisbury Cathedral

Inside you will also find a medieval one tombstones dating from the 13th century and stained glass windows from the 19th and 20th centuries that are breathtaking and world famous.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Finish your visit by visiting Salisbury Cathedral by touring the guided tower which, according to the theme, also has the tallest tower in the country!

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Also, for a beautiful view, head to the banks of the Avon River, to the meadows through the North Gate, to get an amazing, perfect view of the cathedral itself.

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2.) The historic center of Salisbury

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Travel back in time as you wander the old town of Salisbury. Immerse yourself in the architecture history of the area as you pass the Poultry Cross.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Now the Poultry Cross is a beautiful market cross (a kind of royal approval for the maintenance of markets) that has stood proudly since medieval times. From that moment on, Salisbury has held an open-air market in the city since the 1300s. To this day, you can still visit the market that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays right here!

Then take a walk Salisbury from the 15th century, passing by buildings of the time, including St. Thomas of Canterbury, the parish church and the Plume of Feathers inn, where you can stop for a tip.

Then continue to the 17th century Carpentry Hall, the 18th century Guildhall, the 20th century Red Lion Hotel.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Oh, and be sure to spot the Clock Tower in Salisbury too! The whole town is nice for a walk.

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3.) Close the cathedral

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Surrounding Salisbury Cathedral, Close Cathedral has traditionally been a place where cathedral members will live their daily lives.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

You can easily take a walk through the Close Cathedral, following the path indicated National Trust and it is perfectly perfect for a sunny day.

Take time to walk past the King’s house, visit Mompesson House, spot the Harnham Gate and keep your eyes open for the stunning properties of the Elizabeth and Georgian eras. We liked it.

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4.) Old Sarum

Old Sarum near Salisbury

Located on a hill fortified since the Iron Age, Old Sarum is the earliest settlement in Salisbury.

To get here, drive north from the historic center of Salisbury (about 1.5 km) to reach the ancient ruins. Old Sarum is today a well-protected English heritage site and one of the best things to do in Salisbury if you are a history buff.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

The remains bear the hallmarks of many different peoples who stood there for centuries, including the Romans, Saxons and Normans!

Explore the historic resort, giving a little extra time for the ancient castle as well.

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5.) Salisbury Gate

Salisbury Gate England

There are four original city gates you can see in the city, and this is one of the best things about Salisbury if you want to continue exploring the area’s long history.

As you wander the city, be sure to see my favorites – St. Anne’s Gate near Salisbury Cathedral Close and take a look High Street Gate which dates back to the 1200s. Completely stunning and still standing proudly in the city.

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6.) Salisbury Museum

Visit Salisbury in England

Wiltshire County, where Salisbury is located, is absolutely full of ancient objects, medieval ruins and historical sites! It is a county immersed in history and one that can be easily explored at the Salisbury Museum.

Inside, Salisbury Museum dives into this long history, amazing culture and beautiful art of this area of ​​England. And not only that, it displays amazing screens, like that of Amesbury Archer, and informative exhibits, like the Wexter Gallery’s archeological collection that you really can’t miss.

Give yourself a few hours to fully explore the exhibits.

Best thing to do in Salisbury

Also, if you deal with museums, be sure to stop by them Wardrobe which houses the Berkshire and Wiltshire Rifle Museum. If you are involved in historical military exhibitions, you will love this place. If not, you might miss out!

7.) Stonehenge

Stonehenge near Salisbury, England

Stonehenge it could be one of the most famous places in England – and it’s on the doorstep of Salisbury!

Located in the grassy land of Salisbury Plains, Stonehenge is still as mysterious as ever. Yet to this day we do not fully understand why it was built, and the mystery is quite intriguing to me; my mind quickens when I think of it!

With thousands of years of history, it has been discovered that the stones for Stonehenge were actually transported with He moved the Hills to West Wales. We headed there recently and even checked out For Ifan, a Neolithic cemetery dating back 5,000 years and located near the hills themselves. Anyway, that’s a different story!

Stonehenge in Salisbury - the beginning of our great English journey!  (23)

Once in Stonehenge, make sure to wander around prehistoric buildings were created and Neolithic homes were inspected to see what life might have been like then.

You want to avoid the crowds, book tickets online and visit just before the last reception. We always do that and in the end we only have a few people around Stonehenge. It’s so amazing and one of the best things about Salisbury if you’re looking for an afternoon trip away from the city itself.

Oh, and if you’re visiting in the summer, watch out for hay! Mine goes crazy here !!!

8.) Wilton House

Wilton House, built in 1653 after a fire destroyed the Tudor house, is an absolutely beautiful example of the classical baroque style of design and is so unique to see.

With stunning portraits of King Charles and his family hanging on the walls and decorated ceilings, Wilton House definitely deserves all the pomp – especially within a few hours of travel from downtown Salisbury

Oh, and don’t forget to check out both the single and double rooms for which Wilton House is best known.

9.) Game family

Avon River in Salisbury

known as one of the old English chophouus (dating from the 1300s), tThe Wildlife Family is one of the oldest institutions in the area for a snack.

It’s delicious and the seasonal menu is focused on some English favorites like; freckled dick and good old fish and chips!

And not only that, Game family it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Salisbury! Even a mummified hand was found in the fireplace! It is obvious that the lone hand belonged to a dissatisfied protector from several centuries ago. He seems to have lost it as penance after being caught cheating on cards!

To make lunch, walk the paths that lead along the River Avon through Queen Elizabeth’s gardens.

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