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Located on the coast of Somerset, Weston-Super-Mare is one of the English classic coastal places it has been a favorite since Victorian times. With a typical coastal atmosphere, a bunch of the best things to do in Weston-Super-Mare are dotted across the coast.

Yes, Weston-Super-Mare seems to have fallen out of favor with some seafarers in recent years; but don’t let that distract you! The seaside town has its own charm and is worth a day trip or a classic holiday at sea while in Somerset.

To take advantage of your time in the city, I have used some blinders that you will want to check when you visit.

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

Check out the best things you can do in Weston-Super-Mare below. Enjoy the trip!

1.) Grand Pier

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

The Grand Pier is the most famous and famous place of city Weston-Super-Mare.

With a cozy indoor fairgrounds and daily events in the summer months, it’s one of the best things Weston-Super-Mare has to do while strolling along the coast.

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

A combination of fun, cheesy and totally kitschy seaside vibes, you’ll see honors like the Queen, as well as a bunch of rides to enjoy for the whole family. From the cutest little slide to the Formula 1 simulator, a treat awaits you.

While you’re here, take a treat to eat at one of the Great Pier’s gourmet places, like; donut factory for their fluffy ring donuts. Oh, and before you go, don’t forget to visit the Museum of Remembrance, where you’ll switch through memorable food, toys and TV shows.

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2.) Weston-Super-Mare Beach

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

Weston-Super-Mare Beach is a favorite on a sunny day!

With a huge area of ​​sandy delicacy, it is perfect for a traditional seaside holiday on the coast. In addition, the water is quite calm and for a little bathing.

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

While we always remember that the tides in Weston-Super-Mare are extreme, that means water can come to the surface considerably, revealing wetlands of the coast.

This can be dangerous because you can get stuck. Always research carefully and keep in mind that the tide is coming very fast.

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

Then take a go down the pier and try your luck at cash drops, slot machines and soft toy predators.

Also, if you want to avoid the crowds around the Grand Pier, take a walk or drive to Brean Beach. It is huge and equally stunning.

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3.) Mendip Hills

Cheddar Gorge near Weston-Super-Mare

Located east of Weston-Super-Mare, Mendip Hills is one of Britain’s most beautiful natural landscapes to explore.

With its picturesque limestone hills, Mendips has been officially declared an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty and perfect for a day trip.

Cheddar Gorge near Weston-Super-Mare

Spend the day crossing the hills, enjoying the amazing scenery, walking the paths that are completely peaceful. This is one of the best things to do in Weston-Super-Mare if you want to get away from the sea and enjoy the natural beauty around the city itself.

Of course, one of the most famous places must be Cheddar Gorge located right in the hills of Mendip. It’s amazing for trails across and through the gorge (which is the largest gorge in all of Britain).

Cheddar Gorge near Weston-Super-Mare

And not only that, in the caves there is the oldest complete human skeleton in Britain, Cheddar (over 9000 years old).

Don’t forget to stop by the small tea rooms (for a little bun and tea) and buy some cheddar cheese in the cave (Cheese Cheese Company from Cheddar Gorge) while you’re here! We liked it.

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

After that, stop by for a little sightseeing of Axbridge – a small market town that is ashamed of Mendip Hills itself.

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

Here you can walk the centuries-old streets, visit King John’s hunting lodge and jump in Oakhouse for a delicious lunch and tip.

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4.) Steep Holm Island

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

Right on the Weston-Super-Mare coast, Steep Holm Island it is really easy to visit by boat from the surroundings of the Sea Lake in the city.

With human settlements dating back to prehistory, a pile of diversity and history needs to be discovered; especially on island trails.

Although uninhabited, the island was once the thriving home of a 6th-century British monk, St Gildas. Even the Vikings at one point called the island home!

It should be noted, it will be a full day trip, so be prepared for a 12-hour exploration Travel to Bay Island. This means that you should pack all the food, snacks and water for your trip on the island itself.

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5.) Museums

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

I’m just ashamed of Meadow Street Weston Museum is one of the best things to do in Weston-Super-Mare if you’re a history buff.

Starting from prehistory to the present day. Don’t miss Clara’s Cottage, a well-preserved 1940s house. It is a perfect place to visit for about an hour, especially on rainy days.

If history is not your thing, then take a look Helicopter Museum instead of that. The dream spot of every helicopter lover the largest helicopter museum in the world. Holding over 80 different types of helicopters, collected from around the world, it is one of the best things in Weston-Super-Mare for those interested in aviation history.

When you get here, you’ll see the fastest helicopter in the world and check out historical models that are pretty nice to see.

Head towards the more unusual and pleasant museum Lambretta Museum. A kitschy little place featuring beautiful vintage scooters, posters, badges and other souvenirs. Not necessarily for everyone, it is best preserved for those interested in Lambretta.

6.) Weston Street Art Trail

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

Whoever said cool street art can only be found in big cities was obviously not in Weston-Super-Mare!

If you love your art, then you’ll totally love the Weston Street Art Trail, painted by JPS, a local artist who was inspired to create street art to witness Banksy’s work. Everyone else remembers Dismaland? The theme park that Banksy once built right in Weston-Super-Mare?

The Weston Street Art Trail guides visitors through 15 different points painted by JPS in its witty signature style. Look this PDF folder for the route that follows.

7.) Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

With acres of natural landscapes to explore, the Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve is a paradise for nature lovers!

With diverse environments and ecosystems, such as wetlands, swamps, lawns and lagoons, the Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve is the perfect place for cyclists to walk the trails in peace and for relaxing walks through stunning scenery.

8.) Silica

Silica in Weston-Super-Mare

A few minutes walk from the Great Pier, Silica is part of a work of art that is actually a bus stop!

With thousands of glass prisms, Silica shines at night and is completely unique. Now, although this will be a short visit, you can easily combine this in a wider walk to the Weston Museum and the Lambretta Scooter Museum I mentioned earlier.

9.) Burnham on the sea

Top Things to Do in Weston-Super-Mare

About 20 minutes south of Weston-Super-Mare, Burnham on the sea is a small coastal town worth visiting because of the view of the sunset.

Located on the shores of the Bristol Channel, you can join this and a wider excursion to Bridgwater Bay National Nature Reserve.

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