A Bounce House Rental Business Can Be A Great Way To Throw A Party


You must ask for copies of their insurance certificates if you wish to hire a bouncehouse rental company. The insurance certificates will cover your personal injuries and property damage costs. The certificate is called a “certificate of additional insured.” It is crucial to safeguard your business. This could mean that you have to pay more than $750 annually for insurance. If you run your business effectively, you should be capable of affording the insurance.


There are a variety of bounce house rentals available to select from. You can rent moon bounces or combos as jumping. In addition to jumping rentals you can also hire a water slide as well as basketball goals. Depending on where you are hosting your party you can pick between dry slides or a water hose. Inflatable slides are also available in Holidaysburg Pennsylvania. Whatever you choose, be sure you follow all safety rules and precautions, so your guests are safe and enjoying a fun.

If required, the Inflatable Bouncy Rentals company will set-up and take down your bounce house. Providing the hose for water is required, however, you may need to add a ten-foot extension. Generators may be required if you are hosting an outdoor party. The bounce houses require a power cord of 50-75 feet. If the rental company you are renting from doesn’t have a cord, you can lease the generator for $85 to $100.

If you’re hosting your own party, you might want to consider renting a bounce house from a rental company. They typically charge between $30 and $50 an hour. Whatever the length of time you hire the bounce house you’ll be grateful that you did. If you’re looking to have an enjoyable and safe party, bounce house rentals can help plan for a safe, enjoyable event. Be sure to ask about the insurance as well!

Be sure to inquire about the dimensions and location of the rental company. To inflate inflatable bounce houses, they require electricity. To ensure the safety of your guests, ask for a rental company that has insurance coverage for inflatables. You can also look into the cost of renting a bounce house that comes with insurance. The cost of renting a bounce house depends on its size, design, and its location.

Bounce house rentals can be booked as an amalgamation of bounce houses and an inflatable slide. Combining both of these is possible in dry or wet weather. This is an excellent option for children who are young. They are ideal for children between the ages of two and thirteen years old. It is important to check the rental prices with the company you are considering. A bounce house rental business can be a great way to throw a party for your next birthday celebration or for an event for your company.

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