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What are you doing this weekend? We’re actually flying to San Francisco to reunite my sister!! I pinch myself and can’t wait to put it in my claws. I hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from all over the web …

Did you see the funny show Girls5Eva?

These comfortable sandals look cute with everything.

The happiest people in the world eat this for lunch, from day to day.

An easy way to beautify your skin.

The most effective ways to thank your significant other. “An expression of gratitude that emphasizes how much you’ve gained through a loved one’s action is more effective than one that highlights how much it cost them … So instead of focusing on how hard it must have been for your husband to clean that pile of dinner dishes, try emphasizing the way which allowed you to meet a deadline or get to an old friend. “

How I saved enough to buy a house with my parents’ money, ”Hahaha.

Married couples living separately.

100 vision of fatherhood.

Is this the most delicious pasta of all time?

Watching the stars.

Plus, three reader comments:

Natalie says are you religious: “My favorite ritual in my Jewish rites is to say a blessing to the‘ shehecheyan ’when you first do something after a long time – the first time you wear a winter coat that year, the first time you hang clothes online in the spring, the first time you eat a strawberry that season , you see a friend for the first time after a long distance. It makes you stop and appreciate the little things that might otherwise pass us by in our hectic lives. “

Elise says the benefits of living alone: “I got divorced after 10 years of marriage and one of my initial fears was that I might be alone indefinitely. Not only would I not find love again, but I might never have anyone to go home to, to share the details of my day, maybe forever. Almost five years later, I fell in love with my lonely lifestyle. Life itself has helped me get to know each other better and become more confident in myself. I found immense happiness in this little haven I created, where I can eat a baguette and soft cheese for dinner, watch an episode of a 90s sitcom before getting ready for work in the morning, or take a hot bath in one by myself without disturbing anyone to another. And while I’m open to sharing space again with someone, I’m in no hurry. ”

Tara says unexpected connections during a pandemic: “My older poetry class kept me afloat during the pandemic. Accidentally applying for poetry classes over the age of 70 has brought me so much joy. We started in person in January 2020, and then everyone went to Zoom. Songs about surviving wars and their parents during World War I put everything in perspective as I delivered my Indian food. I live alone and they really loved me in a way that only older people can. Marilyn tried to set me up with her son, but it was very embarrassing and we all just pretended it didn’t happen. I learned to love my parents more and they encouraged me and my songs. Art and his wife called from an assisted living and called me when I missed class, ‘TARA Are you okay?’ Isn’t that all we want? 5 STARS for over 70 hours of poetry during a pandemic. “

(Photo: Tartin factory in San Francisco.)

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