A Step By Step Guide To Taking Down A Bounce House


The entire family can have fun playing in bounce houses. But because the setup and takedown seem so tedious, many people prefer not to get one. Setting up and removing the tent is straightforward, and the steps are straightforward to follow.

It takes a mere 20 minutes to set up a bounce house in most cases. Locating a suitable location and setting up the bounce house takes the longest to complete. Depending on the size, it could take a bit longer to take down. You can take down a bounce house in about 30 minutes after cleaning and drying it. You can visit this website for anything relative to bounce house  https://www.3monkeysinflatables.com/

It may take a little longer for first installations or downtimes than usual. You’ll soon learn how to do it quickly and efficiently after you keep following these steps each time.

Take Down A Bounce House:

1. Clean Your Bounce House

There are four different parts of the bounce house that need cleaning depending on how much use it gets. Mold and mildew prevention can only be accomplished by different steps.

2. It needs to be dried completely.

After you have cleaned it, you should run the bounce house for a few hours to ensure that no moisture is trapped inside it. A bounce house’s biggest enemy is moisture. You will need 6 hours or longer to let your bounce house dry out if it has gotten wet.

3. Unplug the blower

You can now turn off the blower after cleaning and drying out the bounce house. During this step, I also remove the inlet tube from the blower and unplug it together.

In order to keep the blower clean, I clean the air intake and remove any debris.

4. Open Outlets And Inlets

If the bounce house is deflating too quickly, open all the inlets and outlets. The bounce house zippers can be unzipped part way or all if necessary. The goal of this exercise is to let the bounce house’s interior be as air-tight as possible.

5. Removing Anchors

As I advised on the spiral anchors, you won’t have to actually remove them from the ground, just unhook the bounce house from them. Unhook all anchors from the bounce house so it doesn’t lose air if you used sandbags.

6. Completely deflate

I get the bounce house ready for the next step by taking my shoes off and walking on it to bring out any atmosphere left inside the bounce house. Making rolling easier will make it easier. I tend to take off my shoes before I store the bounce house because I just cleaned it.

7. Getting Ready To Store

Pack the bounce house tightly by rolling it over and folding it into a corner. The best way I’ve stored and folded my bounce house was that I folded it into three sections and rolled it up that way.

8. Pack your accessories away

Pack away any accessories you used such as the blower, the sandbags, and stakes. My preference is to store everything near the bounce house in the garage in a separate bin so now is the time to sort everything out.

9. Bounce House Pack Away

It is more efficient if you actually pack your bounce house in a bag or even by straps. The bounce house is stored in a large tote. It fits better in the bin than my car and is easier to carry from and to the garage.

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