A Variety Of Models Are Available For Different applications


IBC totes are containers that are often used to transport bulk materials. The IBC Even Mix for totes is also known as an agitator tote is an attachment to these containers. The mixer mixes the contents of the tote, making it more convenient to transport and store. There are many manufacturers that sell IBC tote mixers. White Mountain Process is one of many manufacturers that provide high-quality IBC mixers for totes with a variety of sizes and features. These agitators can be used with virtually all IBC tote tank brands and are light and simple to use. They are also modular, which allows for easy installation and removal.

There are two types of IBC tote agitators: the direct drive and the turbine that folds. Both are easy to handle and include a forklift option. Direct drive models come with an enormous agitator shaft as well as a four bladed propeller that folds. They are available in both single and three-phase versions with lubeless motors. It is also possible to mount portable models on mobile structures. The portable model is usually constructed with side or top access capabilities.

The Even Mix ™ IBC Tote Mixer offers a low-weight and innovative solution to mixing requirements. This revolutionary design offers easy installation and superior performance. It is equipped with a blade that uses mixed flow technology to decrease the amount of energy consumed. Additionally, it is light and can be operated by a single person.

An IBC Tote Mixer can be used to mix any kind of liquid inside its Jars. It can handle both low viscosity and high solid liquids. It is suitable for standard poly IBC as well as plastic lined and stainless steel totes. It is equipped with a Statflo(tm) design that permits efficient mixing. It can be used for a variety applications, including food and beverage processing.

Pulsair’s 10-55 Tote Stick model is one the most sought-after industrial IBC mixers on the marketplace. It weighs just 6 pounds and simple to use. It also comes with an option for a forklift to make it easy to transport. It is also easy to set up and does not require a motor bridge mount.

Some of these are gear-driven or pneumatic, and include a flow control valve to control the speed of the mixer. These mixers can mix high-viscosity liquids rapidly and solids. They are designed to operate in a variety of conditions, including hazardous ones.

Intermediate bulk containers are containers utilized for carrying large volumes of liquid or semi-solid materials. They can range in size from 600 litres to a thousand litre capacity. The tanks are generally covered in an aluminum grid box, which has a hole at the top for the agitator. The agitator is attached to a support that is adjustable in width constructed of Galvanized Carbon Steel.

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