ACC tournament carrier: Full TV schedule, results, results for the 2021 basketball tournament


The ACC should become the first major conference to begin its post-season tournament, launching what could be one of the most compelling stories ahead of the 2021 NCAA tournament.

While teams like Florida State, Virginia and Virginia Tech have already secured their bids for the March Madness, traditional blue bloods like Syracuse, North Carolina and Duke need strong tournament tournaments to secure their bid for the NCAA tournament. In the case of the Blue Devils, it is possible that nothing but a tournament championship will secure their offer.

Welcome to life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the blue bloods of college basketball are in danger of not even holding a tournament.

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In addition, here is the complete breakdown of the 2021 ACC tournament, from parentheses to TV information and schedules:

ACC tournament carrier 2021

Seed Tim Record (ACC)
Br. 1 Virginia 17-6 (13-4)
Br. 2 Florida State 15-5 (11-4)
Br. 3 Virginia Tech 15-5 (9-4)
Br. 4 Georgia Tech 15-8 (11-6)
Br. 5 Clemson 16-6 (10-6)
Br. 6 North Carolina 16-9 (10-6)
Br. 7 Louisville 13-6 (8-5)
Br. 8 Syracuse 15-8 (9-7)
Br. 9 NC State 13-9 (9-8)
Br. 10 Duke 11-11 (9-9)
Br. 11 Ma’am 10-14 (7-11)
Br. 12 Pitt 10-11 (6-10)
Br. 13 Miami 8-16 (4-15)
Br. 14 Wake Forest 6-15 (3-15)
Br. 15 Boston College 4-15 (2-11)

Odds of winning the ACC tournament

Florida State enters with the best odds to win the 2021 ACC tournament at +250. Virginia is in second place +350 odds, followed by Louisville, North Carolina and Virginia Tech, all on +500 quota.

Despite the seasons, the traditional blue blood of North Carolina (+500) and Duke (+1400) they have the third and sixth best odds to win the 2021 ACC tournament – a sign of the talent present in both teams. Still, it’s likely that both teams need deep runs – in the case of the Blue Devils, maybe even a tournament title – to secure an NCAA tournament offer. If they can’t secure calls, it would be the first time since 1974 that no team is a tournament team. So no pressure.

Below are the full chances of winning the ACC 2021 tournament:

Tim Odds
Florida State +250
Virginia +350
Louisville +500
North Carolina +500
Virginia Tech +500
Duke +1400
Clemson +1400
Georgia Tech +2500
Pitt +2500
Syracuse +5000
NC State +10000
Miami +15000
Ma’am +15000
Boston College +25000
Wake Forest +25000

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How to watch the ACC tournament live

The 2021 ACC tournament will be broadcast entirely on the ESPN family of networks: ESPN, ESPN2 and the ACC network. Streaming options include and fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial.

1st round
ACC Network
2nd round
ESPN / ESPN2 / ACC network
ACC Championship Match

Tournament schedule for 2021. ACC

The 2021 ACC Tournament will begin on Tuesday, March 9, and run through Saturday, March 13.

The broadcasting team of Sean McDonough and Cory Alexa will call up the entire first round before sharing the duties with Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas in the second and quarterfinals. McDonough and Alexander will name the first two games in each round, while Shulman and Bilas will finish two games. The latter team will convene each semi-final match as well as the championship. Allison Williams will serve as a field reporter for the entire tournament.

Below is the complete tournament schedule:

Round 1: Tuesday, March 9

Weather (ET) TV (national)
Match 1: no. 13 Miami 79 Br. 12 Pitt 73
Match 2: no. 10 Duke 86, Br. 15 Boston College 51
Game 3: Br. 11 Notre Dame v. No. 14 Wake Forest 19h ACCN, fuboTV

Round 2: Wednesday, March 10

Weather (ET) TV (national)
Game 4: Br. 8 Syracuse vs. No. 9 NC State Noon ACCN, fuboTV
Game 5: Br. 5 Clemson v. No. 13 Miami 14:30 ACCN, fuboTV
Game 6: Br. 7 Louisville v. No. 10 Duke 18:30 ACCN, fuboTV
Game 7: 6. North Carolina winner against Game 3 21:00 ACCN, fuboTV

Quarterfinals: Thursday, March 11th

Weather (ET) TV (national)
Game 8: Winner no. 1 Virginia vs. Game 4 Noon ESPN / ESPN2, fuboTV
Game 9: Br. 4 Georgia Tech against the winner of the 5th match 14:30 ESPN / ESPN2, fuboTV
Game 10: Br. 2 winner of the state of Florida against game 6 18:30 ESPN / ESPN2, fuboTV
Match 11: Br. 3 Virginia Tech against the winner of the 7th game 21:00 ESPN / ESPN2, fuboTV

Semifinals: Friday, March 12

Weather (ET) TV (national)
Game 12: The winner of the 8th match compared to the winner of the 9th match 18:30 ESPN / ESPN2, fuboTV
Game 13: Winner of Game 10 vs. Winner of Game 11 21:00 ESPN / ESPN2, fuboTV

ACC Championship Match: Saturday, March 13th

Weather (ET) TV (national)
Game 14: The winner of the 11th match compared to the winner of the 12th match 20:30 ESPN, fuboTV

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