Adoree Jackson of the Tennessee Titans expected to sign for the New York Giants


The New York Giants they need to meet with the former Tennessee Titans defensive back Adoree Jackson. New York have pulled great moves this season and if they manage to get Jackson, they will be added to their list of good signatures. The Giants brought back Leonard Williams, signed Kenny Golladay, John Ross III and could now potentially sign Adoree Jackson.

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge is entering his second season with the team and has taken steps to get the Giants back into the playoffs. With NFC East coming from one of the worst seasons in division history, the Giants have a good chance of winning their division in 2021. The New York Giants need help in high schools, and Adoree Jackson has the skill to make a big contribution.

NFL Free Agency Rumors: Will the New York Giants sign CB Adoree Jackson?

Free agent CB Adoree Jackson joins the New York Giants
Free agent CB Adoree Jackson joins the New York Giants

Jabrill Peppers and Daniel Jones made a huge contribution to the New York Giants by signing Kenny Golladay. Now the Giants need two to redo their magic to be able to land Adoree Jackson, who has spent his entire career with the Tennessee Titans, starting 41 of the 46 games he has played with the team.

During Jackson’s stay at the Tennessee Titans, he proved to be a great outdoor striker in his corner. Adoree Jackson also showed the ability to break the passes that were thrown at him. Let’s look at the stats Adoree Jackson produced for the Tennessee Titans.

Jackson fan career statistics

– Total number of contributions: 200

– Deflections: 33

– Loss equipment: 6

– Interceptions: 2

Jackson’s interception numbers aren’t conspicuous, but his refusal to pass is a large number of 33. This shows that Adoree Jackson has the ability to lock wide receivers throughout the game. The third area that emerges is its overall solutions. His 200 total contributions consisted of 176 individual and 24 assists.

If the New York Giants can land with Adoree Jackson, they will fill a gap in their defense from 2020. The New York Giants have given up 22 passing touches during the 2020-2021 NFL season. They also gave up 258.1 in-game passes to opposing quarterbacks. Adoree Jackson’s ability to lock receivers could help the New York Giants reduce that total in the 2021-2022 NFL season.

Posted March 22, 2021, 12:37 am


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