AirAsia volunteers Allstars to help Malaysian introduce COVID-19 into vaccination


To accelerate the national vaccination program against COVID-19 and help the passenger industry recover, AirAsia’s AllStars (staff) will volunteer at the main vaccination centers (PPVs) around the Klang Valley.

Over 1,000 AirAsia cabin crew, ground staff, engineers, office staff and senior management will perform non-medical duties throughout the campaign period.

This initiative comes a few months after the logistics branch, Teleport has expressed readiness to do so assistance in the distribution of vaccinations around the SEA.

Equipped for serving

The campaign kicks off this week, with Allstars serving at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and the Setia City Convention Center. They will be involved in greeting and assisting people with registration, giving announcements and informing attendees about all possible side effects.

Tony Fernandes noted that AirAsia cabin crew were already trained to care for and deal with medical situations as they were the first to respond on the flight. “I’m sure they’re thrilled to be back in uniform, doing what they do best, serving people in the air and on the ground,” he said.

Top management of AirAsia subsidiaries like airasia money, Teleport, farma airasia, and more, will also be included.

Volunteering Allstars in PPV / Image credit: AirAsia

“Although an obligation is needed, shift times are flexible. Once our Allstars sign up, the MyVAC team will contact them to further schedule the schedule to their nearest PPV center, ”AirAsia told the Vulcan Post.

“Moreover, we encourage Allstars to vacate volunteering as part of this key movement to launch a vaccination campaign for Malaysia.”

Getting the trip back on its feet

So far, AirAsia has also been involved in transporting vaccines from KL to Kuching, Sarawak and Vientiane in Laos. The shipment was ordered for Teleport by international state bodies.

According to Tony, all of their flight crew in Indonesia has already been vaccinated and expects most Allstars in the region to get their footage in the coming months.

Entrepreneur previously expressed his optimism that AirAsia’s financial recovery is achievable within 2 years, given the immunization efforts in the major SEA economies. This includes the aggressive and effective introduction of vaccination, as well as the application of a standardized digital health passport among eligible countries.

AirAsia recorded revenue decline of up to 87% in the first quarter of 2021 to RM 298.22 million from 2.31 billion in Q1 2020.

“Ultimately, we only need about 50% of the population to be vaccinated in order for cross-border travel to increase. I have full confidence that we will get there soon, thanks to the hard work and strong commitment of governments and health authorities in stopping this devastating pandemic, ”said the group’s CEO.

Editor update: Parts of this article have been edited to reflect greater accuracy.

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Credit for featured images: AirAsia

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