AirAsia will soon launch the Ride-Hailing service, CEO Tony Fernandes said


Since the beginning of the pandemic, AirAsia has been engaging in various competitive sectors such as food delivery,, grocery delivery and even virtual idols for streaming activity, at a fast speed to soften the blow.

Now Tony Fernandes has announced he will dive into the riding scene, it is shared Ivica. Although he has not yet confirmed the launch date of the service, he seems confident in this new venture Malay Post Office not to be disturbed by giants like Hornbeam.

In order to become Asean super app, it makes sense for AirAsia to get into the riding business. But while they’ve pretty much dominated the low-cost airline industry here, their other in-app services, like the two previously mentioned, still need a bit of work before consumers are confident enough to take advantage of their future driving service.

First optimizing their other services for consumer confidence

It’s been almost a year since they launched theirs food delivery service, but after testing it myself, I would say that it still needs to be improved in many areas if their ultimate goal is to surpass the level of popularity of Hornbeam and foodpanda.

First, they need to work on involving more retailers in less central areas to increase their food delivery capabilities. For someone like me who lives in Alam Damai, Cheras, most of their food categories like halal, healthy, dessert, vegetarian etc. It had less than 10 merchants.

On the other hand, my colleague living in PJ enjoyed more variety of options. With almost a year of business already behind them, it would be nice to see some progress in expanding their reach across Malaysia.

If behind the lack of drivers is why the availability of AirAsia Food is still low, then this is something they should address before they start driving. Consumers would like the confidence that using their app means you can really get the service anytime, anywhere, whether it’s food and grocery delivery or a greeting.

When we see AirAsia Food provide restaurant owners with a low commission rate of 10%, we can expect them to have similar incentives to attract drivers when they start their ride.

However, the low commission rate for restaurants arose from the cost of cutting out maps to track driver locations in the app in real time, a convenient feature that consumers expected as the norm.

If AirAsia plans to cut costs while at the same time providing attractive incentives to its drivers as well, what would currently affect consumer convenience?

There are still a lot of ways to become a great app

Forgive me for running such a problem from the first world, but perhaps the fact that the app has a much slower load time would be important for others like me.

Each time I click on the card, it should take about 2 seconds to load. It loses that smooth, “well-oiled” feel offered by other established apps like Grab or foodpanda. Another technical thing that bothered me was that sometimes when I click a retailer it will redirect me to the home page of the app instead of the store page.

Not to mention, I also had trouble trying to fill out data to access AirAsia fresh and AirAsia Food, but that could simply be related to limited availability in my area.

For AirAsia to become a great app for users, even the slightest inefficiency or inconvenience in the app and its services would have to be offset. Consumers may be excited to try out AirAsia’s newer services after launch, but by ensuring they continue to use them, the company will demand more improvements.

Despite the limitations and technical difficulties I have experienced with their app, I think they have the potential to grow their brand into the super app they aspire to. Those who are already a household will undoubtedly give them an extra boost in visibility and public interest.

Let me add, Tony Fernandes pointed out, “I am eight years old Graba as I teach it. I don’t have to spend all that money, experimenting, building technology, driver training and market training as ordered, they all did it for me. ”

The diversification of revenues includes some other ventures that are already being prepared by AirAsia delivery of drones and air taxis in the near future.

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Credit for featured images: Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group / freepik

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