AirAsia’s driver transportation service and prices in the Klang Valley


It is a known fact that AirAsia has long been aiming to become the leading super app of ASEAN. During the pandemic and due to the stagnation in airline revenues, a lot of focus and resources were invested in the growth and improvement of digital services.

At SEA, that’s for sure to say Grab it has been the leading super app so far. Its food transportation and delivery services have helped it maintain an impressive market share throughout the region, and with the addition of fintech and package delivery services it has solidified its place in customer phones.

But now, while Tony Fernandes succeeds announcement 6 months ago that AirAsia will get into the ride, the airasia Super App significantly approaches the gap between it and the Grab. This new venture is called airasia ride.

In addition to services that already address e-commerce, food delivery, groceries, package delivery, financial needs and more, the airasia ride greatly complements the airasia Super App lifestyle ecosystem.

Both the Grab and the airasia Super App appear to be in better market conditions, with a few differences, such as that Grab offers home services, while the airasia Super App offers booking and flight management.

Joining a marathon

It’s the second big addition to AirAsia’s service menu on its super app in a year, after it launched food airasia in Malaysia in November 2020.

In total, about 1,500 drivers were boarded, with another 5,000 extras planned for the next 6 months. Its CEO Lim Chiew Shan said The Edge to actively employ and aim to have a total of 30,000 drivers based on the demand that airasia driving is expected to generate.

Captain Ling Liong Tien (left), Chief Security Officer at AirAsia Group and Chief of Airasia Driving, and Lim Chiew Shan (Right), CEO of Malaysia / Image Credit: AirAsia

To calm her worries, the airasia ride guarantees that all of her riders are currently fully vaccinated.

In the service application, “driving” works similarly to what you know. For example, enter your download location and destination, and the app will find the driver for you.

However, there are a few differences.

Platinum drivers

airasia ride offers something called “Platinum Drivers”, which are drivers that are recommended based on their proximity to your location.

It is unclear what the Platinum driver means, because their prices are the same as when booking a regular car for 1-4 passengers. Furthermore, there is no FAQ that provides an explanation.

You can choose from recommended drivers or connect to a random driver

The biggest difference from simply connecting to the driver is that you get a personal introduction to Platinum Drivers and you can choose the one you like best.

Lady Drivers

Airasia ride seems to be using another company that welcomes the ride, Dacsee’s services to offer a feature called Lady Drivers.

Lady Drivers seem to cost a little more

These ladies drivers would be available Monday through Sunday, although your choice would also depend on their proximity.

While it’s a good choice, those who prefer to be driven by a female driver are probably better off opting for a service like a women’s company that only drives Riding Pink.

Allstar Ride

This is an option that could make you scratch your head a little. You can use it to book a ride in a vehicle operated by an AirAsia pilot or cabin crew.

From the company’s POV, this feature would make sense, since the planes are still largely grounded. Since the beginning of the pandemic, AirAsia has been actively including its Allstars in other verticals, such as airasia farm (formerly OURFARM), for example.

No wonder then that riding airasia is another area where Allstars can also make money. For users, the news that they are being piloted or cabin crew might be worth the ride, but it’s hard to see it as anything more than a strategy to get people to talk about driving an airasia for now.

In the app itself, I have yet to find an option to drive with the Allstar. Either the function is not fully published or I am simply out of coverage so the option does not appear.

Prices between 2 super apps

In terms of pricing, there’s not much difference between the way airasia is driven compared to Grab billing users. AirAsia states that prices are set at an average of RM1 per km excluding tolls, so you’ll save a maximum of just a few Ringgits with a plane ride.

For example, a trip from 1Utama to Mid Valley Megamall would cost you 19 RM for an airasia ride (1-4 seats) and 20 RM for a vehicle of similar size JustGrab. At the moment we are not sure whether driving airasia will change prices depending on the peak hours or outside working hours.

Much like airasia food takes 15% commission per order (as opposed to 25-30% taken by some companies), airasia ride takes 15% less than partner-drivers (unlike Grab’s 20% fee).

AirAsia definitely seems to be trying to position itself as a more affordable super app in Malaysia when it comes to popular services.

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It’s hard to comment on a shuttle service if you haven’t tried it yourself a few times. One thing that could be said is that slightly lower airasia driving fees could be a good incentive, but we’ll have to see if a small number of drivers discourage users.

Convenience on demand is what most users want to welcome the ride, and if driving an airasia can’t satisfy that, it will be hard to convince the market to give it a try.

Always ambitious, the airline already plans to expand its transportation service beyond Malaysia to Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and more. Locally, its roadmap for 2021 indicates its introduction first into the major Malaysian states.

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Highlight credit: AirAsia

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