All qualified teams and schedule


The LEC 2021 Summer Split ended the last week of August 1st. There were a few surprises and some big upsets, but overall, it was a brilliant rift.

However, now is the time to focus on the playoffs because they will determine the teams from Europe that will play league of legends World 2021

Ten teams participated in the Split Summer. Among them, six teams qualified and four were eliminated. For Excel, it was a heavy heart because they failed to get to the playoffs for the sixth time in a row.

The worst part, however, is that they moved a few inches away even though they had to face the G2 Esports, which is considered one of the titans of the scene.

Fortunately, Vitality managed to slip through and secure last place, thanks to G2’s win against Excel.

LEC playoff teams and schedule

The sides that came to the LEC playoffs are Rogue, G2, MAD Lions, Misfits, Fnatic and Vitality. The names are mentioned according to their final placement on the table of the Summer Split League.

The playoffs will start on August 13, and will end on August 29, as mentioned Riot Games.

Rogue, as the first seed, had the choice to decide on his playoff of the best of five opponents. They had a choice between G2 Esports and Misfits. The organizations took a smart route and chose the latter for their opponents.

The G2, on the other hand, will face the MAD Lions.

LEC Playoff Stage Schedule (Picture via Riot Games)
LEC Playoff Stage Schedule (Picture via Riot Games)

The above matches will be in the first round of parentheses. The winners will move directly to the semi-finals of the top bracket. The winner of that match goes to the finals.

Teams that eventually lose will be moved to the lower category. They will continue to fight in the lower category, and the one who eventually wins all the matches will advance to the finals and meet the winner of the upper category.

The first round of parentheses will be between Fnatic and Vitality. In parentheses, the loser will be eliminated.

It is crucial to finish in the top three positions in the LEC playoffs as these teams will qualify for the Worlds. Champions and runners-up will qualify directly for the League of Legends Worlds main event. However, the team that finishes in third place will have to qualify through the “Play-in” phase at the Worlds.

Final review of the LEC 2021 playoffs

Round 1 (upper bracket)

  • Rogue vs Misfits
  • MAD Lions vs G2 Sports

Round 1 (bottom bracket)


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