Amdocs in negotiations to transfer IP to Israel


IT systems company Amdocs Ltd. (Nasdaq: DOX) is negotiating with the Israeli tax administration to transfer the company ‘s intellectual property to Israel in exchange for billions of shekels in tax breaks, sources told Globes.

The tax benefits that Amdocs will receive are anchored in the Israeli Capital Investment Promotion Act and include a tax rate of only 6%. The corporate tax in Israel is 23%, but Amdocs has been paying a lower rate in Israel for many years under the same law.

Globes has learned that Amdocs has requested a preliminary decision from the Israeli tax administration on the tax rate it will pay for the transfer of its intellectual property to Israel and to find out which disputes are likely to arise. Among the issues that Amdocs wants to clarify is the value of buying an IP from companies from the foreign Amdocs group, for the purpose of transferring it to Israel.

Amdocs specializes in telecommunications billing services and CRM management, and its customers include major international players such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, SingTel and MGM. Amdocs has developed systems that allow these companies to move their business to the cloud and enjoy a 5G infrastructure with a quality user experience.

Amdocs operates in 85 countries and has 350 customers. The company has 26,000 employees, including 20% ​​of them in Israel with offices in Ra’anana, Nazareth and Sderot. The company has development centers in Israel, USA, India, Cyprus and Brazil. Amdocs is currently building a new innovative campus in Ra’anana at a cost of NIS 350 million, and construction should be completed next year. Revenue in 2020 was $ 4.2 billion, and the company trades on the Nasdaq with a market capitalization of nearly $ 11 billion.

Amdocs is exactly the type of company that the state and the Israeli tax administration targeted when passing the Capital Investment Promotion Act and its tax incentives for exporters whose assets are based on intellectual property, such as software systems.

Senior partner at Shekel & Co. Adv Yaniv Shekel, who specializes in tax matters, said: “A group the size of Amdocs can expect a 6% income tax derived from IP (compared to a 23% income tax).

Adv. Shekel adds that there are also tax breaks when distributing dividends. “Because of these benefits, companies operating outside of Israel often pay off not to pay taxes here, but in foreign countries, while transferring their IP to Israel and paying reduced taxes on their profits.”

Amdocs declined to comment on the report.

The Israeli tax administration said, “We are unable to comment due to a legal obligation of confidentiality.”

Posted by Globes, business news in Israel – – March 16, 2021

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