An epic seven-day travel plan to Malta for a vacation – just hand luggage


Malta is an amazing island to explore. Located right in the Mediterranean, it is filled with thousands of years of history, stunning coves and the most amazing cities that are beautiful to miss. To help you make the most of your trip, we wanted to share our bumper plan to visit Malta on your next vacation.

Now you may be wondering if Malta is for you?

Well, I’ll let you have a little clip of why this should be on every passenger hit list!

First, Malta (and neighboring Gozo) enjoys the amazing Mediterranean sun which is just as good. Not only that, Malta is completely chilled out and is a great place to visit if you want a break trip.

That being said, Malta is a gem in the Mediterranean as well if you like to see historic cities and ancient sights. It is an island that can (and does not fit) into the type of trip you want. That’s why we come back, over and over again!

So as the island starts to open safely, we wanted to share some places in Malta that you can’t miss.

And as always, be sure to travel safely. Check your government’s travel guidelines and official Maltese government information on any restrictions that may be relaxed or in effect.

Malta travel plan for Malta

Check out our bumper plan below to visit Malta on holiday. Oh, and with all our itineraries, feel free to add, subtract or follow exactly the places we mentioned – it’s your vacation after all!

Have fun amazing.

Day One: Valletta

Best Malta-Goca Things to Do (8)

As for Mediterranean cities, Valletta is a gem to visit!

Unlike other large European cities, Valletta is not too big to overflow and is not small enough to bore it. In fact, I would say it is perfect for a few days of research.

Upon arrival be sure to take a walk to see the Grand Master’s Palace and the beautiful upper (and lower) gardens of Barrakka. These are amazing first things in the morning and a great way to stretch your legs before the day’s head.

After a sweet pick-up, head to Amorina (in Republic Street). Here you will get samples of some of the best gels in all of Malta. Trust me, you’ll be back in seconds.

In the afternoon, explore the century-old Casa Rocca Piccola in the heart of Valletta. Throughout the day, you can join a guide and take a peek into a classic (and rich) palace that is too beautiful to miss.

Before sunset, enter the Cathedral of St. Ivana which has been a proud place in Valletta since the 1500s. It’s such a beautiful and great way to see some of Girolamo Cassar’s works. After all, he is one of the most famous island architects.

Best Malta-Goca Things to Do (19)

Do you feel pecan? Take the beautiful cobbled streets and enter Noni (Republic Street) which combines Maltese dishes with modern flames. Their tasting menu is so delicious for an evening treat.

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Day two: Valletta

Best Malta-Goca Things to Do (26)

One thing I would say is that you should provide Valletta with at least one full day of exploration (though, we prefer a cooler two-day trip). With that in mind, if you run out of time, you can easily pack up for the main sights of Valletta in one day; especially if there are other places in our trip to visit Malta that you just don’t want to miss.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (17)

For the morning galavant, take a walk through the Grand Harbor area where you will get a fantastic view of the bay. In addition, you will easily be able to organize a trip to the Fortress of St. Angelo who historically protected the city. You will need to consider about 2 hours to fully explore the fort; so plan ahead and come nice and early.

Book a table in Rampila for dinner; you will not be disappointed, especially on their terrace. We ate traditional Maltese Aljotta soup for the first time and we liked it!

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Third day: Mdina

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (12)

Nowhere in Malta, in fact, has there ever been such a distant place, which means that it is a great island to cross and stay on all the Maltese gems. That being said, don’t feel pressured to keep moving hotels or accommodations every night, you can easily make day trips to all places in Malta and stay anchored in one hotel for the whole trip. It’s entirely up to you.

Anyway, where have I been … Mdina!

Okay, so Mdina is probably my favorite city in all of Malta and one place you can’t miss for a day trip. It is about a 25-minute drive from Valletta, and is completely easy to visit by car, taxi or tour, depending on what you want.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (11)

Once you walk through the cult Mdina Gate, visit the cult cathedral overlooking the entire city. It is stunning, and the baroque architecture dates back to antiquity!

Having said that, if you want to go back in history, go to Domus Romana; a Roman house built about two thousand years ago! It is a relatively small museum which means it is a perfect 30 minute visit.

Best Malta-Goca Things to Do (7)

Oh, and don’t forget to take a few world-famous glasses of Mdina. It’s so beautiful and you’ll find it all over town.

Are you getting hungry? Come to the Grotto tavern, their gnocchi are so delicious, and the restaurant is so unique in the cave itself.

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Fourth day: west coast and beaches

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (10)

After three days of living in the city, it’s time to catch some more of that beautiful coast of Malta. So, pack up your swimming gear, pound on sunscreen and get ready to take a nap on the sand.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (59)

But first, head to the Blue Cave, which is about a 25-minute drive from Valletta (and 15 minutes from Mdina). When you get here, you’ll need to board one of the small boats that will whisk you right inside the Blue Cave itself. That being said, if you don’t like a boat ride, head to a “panoramic” viewing area that is perfect at sunset.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (60)

The views are stunning.

After that, briefly in surfing, head towards Golden Bay which is north of the Blue Cave. It is a popular place for sun seekers and a place that is great for a morning swim (or evening walk).

If you want to dive, jump to the St. Peter located on the coast near Marsaxlokk. Here you will be able to paddle a bit in the beautiful Mediterranean waters and enjoy those views of southern Malta. Just watch out for the turbulent waters and bathe only if it is safe.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (58)

Now we thought it best to rent a car for the seaside days. Although, if you’re not driving, don’t worry; there are many different travel companies that you can book and include in your plan to visit Malta.

Day 5: Hiking around the village of Popeye

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (29)

You can’t say every day that you’ve flown over an island, but it’s quite achievable in Malta, especially from Gadir Bay to the village of Popeye.

After a morning swim in Gadira, put on your hiking boots and go for a walk around the area.

The walk itself won’t take you long at all (although you can take some detours). We checked out the Red Tower which is shy of the bay itself (about a 40 minute walk). It dates from 1649 and is nice to see, especially because of the view.

After heading towards the west coast, drive to the completely picturesque and picturesque village of Popeye. It is a historical film set for Popeye’s film, which was made in the 1980s.

It pays to walk for about an hour and it is totally worth including it in your travel plan to visit Malta; even if you haven’t watched the movie.

Finally, for a great view of the village of Popaj, head along the coast along the road opposite the bay. From here there is a beautiful view of the bay, and you will see a beautiful view of the village of Popaj.

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Day 6: Gozo

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (3)

Just ashamed of the north coast of Malta, Gozo is a smaller island that is totally worth a short ferry ride to explore! In fact, it is a perfect day trip when visiting Malta.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (4)

Departing from Cirkewwe, you will cross the port of Mgarr in no time. From here you will be able to explore the whole of Gozo and take some key places along the way.

Best Malta-Goca Things to Do (38)

One of the places you must visit is Il-Madonna ta ‘Pina, a basilica and shrine that are as beautiful as they come. Although the basilica is not as old as some other places in Malta and Gozo, it is still just as cult.

Then pull out your swimming gear and drive to the Blue Hole to take a bath! It is a natural pool that is ashamed of the collapsed Azure window and is worth seeing as you follow our plan to visit Malta.

Best Malta-Goca Things to Do (31)

Oh, and don’t forget to take a bite in the Boat in Xlendi Bay.

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (6)

This is somehow a place that will satisfy any seafood craving; especially with their delicious fresh lobster.

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Day 7: Bridge

Best Malta & Goca Things to Do (20)

Before leaving Malta, there is another final (and completely lovely) place to visit. Bridge!

Just 20 minutes from the center of Valletta, the Bridge is perfect to see on the last day during your trip to visit Malta. Even if you only have a few hours before the flight, be sure to take a gander.

Now one of the things that makes this city so special is the Rotunda of Moste; a massive basilica that is actually based on the Pantheon in Italy.

Once you arrive, you’ll soon understand why it’s such a special place, especially since it has one of the largest, unsupported domes in the entire world!

If you still have time, walk to the catacombs of Ta ‘Bistra which is shy of the city center. You will see a bunch of historic catacombs that are quite unique to visit.

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