An honest review of the GlocalMe WiFi hotspot


In this review we test GlocalMe portable focal point, and informs you of good and evil.

We are always looking for a reliable, fast Wi-Fi network. Between a lot of traveling (when the world allows it), working from home (or on the go) and home schooling Good internet is absolutely essential.

GlocalMe Review

GlocalMe Review

Basically, the GlocalMe wireless is a Wi-Fi device that allows you to connect to the Internet while traveling. It works almost anywhere, and since it’s pocket-sized, you can carry it even if you’re running out of space.

We tested the GlocalMe G4 PRO and here’s what we thought.

GlocalMe outdoor test


  • internet coverage in more than 140 countries
  • pay as you go
  • at the same time a bank of power
  • easy-to-use touch screen with easy access to battery life and remaining data
  • long 18-hour battery life


  • Data packets can be a little confusing to find what you need

Once I started GlocalMe, the first thing I did was speed test. My connection immediately popped up as 28 Mbps. Not bad for the first try. It’s fast enough to stream 4K movie.

GlocalMe speed test

Why get a mobile WiFi device?

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot can save you a lot of money due to the cost of roaming on mobile phones. It also eliminates the problem of data limitations when traveling.

Since we need the internet for work wherever we go, it’s so nice to have internet with us everywhere, which means we no longer rely on notorious WiFi borrowed from a hotel, coffee shop or store.

Review of GlocalMe G4 PRO

The GlocalMe G4 PRO it really impressed me.

Before the G4 crossed my desk, I had never used a Wi-Fi access point to travel the touch screen before. With other focal points, I had to rely on the app to see how much data I had left or how much battery life I had left. With the GlocalMe G4 PRO, all this information is located right on the 5-inch touch screen.

The touch screen makes it easy to add more data, and also comes with Google Maps and TripAdvisor already installed.

Google Maps on GlocalMe

Because you can connect 10 devices, the G4 PRO is great for our family of four. Each of us can connect our smartphones, and there are six connections left for laptops, tablets and other devices.

For traveling by car or even just walking around the city it is nice to have a 3900 mAh battery that lasts 18 hours.

The GlocalMe G4 PRO comes with a data package, with free 8GB of local data, plus 1GB of global data. You can add more data from the Glocal me touch screen at any time.

Other G4 PRO features:

  • two nano SIM slots.
  • Automatic adjustment that prevents high data consumption
  • Price: 169.00 USD

Learn more about GlocalMe G4 PRO.

Unpacking GlocalMe

GlocalMe app

The GlocalMe app is available for iOS or Android. Allows you to add data, monitor usage and view battery life.

The application is especially useful for the GlocalMe U3 wireless device, which does not have a touch screen.

GlocalMe U3

The GlocalMe U3 is GlocalMe’s smaller, more affordable Wi-Fi hotspot alternative. For me, one big drawback of the U3 is the lack of a touch screen.

  • Light and thin
  • It connects to 10 devices
  • Price: $ 119.99
  • Data included: Free 8GB local data + 1GB global data
  • No touch screen

Get GlocalMe U3 prices and more now.

U3 portable WiFi

Glocalme Duo Turbo

The Duo Turbo is the choice for users who absolutely cannot lose the internet. It is a dual-modem mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, which means it has two modems to constantly provide connectivity. One modem is connected while the other is in standby mode, which reduces the possibility of disconnection.

  • small 2.4-inch touch screen
  • 12 hours battery life
  • 3,500 mAh battery
  • nano SIM slot
  • Price: $ 149.99
  • Data included: Free 8GB local data + 1GB global data

Learn more about GlocalMe Duo Turbo.

GlocalMe data plans

All three GlocalMe access points include free 8 GB of local data plus 1 GB of Global data with purchase.

After that, GlocalMe offers local or global data plans for on-the-go payments.

YOU CAN GET MONTHLY PASSES, 7 DAYS OR 30 DAYS. You can also buy data in 10 GB, 12 GB, 3 GB and other data packages.

Local packages are available for the US, North America, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Russia and Egypt. There is also a Global 10GB package for 180 days.

The cost of a GolocalMe data plan depends on the specific location and amount of data.

A monthly pass for the U.S. comes with unlimited data and costs $ 99 per month.

The 180GB global 10GB package comes priced at $ 98.

GolocalMe data package

GlocalMe unlimited data

Is GolocalMe really unlimited?

Here’s what GlocalMe has to say: “An unlimited data service is affected by the Fair Operator’s Rules of Fair Use, the maximum data rate will be limited to 256 kbps when you reach the FUP threshold.” To me, that sounds like your speed data you use) may be limited if you use a lot of data at the same time. Unfortunately, it is not said exactly how much data exceeds the Fair Use Policy.

In addition, different data packets have different priorities. For example, GolocalMe says that the 180-day 10GB package for the global BIZ “has a lower priority than an unlimited data package.”

See unlimited data package and prices here.

GlocalMe test by the river

GlocalMe SIM

GlocalMe does not only offer a SIM package.

However, it offers GlocalMe SIMBOX.


GlocalMe SIMBOX allows you to switch between different SIM cards, depending on where you are in the world. Switching between different mobile phone SIM cards allows you to avoid the cost of roaming, expensive long distance lines. It is great for frequent travelers and international students. It has five SIM card slots:

  • 1 X Micro USB interface
  • 4 X standard SIM slot

You will need to download and install the GlocalMe Call app to register and activate SIMBOX.

GlocalMe SIMBOX is currently unavailable. It does not currently support Verizon and Sprint.

Check GlocalMe SIMBOX availability here.

GlocalMe coverage map

GolocalMe operates in over 140 countries worldwide. Like any other WiFi hotspot, including Sunday Skyroam, Tep Travelwifi, or Keepgo, only works where you can get a cellular signal. It will not work in the middle of the ocean or on a plane where there is no cellular signal.

See GlocalMe coverage information here.


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