Are You Moving Soon This Checklist Will Save You Stress


Are you moving soon? Then you have probably already thought about the changes of address and moving boxes. In our relocation checklist, you will find many more things you can or should think about. This way, you keep your stress levels as low as possible.

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Arrange or do in advance

Soon to load quickly and smoothly.

Check whether your most oversized furniture can go through the door or window. If not, you can already disassemble them. If that doesn’t work, maybe a window or door will have to go out. Discuss this with your mover in advance. They can help you with this.

Start packing & disposing of.

You can already pack or disassemble the items and furniture that you can already miss:

  • Do not pack boxes too full or heavy; then it will be easier to move
  • Also, make sure that the handles remain free
  • Write on the label what is inside and where the box belongs in your new home.

You can already disassemble ceiling lamps and lampshades. Maybe you can also take off a few curtains. You can have items that do not have to be taken along by the municipal sanitation service or taken to the municipal waste depot yourself.

Reserve space for the moving van and moving lift

Do you live in an apartment complex? Then let the caretaker know when you are moving.

Then you can arrange an exemption through your municipality for two parking spaces on the move day. They often place plates.

Babysitting for your kids and pets

They are super fun, your children and pets. But they are not that useful when moving.

Prepare your new home.

Moving is better if you move to a clean house. The items can then be put in place immediately. Tip: mark the rooms with a number. You then write it on the labels on the moving boxes. They will then immediately end up in the right place.

Do not forget the inner man.

Moving is quite intensive and time-consuming. Make sure you take time now and then to have something to eat and drink. Stock up on some simple things and bring enough coffee or tea in thermos flasks.

Handy to do the day before the move

Disassemble your furniture

Take pictures of your furniture. If something happens to it during the move, you will have evidence that this happened during the move. You can also use them to report damage to your insurer.

Take apart your furniture, such as cabinets and beds, if you can. Put the screws in bags and tape them to the furniture.

The very last things

  • Pack the last things.
  • Defrost the refrigerator.
  • Pack all remotes together.
  • And go to bed on time.

On the day you move

In your old house

  • Make a lot of coffee and tea!
  • Remove the last curtains.
  • Collect all keys in your hand luggage. These are typically things that you lose in all the moving violence and are not unimportant.
  • Record the last meter and water levels (take a picture if necessary) and then shut off water, gas, and electricity.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Go through your house one more time; don’t forget anything?

In your new home

  • Make sure there is someone in the new house who knows where to go.
  • Let your fridge and freezer acclimatize in advance.
  • Connect your washing machine.
  • Hang curtains in the main rooms.


If you buy a new home, make sure that your home insurance policies are also arranged adequately at your new address. With good home contents insurance, your belongings are in any case insured against damage and theft.

Have you bought a home? Then also take out home insurance. You are then insured against damage, such as fire, water, and storm damage. Also, outbuildings such as your garage shed or garden house are usually guaranteed with this.

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