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It is 51 years old, an unseen and untold mysterious place of the world. This place is 83 miles from Las Vegas. There are many stories behind this place. some say it is an extremely safe area of ​​a military base where American planes are being investigated, and some say it is an alien research center. According to sources, UFO and aliens are available in Area 51 and exploring them. Protected 37 by 40 kilometers (23 by 25 miles) of enclosed airspace, it is completely untouchable to the general population and is tightly monitored by military force 24 hours a day

There is a story that on July 2, 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, a UFO crashed was taken to Area 51 for analysis and used to develop the next generation of United States aeronautical technology. Area 51 is covered by the high security of the underground sensor and it is illegal and dangerous to try to access this area. According to the CIA, the base is only accessible by plane. Bob Lazar & Boyd Bushman are those who have worked in area 51 about aliens and UFOs. According to Boyd Bushman, there are 18 aliens working under the research team in Area 51 of the Alliance com from the planet Kutonius and it takes 39,000 years if man wants to go there with current technology. Surprisingly, Alience only needs 45 minutes to get to the ground. Even They can read your thoughts just by touching parts of your body.

The U-2 Air Force flies on a training mission. (US Air Force Photo, Sergeant Rose Reynolds)

1955 During the Vietnam War a report by Fr. CIA [ Central Intelligence Agency ] Accept that Area 51 exists and in 2013 the CIA issued a press release and clarified the secret US air base Area 51. During the beginning of the Cold War, the location was certainly used to upgrade the test aircraft. In 1955, Area 51 was a testing ground Lockheed U-2, a high-flying surveillance flying machine that cheered on one of the most famous planes of government agents at any given time. The dry flights of the U-2, among other planes over the decades, have sparked differing views of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) by regular citizens and pilots of flying machines. It is estimated that over part of all reports of UFOs over the U.S. from the late 1950s and 1960s can be represented by the maintenance of military flights, particularly U-2.

It is accepted that a number of other advanced warplanes were created, most notably the A-12 OXCART, however, experts kept everything related to the work of the office, especially during the following decades. It was also suggested once that the US government used area 51 to test stolen and “covertly acquired” Soviet aircraft during the Cold War.

Recently, 470,000 people planning to enter Zone 51, and even they, have set a date and will meet at the entry of coordinates into Zone 51 for the Interplanetary War on September 20, 2019. ‘ Facebook group, the ringleader suggests’ if we run, we can move faster than their bullets …

A thousand strong ones soldiers will be divided into three groups: stone throwers, Naruto runners (ninjas running very fast) and ‘Kyles’ (a team of muscular teen teenagers with a penchant for shooting in drywall). Then the rest who will watch from the safe space with binoculars and Pubg.

There are many other stories like little green men and a fake landing on the moon, but they exist without any conclusive evidence.

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