Arizona-based Tyler Gilbert throws No-Hitter in his first career


Tyler Gilbert had many first in one game. The left-handed rookie at the Arizona Diamondbacks had his first start, his first complete game, his first shutout and his first player without a shot, all packed into one, covering up the San Diego Padres with a 7-0 gem on Saturday.

In a season in which no player has achieved a rate like no other in the history of the great league – eight of them are a modern record so far and they tied the 1884 season to the highest overall result – Gilbert’s masterpiece by far the most unexpected. He entered the game with only three and two-thirds of the substitutions placed at the level of the first league and left the game keeping calm 102 pitches, knocking out five and three walking in nine substitutions with no results.

“Crazy,” Gilbert told reporters after the game. “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know what just happened. ”

Gilbert, 27, is the 15th pitcher to start Arizona this season, thus extending the franchise record. And he is only the fourth player in the history of the big league to throw a single shot in his first start. The others were Bobo Holloman for St. Louis Browns on May 6, 1953, Bumpus Jones of the Cincinnati Reds on October 15, 1892, and Theodore Breitenstein for Browne on October 4, 1891.

The rise of players without kicks this season has raised questions as to why this seems to be happening at such incredible speed.

Somehow! Bumgarner, a former ace (and three-time World Series winner) of the San Francisco Giants, closed Atlanta on April 25, and did not allow any hits in the process. But due to the double-stroke rules developed last season, the game was limited to seven substitutions. The 1991 decision aimed to eliminate shortened players without rain and other oddities, so throwing in at least nine complete changes required the game to be recognized as a player without a kick. Bumgarner’s play will instead be classified as a “significant achievement”.

“I haven’t given up on a single hit today,” Bumgarner said. “I don’t control how many changes we play.”

There are a number of factors at play that lead to an increase in the number of those who don’t hit. Chief among them are the emphasis on power placement and punches that have shown a willingness to sell out contacts to increase power. These factors, plus the surgical placement of high-quality drugs, have resulted in strange numbers.

Teams averaged 8.04 goals per game by Aug. 13 – tied for the second-lowest score since 1909, according to the Baseball Reference – and they scored 8.78 times per game, which is the second highest result ever. As a result, the shots hit 0.224, and the scoring was significantly reduced for the second consecutive season.

Another factor that must be considered is control. Exclusions are almost entirely a thing of the past — there were 24 of them this season, and there were fewer than 40 in each season since 2015 — but the seven starters who knocked out a player without hitting this season kept their pitch low by applying extreme control. Gilbert walked three strokes, Turnbull two, and Miley and Kluber one each. The other three pitchers who have thrown in a player without a hit this season have not released a single free pass. This was clearly not the case in the Cubs ’combined no-hit attack, where each pitcher issued at least one walk.

Colder weather factor in April and May, new baseball, the overcoming of banned substances before the suppression of MLB, advanced defensive positioning and other changes in the game, and this has seemingly become a recipe for attackers not to become commonplace.

But you can’t ignore the simple variation. Although the attackers come at a fairly predictable speed over long periods of time, they often came in groups and then went through long sections without them.

Hard. While Nolan Ryan was the most unfavorable pitcher in major league history and threw a record seven players without hitting, other dominant pitchers failed to throw one despite similar credentials — primarily Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez, Steve Carlton and Grover Cleveland Alexander.

Among the current superstars yet to throw: Gerrit Cole of the Yankees, Shave Bieber of Cleveland, Zack Greinke of the Houston Astros and Jacob deGrom of Mets.

Meanwhile, Mike Fiers, a rather uninspiring veteran of the Oakland Athletics, threw two.

With all these players without a shot, it would seem logical to intervene a perfect game, but baseball is in an unusually long period without it. Both Carlos Rodon and John Means have come close to perfection this season, but Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners threw the last perfect baseball game August 15, 2012 That gap of almost nine years is the longest between perfect games of the gap of 13 years and 7 days between A masterpiece – the work of a catfish hunter May 8, 1968. i Len Barker’s May 15, 1981

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