As the yoga movement has grown in 6 S’pore studios and over 100,000 customers


With six outlets across the island and a huge community, they’ve probably heard of both yoga and the newborn Yoga movement.

Back in 2012, when the Yoga movement launched its first outlet, the yoga industry was still in its infancy, and there were only a few yoga studios in Singapore.

At the time, most yoga studios were a branch of large gyms, and lectures or packages were not the norm.

The director and co-founder of the Yoga Movement, Alicia Pan, felt it was a shame because she had personally experienced the positive effects of yoga on her physical and mental well-being.

Then she decided to start the Yoga movement with her then-partner, current husband Peter Thew.

Modest beginnings

Carpenter Movement Street Yoga
Yoga Movement’s first point of sale in Carpenter Street / Picture of credit: Yoga Movement

Alicia, 36, told the Vulcan Post that she wants to launch a “yoga brand without any problems” to make yoga more accessible to the masses.

Instead of calculating a business move, the couple of husband and wife just wanted to make yoga something everyone could enjoy.

Yoga Movement founded its first studio in Carpenter Street in 2012 with a new new concept.

There were only three simple options in the menu – a single class, a package of 10 classes and an unlimited package.

To be honest, we didn’t initially have an extravagant business plan for the Yoga movement.

We just wanted to bridge the gap in the yoga industry here in Singapore, and our goal was to make yoga available to anyone interested in joining the lecture, but the idea was encouraged.

Alicia Pan. Director of the Yoga Movement and co-founder

In the Carpenter Street store, the two founders manually built most of the interior and even turned the old door into a reception desk.

Alicia also had to juggle three roles – reception staff, maid and yoga teacher – because they simply didn’t have enough budget at the time.

All their efforts were not in vain. The former singer-songwriter shared that he practically helped the team to “be crystal clear in everything and everything that was key to keeping the whole brand at its best.”

Building on the concept of lifestyle

Image Credit: Yoga Movement

Recently, Yoga Movement launched its long-awaited lead studio Orchard. Spread over 6,000 square feet, the studio is his largest to date.

In addition to yoga classes, the retail space also features a new coffee concept called the Drishti Dagger and a paved part of the courtyard overlooking the bustle of Orchard Road.

To date, the Yoga Movement has a client base of over 100,000 yoga lovers who make a whopping 25,000 visits per month.

It also has a team of over 120 employees, six locations, and even an app that the team built “from the ground up”.

Yoga Movement App
Yoga Movement app / Credit image: Yoga Movement

Since its launch, the app has garnered more than 28,000 downloads and continuously records over a million views per month. He was also nominated for the finalist of the application of the year by the Fit Summit.

According to Alicia, the app makes up a good portion of the life concept that the team is trying to build in Yoga Movement because it focuses more on social experiences.

Moreover, the introduction of the application had a role in the sales increase of 30 percent compared to last year.

Client experience in the foreground

yoga movement
Image Credit: Yoga Movement

Since their founding, Alicia and Peter have outgrown the Yoga Movement from a startup startup funded by their own savings to one of the most widespread fitness offerings in Singapore.

When asked how Yoga Movement differs from other yoga studios, Alicia pointed out that the brand puts the client’s experience at the forefront.

We ensure that the experience is consistent – from the look and feel of our website, application and our physical spaces, to check-in and reception at the reception.

We also try not to work too hard with our offer, keeping it simple and digestible.

Alicia Pan. Director of the Yoga Movement and co-founder

Acknowledging that running a business is not a bed of roses, Alicia shared that there are “individual big and small challenges every day”.

In particular, 2020 had to be the “biggest downtime” for the brand so far, she added.

Due to forced closures and severe restrictions on social exclusion, the studio could not open for at least two months, which affected revenues.

Despite the challenges, the team stood by the value of the brand and embraced new ways to continue to provide the excellent service for which it is known.

For example, like many fitness studios, Yoga Movement ran live classes. It also works routinely jump clocks with a variety of topics to keep customers engaged.

In the long run, Alicia said she would like to launch the Yoga movement in new markets, while branching out into other lifestyle verticals as well.

“It was an extremely hard job in finding the best procedure in the past year, and we certainly saw that a lot of companies failed, but I would attribute to this outcome the attitude of our company ‘never say,'” she said.

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