Australia Live News Update: NSW records 1,127 new cases, Victoria 445 and Qld one; ACT lock extended


Victoria records two deaths and 445 new cases; one case locally acquired in Queensland and one in quarantine; discussions completed home quarantine system continue; NSW premier meet with area leaders under strict quarantine rules – Follow live updates

3.23 in the morning BST

ACT Chief Health Officer Kerryn Coleman it provided some clarity as to why it was necessary to extend the orders to stay at home in the territory. There are concerns about unknown transmission chains in the community.


After a rapid increase in the number of cases at the very beginning of the outbreak, which we usually see, our numbers appear reasonably stable, although they change from day to day and because we are small competencies, this fluctuation can sometimes seem quite large. It is important to note, however, that in approximately 50 cases we do not know the contact or source of their infection. And it is worrying that more than half, about 28 of these cases have been reported in the last two weeks, so that number is not decreasing, which we would like i love to see.

These unknown cases indicate possible unidentified transmission chains in the community, and therefore pose an increased risk, especially for those in our community who have yet to be vaccinated. Social public health measures, such as restricting movement within the community, are actually the only way we can reduce the risk that these unidentified chains of missions cause further infections in the absence of high levels of vaccination coverage, and I know many of you have been interested in our the effective reproductive rate we just managed to keep around one. So the estimate from the modeling we have access to is 0.96, but with the uncertainty about it, it’s about one. It therefore relies heavily on maintaining our effective control measures.

3.18 hours BST

Back to ACT – here is a detailed summary of today’s case numbers:

FOR Coleman

22 new
528 total
276 recovered
252 active

From 22
14 connected (9 households)
8 investigations
2 in quarantine
13 contagious in cmnty
7 is estimated

10 at the hospital
At the age of 20 to 70 years
2 ICU (aged 40-60 years)
1 ventilated
2 fully waxed (not in intensive care)
1 1 dose
6 unlimited
1 unknown

CHO epidemic update in the fifth week

528 total
Just over half men
The average age is 26 years
Younger from 5 to 80 years

Vax status
62 (12%) 1 dose
26 (5%) 2 doses
434 (82%) unvaccinated

~ 50 cases where the contact / source is still unknown
~ 28 registered in the last 2 weeks:

It is not decreasing

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