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Katie Sturino

You could miss Katie Sturino’s new book, Body Talk, for a brilliant, hilarious, sweetly illustrated book for women over 12. Instead, it’s a brilliant, hilarious, charmingly illustrated book for a beautiful
everyone who has a body in our society. “I don’t think we realize how often
we are bombarded with negative messages about our bodies, ”he writes
Megababe founder and Instagram star, noting later: “Recognize unhealthy foods
exchanging messages about what it is: shit. “

The book, like Megababe – Sturin’s chic, wildly effective, obsessed with pure lines of beauty – turns the bird over with shame. “Megababe brings solutions to physical problems that I used to find uncomfortable, like biting my thighs,” she writes. “I wanted to make a tangible extension of the message of accepting my body to help remove shame about things we shouldn’t be ashamed of. I thought these were problems I had, maybe others would have them too. (Regardless of your weight, shape, or size, if you’re a person with skin rubbing against your skin, you know how to rub.) Expelling shame, building self-esteem, knowing I’m worthy of love and success, and cold clothing – these insights have changed me life. “

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    “It’s almost summer, which means it’s shaving season. Thigh Rescue is my must-have product, always on me. I’m not afraid to throw my foot in the street and apply it as I go (which you may have seen on my Instagram). “

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    Everything the men in your life need this. Enough has been said. “

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If the products are physical ways to remove shame from your body (especially non-Croatian in this culture), the book explains how to approach removing that shame from the mind. It’s hard to put zero on our favorite Sturinoism, but the title of the third part of the book is, “You’ve regained your brain! What are you going to do about it now? “points to the enormous benefits that come from accepting and loving ourselves as we are.

Here’s some more brilliant Sturin wisdom from the book (along with one beauty tip – see below – it’s not from the book, but one we loved nonetheless). Body Talk it’s still on our nightstands, even after we’ve finished it – it’s one of those books that keeps coming back and having more support, and you can open almost any page and find something you’re glad you read again.

Tip: Try vitamin C

“I got a smooth vitamin C serum because Jean Godfrey-June told me it was something that would make my face visibly brighter. And there is! “Sturino says.” I love it. “

It’s about shame

“The more comfortable I was about talking about my physical shame, the more I began to overcome it. I began to realize that everything I had ever felt ashamed of my body was not something I should actually be ashamed of. The perfect body, which I was beginning to learn, was not real. It was a socially created illusion “, writes Sturino. “With each published post highlighting my previously self-evident shortcomings, I began to feel my own strength rising from within. It was like heartburn, if the heartburn felt good. ”

Say “no” to negative thoughts

“Your negative thoughts will become less aggressive … but, guaranteed, they will still appear. Sometimes new ones appear out of nowhere! Don’t go crazy when this happens. Just shout ‘NO!’ to them in your brain. “

“Brave” is bullshit * t

“Firefighters are brave. People who catch and release spiders are brave … But when I put on a two-piece swimsuit on the beach with hot AF and / or post my picture in that two-piece on the internet, I’m not brave, ”Sturino writes. “When people use the word‘ brave ’in this context, it’s as if what they’re actually saying is,‘ Your body is embarrassing ’. You should be ashamed of it. But because you’re not ashamed – even though we’re all a little horrified that your ass is out and we would never do something like that if we were you – so it takes a lot of loopholes! ‘”

Build boundaries (real)

Sturino quotes a friend who told her this: “The window of my office in the corner looks directly at a billboard that removes the removal of“ unsightly acne scars ”and the inevitable promotion:“ Put your best face forward and get a dream job! ‘So I blocked that part of the view with a giant vase with my favorite flowers and reminded myself that my face with acne scars and I have a large posh corner office and a parking space with our name on it. “

Katie Sturino

Date with full transparency

Now married, Sturino went through both divorce and relationships in New York City until she awoke to the power of accepting the body. “I showed my body on my meeting app profile!” she writes. “I informed people what was happening. They will either attract me or they will not. Not my problem in any case. I posted it all from the beginning, which helped me get through the shit. “

Don’t expect the “flaws” to go away

“The ultimate goal is not to fall madly in love with every self-determined flaw,” Sturino writes. “The goal is to stop equating your VALUE with these shortcomings.”

Fight for true inclusion

“In the world of physical positivity, there are very narrow standards of beauty,” Sturino writes. “There is still a monolithic kind of” pretending fat “that reproduces, a unique type of woman who is portrayed, designed, photographed, elevated and celebrated in the media. She is almost always white, cisgender, able to work and size 14. (This is me. Hello. I have clear eyes due to the fact that I have certainly benefited from associated privileges and that is part of my job of raising and shouting at others who don’t!) … If this was a passing window where I could order anything I wanted, I would look for every brand, publication, billboard and runway for rent, celebration, present and produce products for diverse representation of races, years, abilities, gender orientations, sexual orientations and much more – as well as celebrating different body shapes, weights and sizes. Can you help make this a reality? Yes! By combining body positivity and body acceptance movements. The more of us, the better. ”

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