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Monaco is a small country located on the French Riviera that is breathtaking, and it is headed by the heir to the throne – the Prince of Monaco. It seriously lacks size, but it certainly makes up for it with style and elegance – known as a renowned country as the richest in the world endowed with lush nature. Kati was there, having fun with the rich and famous and has great memories of Monaco.

Stretching along the French coast, Monaco on one side is France and the brush is magnificent Adriatic Sea on the other. This beautiful and dazzling country is considered to be the most glamorous part of the country in Europe.

Home to hundreds of the richest people in Europe, Monaco is one of the richest destinations loved by casino lovers and gamblers. Known for its lavish and lavish lifestyle, this spectacular country also hosts fantastic natural landscapes, brilliant architectural sights of old schools and incredibly stunning tourist attractions.

One exciting attraction you will notice when visiting is the steep, rugged cape overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, nicknamed “Stone. ”(Stone). In the same note, Monaco not everything is in nature; he is also known for his extravagance, gambling, fine things, car racing and romantic fairy tales.

Although words are not enough to describe the alluring beauty Monaco, let’s take a look at a few cities you should consider when planning a trip to this trendy country.

Beautiful places to visit in Monaco

Monaco-Ville (Rock)

With a name that is similar to his country, Monaco-Ville the city-state lies on a coastal peninsula that stretches towards the Mediterranean Sea, filled with spectacular, endless nostalgia.

Also known as “The Rock”. Monaco-City is a city where you can feel the various medieval remains that support the fascinating and magnificent history of Monaco.

This historic city gives you a walk through the ancient pedestrian streets and alleys giving you the perfect aura of the Old Town. While you will be inspired by the beautiful architecture, pass by Prince’s palaces, also known as “The Prince’s Palace. ”. The Grimaldis family used this magnificent fortress as an official residence. Be sure to sign out Court Square, a ceremonial place with the palace guards, and be enchanted by the spectacular guard who changes the performance of the shift.

In addition, you can explore and St. Nicholas Cathedral – a Roman church where you will find the remains of the ruling family of Monaco. Other notable attractions include; “Princess Grace Botanical Garden|. |, “”Museum Chapel Visits, “I”Statue of François Grimaldi. ”

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Known for its fantastic climate, Montecarlo is one of the destinations that Monaco must visit. This city-state is dotted with numerous casinos and is proud to have the only public beach in Monaco.

For the best experience, start by visiting Napoleon Museum, which shows showcases belonging to Napoleon I, the French emperor. As you jump from museum to museum, you will enjoy some fascinating views of the authentic ancient and modern architecture covered with beautiful sculptures and frescoes.

Visit popular Opera de Monte Carlo (“Salle Garnier”) for the taste of French musical performances. Sports fans must visit the celebrities F1 Grand Prix round for some perfect moment of the picture. Be sure not to forget the camera.

The Casino Monte Carlo is another great attraction not to be missed. Thanks to its heritage, cult decor and a wide range of board games and slot machines, Casino Monte Carlo strives to attract global customers. This famous casino has been renovated over the centuries to get to where it is at the moment. While we don’t encourage gambling, you must visit this iconic Casino for the perfect experience in Monte Carlo.

Coffee in Paris

Coffee in Paris is located near the Casino de Monte Carlo, sitting on an open terrace with a beautiful ambience, where you can see and be seen quite openly while you are in Montecarlo. It’s a place to nail down at any time of the day, with the sun kissing your chic at dawn and the warm rays caressing your back at dusk.

The urban café has vending machines for players on the outdoor smoking terraces. Smoking is not allowed in Monaco casinos. The machine you want to target on this terrace is’ Aliens .v. Predators’.

Immerse yourself in elegance and fine dining in this classic cafe, you will be spoiled by the choice with their fantastic cuisines, fine wine and a beautiful view from the terrace towards the only casino in town.

Exotic garden

Occupying such a small area of ​​land, Monaco is nestled in beautiful magical gardens. Floating high at the entrance Exotic garden it falls almost vertically down the rock, making the climb quite bulky. But if you have to, it’s worth the effort, because the view from above is absolutely enchanting!

Immerse yourself in a premium collection of prickly pear cacti and moist delicate flowers. The flora dates back hundreds of years and has grown en masse, you will feel like you are wandering through the dense forest of New Mexico, with the exception of the stunning sea views from New Mexico.

Beach lovers can explore Port of Monte Carlo, visit Oceanographic Museum or choose to relax on the beach. You can also opt for a sightseeing adventure by embarking on a yacht or boat cruise Boat bus (water taxi).

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The Condamine

Sitting on the southwest corner of Monaco, The Condamine it is known as Monaco’s business city-state and stretches across port of Hercules a region that is usually full of luxury yachts. This neighborhood is extremely luxurious but has a quiet relaxing feeling and is a fantastic place to explore for a few hours. Experience the intriguing combination of colorful history and modern culture that makes Monaco so unique.

As we walked along the beautiful promenade Princess Caroline County, you can visit some local cafes that offer fresh food and drinks, go shopping, or better yet, visit the outdoor pool and have fun sliding down the winding slides.

Other attractions you must visit include Condamine Market,, Port of Monaco, i Princess Antoinette Park.

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The Revories

Located in the northwestern part of the country, Revories it is considered the smallest city-state in Monaco. Revories it is known for its steep slopes that offer picturesque views. Don’t forget to take beautiful photos. “The Rock of Monaco”(Monolith) and a stunning view of the Mediterranean waters.

During the visit Mount Agel, you can pass The path of revoria for some beautiful views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t miss “Exotic garden of Monaco. ”(Exotic garden of Monaco), which is full of different plants and animal species.

While still in Revories, you can visit Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology for some hours of history. You can see these hotels, Saint Paul,, Chateau De la Chevre D Or, and Mas de Pierre, for accommodation.

La Colle

Just like Fontviella, La Colle the city-state is one of the most populous areas of Monaco – not to mention that it is among the smallest districts in Monaco in terms of country and population. La Colle he is proud to have the only hospital in Monaco, “Princess Grace Hospital. ”

There are plenty of places to see and enjoy La Colle-Sur-Loup. If you enjoy hiking or horseback riding, La Colle-Sur-Loup is an area where numerous secret gems are waiting to be discovered.

Although La Colle considered an industrial area, machine lovers will be thrilled to visit some very top car factories, such as Venturi i Voxan. Other notable sights to visit include The village is a fool, amusement park for children, Canyon Forest, adventure park and Escoffier Museum of Culinary Arts.

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Many consider her a sister from Monte Carlo, Larvotto is located on the east side of the coast of Monaco. Larvotte has a free public beach that shares a border with Monte Carlo. But unlike many beaches in Monaco, Larvotte Beach it consists of gravel, not sand.

Although Larvotte Beach created by man, is known for its clear waters similar to crystals, coastal charm and an aura that is hard to compete with.

You can start exploring one of the most expensive rental streets, ”Princess Grace Avenue. “Which is full of tall buildings with a beautiful view of the sea.” While you can get there Japanese garden for some painting before going to Larvotto Beach. Some of the activities that might fascinate you while on the beach include water skiing, sea kayaking and motor boating.

You can choose to ride a bike along the “Promenade des Anglais“Coastal promenade in the evening. In addition, you can choose to relax in one of the luxury restaurants that enjoy French cuisine.

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Your trip to Monaco will not be complete without exploring its north central region full of beautiful views of beautiful villas and apartments. First of all, you have to visit Moneghetti, a relaxing garden that boasts the only train station ”Gare de Monaco-Monte-Carlo“In Monaco.

While you were in Moneghetti, you can go down to Theater des Muse for some torturous afternoon performances. Adventure lovers can move into the arena for motorcycle racing on an action night Formula 1 Grand Prix track.

Other notable attractions include Sacred heart, the parish church in which the Monaco Scout Association is located. Another landmark that should not be forgotten is “The company of the prince’s carabinieri,“A military infantry barracks that trains foreign soldiers.

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Our final word

Although not our typical destination, Monaco is definitely worth a visit. Many tourists visit Monaco to experience the charming atmosphere of the French coast. Considered to be a luxury destination in Europe, Monaco evokes a wealth of wealth with its elegant five-star resorts, private yachts, luxury fashion stores and modern restaurants.

Monaco is mostly visited as a day trip from Nice, which is about a 30 minute train ride away. offers a great setting for a tour of the countryside during a tour of the French Azure.

One of the best destinations in Europe!

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