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Cam Akers

Cam Akers

22-year-old Running BackRB

Los Angeles Rams


Injury Achilles

Yes. Return 5/20/2022

$He signed a four-year contract with Rams in the amount of 6.17 million dollars in July 2020.

July 20, 2021

The injury usually requires surgery and then a recovery period of at least eight months, but Akers will gather more information before something is officially made official. Adam Schefter of ESPN i Ian Rapoport of the NFL both report that the election of the second round in 2020 is expected to miss the entire 2021 season, leaving Darrell Henderson as the superior leader of the lean Rams hinterland. Henderson was effective as a leading runner on the board during the first half of last season, before Akers ’injuries and strong play led to a reduced role below. Henderson could even look at the role of the troika this year, given that alternative options are on the list Xavier Jones,, Jake Funk,, Raymond Calais i Otis Anderson. The team lost Malcolm Brown in Miami at a free agency and hasn’t signed a replacement for a veteran – at least not yet.

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Look at the possibilities of the red zone within the lines of 20, 10 and 5 yards, as well as the percentage of time when they turned the opportunity into a touch.

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How does Cam Akers ’advanced 2020 stats compare to other runners?

This section compares his advanced statistics with players in the same position. The line represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and that would be considered average. The longer the bar, the better for the player.

  • Broken accessories%

    The number of broken accessories divided by haste attempts.

  • % Positive running

    Percentage of racing games in which he could gain a positive performance.

  • % Yds after contact

    The percentage of his fast yards that came after contact.

  • Pros. Yds after contact

    The average fast yard he gets after contact.

  • Rushing TD%

    Touchdown chases divided by accelerated attempts. In other words, how often he scores a goal when he runs the ball.

  • Touch after the game

    The number of touches (rush attempts + receptions) he averages per game

  • % Touch shots

    Number of touches played (rush attempts + receptions) divided by offensive shots.

  • Air Yards per Game

    The number of air yards averaged per game. Air yards measure how much ball is thrown down for both complete and incomplete passes. Air yards are recorded as a negative value when a target is added behind the shooting line. All airfield data is from Sports Info Solutions and does not include throws as targeted additions.

  • Air yards after shooting

    The number of air yards averaged per offensive shot.

  • % Air Air Yards

    Percentage of total air yards of the team he is counting on.

  • % Team goals

    The percentage of total team goals he is counting on.

  • Pros. Depth of target

    Also known as aDOT, this statistic measures the average distance down the field it targets.

  • Catch Rate

    The number of catches made divided by the number of times he was the target of the defender.

  • The rate is falling

    The number of passes he dropped divided by the number of times he was the target of the defender.

  • Avg. Yds after catch

    The number of yards he gets after the catch at the receptions.

Pros. Depth of target

3.6 Yds

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Rapid distribution / depth chart

See where Cam Akers lined up on the field and how he performed in each place.

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How do Cam Akers measure up to other runners?

This section compares his draft training metrics with players in the same position. The line represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and that would be considered average.

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2020 Fantasy Outlook

Akers was basically a solo show in a tired Florida state offense during his college career, but that experience may have prepared him well for the role of the three professionals. A strong, compact runner at 5-10, 217, with the power to be an advantage in short yard situations, Akers threw 4.47 40 on the combine, showing that he can be more than just a grinder. His good vision makes him dangerous in the open field, although he seems to prefer to go through catchers than to miss them. Akers is also a capable receiver, catching 30 of 42 targets at 225 yards and four results last season. After Todd Gurley left for Atlanta, Akers has a chance to make an immediate impact. However, the hinterland committee would not be surprised, as owners Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown would also ask for details. But of the three, Akers’ skill set makes him most likely to secure a true lead role.

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Achilles tears during training

More comfortable in attack

July 10, 2021

Akers said he understands better the book books and blocking schemes in the second season, Lindsey Thiry of ESPN reports.

January 16, 2021

Akers threw the ball 18 times for 90 yards and a touchdown in the Rams ’division defeat by the Packers on Saturday. He added one reception at six feet.

Results, a bunch of 176 yards

January 9, 2021

Akers performed 28 times for 131 yards and a touch as he caught both of his targets for an additional 45 yards during Saturday’s 30-20 win over the Seahawks.

He records the entire training on Wednesday

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