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In partnership with our friends from the Miami Cocktail Company

Because parties are a lot more fun when the host is also having a good time: a premium canned syringe, more grazing tables, eclectic global tunes, and a few more ways to reduce stress and maintain vibration all night long.

One cocktail bar with one and one

The canned syringes from the Miami Cocktail Company are our number one choice because they are so delicious, made from top quality ingredients and really appear at a party. They are the dream of a carefree host: perfectly blended, individually portioned and essentially requiring no cleaning. We don’t have to say more.

Sure you could offer a choice of many flavors, but there’s something cool and confident about having only one showstopper. This summer, which we casually called the “summer rush hour,” go to our limited edition goop x Miami Cocktail Company co, Lemon SPRITZ. It is citrusy, subtly herbaceous and sparkling and goes with everything. In addition, part of the proceeds goes to one of our favorite philanthropic partners, charity: water, to help communities without access to clean water. It’s something we can all raise a glass for – or a can.

  1. goop x Miami Cocktail Company Lemon SPRITZ

    goop x Miami Cocktail Company
    SPRITZ lemonade
    Miami Cocktail Company,
    13 USD for a pack of 4 pieces


Minimalist decor

Graze Area

There is a time and place for multi-item dinners, and this is not one of them. Instead, assemble a large grazing table. If you google the “grazing table” now, you’ll find elaborate long tables covered from end to end with salami rosettes and a cracker with a fan, and if you’re up for it, good luck. But if you want to take a less complicated path: For us, the beauty of a grazing table is that it’s fun and celebratory for guests – and the hosts are very doable. A combination of crudités and dips, cheese and crackers, and some types of protein — sweets, shrimp cocktails, or do-it-yourself oyster chopping stations — will feed a group of different ages, tastes, and nutritional needs. We also like this strategy to rely on little or no cooking. It’s more about the curators and the arrangements, which is the fun part.

Preserved lemon flicker

Mignettes with canned lemon

This riff on a classic mignet has a bit of a fermented-salty bite of canned lemon, which is balanced by the bright, clean taste of white wine vinegar. Serve with fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce and lemon slices at your DIY oyster bar.


Summer Crudites with avocado sauce

Summer Crudités with avocado sauce

The combination of crispy vegetables and creamy, slightly spicy sauce is our new summer favorite.


Feta, figs, thyme and honey

Feta, figs, thyme and honey

Figs in the peak season are spectacular in themselves, but serving with salty feta lifts their flavor. A little honey, a little thyme and the warmth of crushed black pepper make it an unforgettable, harmonious bite.


Non-Brainer playlist


One of the worst moments you can have as a host is when you realize it’s a little too quiet and that your playlist is over before you can mark the next one. It is time sensitive a task that separates you from the guests, and you can never remember the name of that great bolero album when the pressure is up. Completely skip the crowd and playlists and broadcast Radiooooo instead. There’s a timeline map on the website, and all you have to do is pick a decade and a country that will play popular music from that region and era. There are options for slow music (for cooling), fast music (for dancing) and strange music (for turning off … whatever that means). You’ll have the liveliest tunes to serenade your guests all night long – and you’ll earn recognition for your spectacularly eclectic taste. Try slow songs from Brazil from the 1970s to get started and move on to fast songs from Algeria from the 1970s. (It turned out to be fun anywhere in the ’70s.)

No crying for spilling anything

We all have one friend who is prone to rebellious gestures and overturning things. Be prepared for these small accidents by having a package of L’AVANT collective multi-purpose cleaning wipes on hand. They quickly remove stains, smell amazing (eagle nails, who knew!) And come in the finest packaging of any cleaning product we’ve ever seen – it’s like you’ve pulled out a modern little clutch that can just help you clean up.

  1. L'AVANT collective biodegradable multi-purpose cleaning wipes

    AVANT Collective
    Biodegradable multipurpose
    Cleaning wipes

    goop, 8 USD


We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest only the things we love and think you could too. We also like transparency, so full disclosure: We may charge a portion of the sale or other fee if you purchase through external links on this site.

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