Cautious optimism in Israel that boosters are working


In Israel, there is cautious optimism that the incentive campaign, in which older Israelis are given a third dose of Pfizer Covid, is proving effective against the Delta variant, as the number of serious Covid cases is declining, although overall new infections are still present rising.

Computational biologist from the Weizmann Institute of Science, prof. Eran Segal, posted on Twitter today: “For the fifth day in a row, the rate of doubling the number of seriously ill people has been broken. This morning there are 594 seriously ill people, but according to the previous rate it was expected to be 768. Today the direction is good, but we have to wait let’s see the sequel. There’s one clear conclusion. Go get vaccinated. “

Despite the fact that almost 5.5 million of Israel’s population of 9.3 million (the vast majority of the adult population) received two doses of vaccination, the Delta variant is on the rise this month, and there is clear evidence that vaccination efficiency is declining. Recent data from the Israeli Ministry of Health revealed that the Pfizer vaccine for people over the age of 65 vaccinated in January was less than 55% effective against serious illness and hospitalization, compared to 95% in January.

That is why Israel started vaccinating Israelis over the age of 60 with the third stroke of the Pfizer Covid vaccine at the end of July. The introduction was extended to more than 50 last week, and today to people over 40. 1.27 million Israelis have already received their third blow, and the initial results are encouraging. On average, there were an average of almost 8,000 new cases per day over the past week, compared to almost 6,000 last week, and yet, despite this 33% increase, the daily average of serious cases fell from 102 to 88. This seems to confirm claims that the booster works.

There is also cautious optimism that the decline in the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine given six months ago is due to the passage of time, rather than the ability of the Delta variant to avoid the vaccine. But more information is needed about that.

Meanwhile, just as the world, or at least the part of it that was lucky enough to receive sufficient vaccine supplies, watched Israel’s hugely successful introduction earlier this year and was encouraged by the country’s ability to quell the third wave of Covid in winter, the world is now anxiously watching the Delta variant passes through Israel.

In an editorial this week entitled “Israel’s Concerning Fourth Wave,” the Financial Times said: “Since the end of last year, Israel has been a laboratory for the whole world. With its effects, Israel was the first country to celebrate the complete reopening of its entire economy after having doubled 70% of its adult population by early April.It is now one of the most vaccinated nations in the world among the first to experience an alarming fourth wave of infections – and hospitalizations. – and he’s in a hurry to give extra injections. The rest of the world should notice. “

The FT noted that the Biden administration in the U.S. recommended intensified footage from next month, in part after looking at Israeli data, and the UK is also planning an intensifying campaign.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, determined to avoid closure during the Jewish holidays next month, is politically invested in political investments in the success of the booster. When the boosters were over 40 today, Bennett, 49, went to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba for a sting.

Bennett said: “Israel is a pioneer of the third dose of vaccines. We see the deep effectiveness of vaccines, they work, they are safe. You can protect yourself, your livelihoods, our economy, our safety, the health of our children. We can beat the Delta, but it depends on our cooperation . “

Published by Globes, Israeli business – August 20, 2021

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