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CeeDee Lamb

22-year-old Wide ReceiverWR

Dallas Cowboys

$They signed a four-year, $ 14.01 million contract with the Cowboys in July 2020.

It may not be played on Thursday night

August 5, 2021

Lamb may not play Thursday at the Hall of Fame against Pittsburgh DallasCowboys.com.
Lamb is healthy and isn’t on the roster of 16 players who won’t travel, but that doesn’t mean he’ll actually play snaps in the first of four Dallas games in the preseason. Cowboy camp reports suggest the second-year pro was fantastic this summer David Helman from the Cowboys official website even noting that Lamb arrived in “Dez [Bryant] level of “dominance in practice.

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Look at the red zone options within the 20, 10 and 5 yard lines, along with the percentage of time they turned the opportunity into a touchdown.

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How can CeeDee Lamb’s advanced statistics for 2020 compare to other wide receivers?

This section compares his advanced statistics with players in the same position. The bar represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, then the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and will be considered the average. The longer the bar, the better for the player.

  • Air yards per game

    The number of air yards he expresses on average per game. Air yards measure how much ball is thrown into the field for complete and incomplete passes. Air yards are recorded as a negative value when the passage is directed behind the intersection line. All airfield data comes from Sports Info Solutions and does not include throws as targeted passes.

  • Air yards per impact

    The number of air yards he expresses on average per offensive strike.

  • % Team Air Yards

    Percentage of the total air yard of the team he calculates.

  • % Team goals

    The percentage of total team goals he counts.

  • Average depth of target

    Also known as aDOT, this statistic measures the average distance down the target field.

  • Catch Rate

    The number of stocks caught divided by the number of times the quarterback targeted.

  • Drop Rate

    The number of passes he dropped divided by the number of times he found a quarterback.

  • Avg. Yds after catch

    The number of meters he gets after the catch at his receptions.

Average depth of target

9.5 yds

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How do the measurable values ​​of CeeDee Lamb compare to other wide receivers?

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Fantasy Outlook 2020

Lamb has been a monster in Oklahoma for the past two years with 26 TDs, including one in a hurry, at 184 targets in 27 games. And lest anyone think that his 2018 season was a consequence of last year’s No. 1 Kyler Murray choosing a quarterback, Lamb’s 2019 season was even bigger and more efficient with Jalen Hurts. With 6-2, 189, Lamb is tall and thin, with elite ball skills and great hands. It is elusive after catch, fast in entrances and exits and dangerous in the open. Despite not being a real scorer, he will play on the field by following the ball in the air and crossing over smaller defensive players. Lamb’s running should improve in professionals, and he has the physical tools and football instincts to be an elite NFL receiver. Landing in Dallas with the 17th pick was not ideal – the Cowboys have two established receivers consisting of Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper. But Randall Cobb’s 83 targets went to Houston, the Cowboys had their tenth attempt to pass last year and have no established threat of admission in the end. There’s also a good chance the team will put more passes into the red zone under new coach Mike McCarthy.

More Fantasy News

Additional works on the perimeter

Five grabs in Sunday’s final

January 4, 2021

Lamb lost to the Giants on Sunday by catching five of seven targets at 43 yards, adding three yards at speed to his only carry.

Twice he finds the end zone against the eagles

December 27, 2020

Lamb caught three of five goals for 65 yards and a touchdown and added a second TD to 19 yards in Sunday’s 37-17 win over the Eagles.

Results on the return kick from the side

December 20, 2020

Lamb caught five of seven goals at 85 yards and scored a touchdown when returning the shot to the side during Sunday’s 41-33 win over the 49ers.

December 14, 2020

Lamb caught both of his targets for 46 yards and won 15 yards with one carry in Sunday’s 30-7 win over the Bengals.

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