College World Series 2021 live scores, updates, highlights from Vanderbilt vs Mississippi State Game 2


Ever since the South Carolina victories in 2010 and 2011, the team has won the Men’s College World Series in consecutive tournaments.

Vanderbilt is only one victory away from making history and becoming the sixth team to achieve a feat. The state of Mississippi, on the other hand, hopes to take two straight from Commodores to finally reach the pinnacle of the college baseball world and win its first national championship in the program.

The Bulldogs had a promising start on Monday, taking an early 1-0 lead, but a a seven-run spot in the lower half of the first inning he gave Vanderbilt and starting pitcher Jack Leiter everything they needed to claim the first game of the series.

The state of Mississippi on Tuesday won’t have to worry about Leiter. Kumar Rocker set up on Friday, so he will either be on a short break or will be held until Game 3 on Wednesday as needed. And the Bulldogs know their bull is capable of shutting down Commodores after allowing just one run and two goals in the last seven innings of the game on Monday.

Commodores could lead the series, but it’s too early to count the state of Mississippi. It will be Christian Little on the mound for Vanderbilt against Houston Harding from the state of Mississippi.

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Live updates in College World Series finals, highlights from Game 2

22:29 End of the third: Jordan is based on the pitcher, and Reilly is able to limit the damage, but the Bulldogs have a big inning and are now leading 5-1.

22:27: Reilly makes Forsythe swing a second time after the change. Jordan is now ready to hit with two runners in the winning position.

22:26 scoring in Mississippi State: Reilly’s wild pitch scores a series and moves two more base runners into a scoring position. Mississippi extends the lead to 5-1.

22:24: Clark walks and bases are reloaded.

22:21: Young slowly slows down the roller and shifts it to third base to eject the force. Runners on the first and second still with one out.

22:19: The ball. A thunderous return to the dough box with counting 1-2.

22:15: Cumbest swings the terrain that hits him in the shoulder at 1-2 counts. The question is whether he fouled the ball. The judges review the play. If he didn’t hit the bat, it will be an attack and a swing and a miss.

22:11, scoring in the state of Mississippi: Dubrule deflects a base kick from Reilly’s leg that turns right for the base kick, scoring two more base kicks. Still two players, and no one came out with Brad Cumbest. Mississippi extends the lead to 4-1.

22:07, Mississippi Scoring: Mali watches Allen on four pitches to launch and bring the Bulldogs into the lead. He walks three straight strokes, and Tim Corbin comes out to introduce Reilly. Mississippi State leads 2-1.

22:04: Little now embarked on his second consecutive walk, this time to Hancock, to replenish bases without anyone. A visit to the coach’s throwing mound as Patrick Reilly warms up in the bull for Vanderbilt.

22:00: James walks the full field and out of the zone to put two runners without anyone. That brings Hancock, who drove in the opening series of this game in the first inning.

21:58: Allen quickly reads the ball in the dirt and is able to master Rodriguez’s throw to another base to be safe in the bag. Now the runner is in a scoring position and counts 3-0 for James.

21:56: The groundball from Allen to the shortcut gets stuck in the grid of Young’s glove and Allen is able to reach the base to lead the inning. He ruled a hit.

21:53 End of the third third: The young pitches are turning into thirds for the Vanderbilts to finish half a third. Bulldogs fight with Allen, James and Hancock.

21:50: Bradfield flies to the center. Two with a runner still the first.

21:48: Gonzalez walks to provide Vanderbilt with a baseline with one guest at the top of the third inning for Bradfield.

21:43 End of second: Jordan intended to put the runner in third base. The Commodores return to the bat in the third in a tie game per piece.

21:42: The flyout moves Clark to the right to third base with two outs now for the top of the row.

21:39: Kellum Clark almost put the reducer away having drawn the entire left side defense away, but the shot went straight into the arms of the goalkeeper. Runner in points position for Bulldogs with only one car.

21:35 End End Other: Javier Vaz flies towards the center on another field he sees, but the damage is done to the Commodores by striking back to the right to make this game hammer into one.

21:34 Vanderbilt, goal: CJ Rodriguez raised his head on a left wing that ran over the wall to tie the game. Vanderbilt leveled the scoreline – 1-1.

21:29 End of the first: Little Scotty Dubrulea takes a swing and hits it, shattering the ball to hit a pair of runners first and second. But the Bulldogs take a 1-0 lead at the start of the second game.

21:25: Logan Tanner walks four terrains to put runners on first and second. A little up to 21 pitches in the first shift.

21:23, scoring in Mississippi State: That mistake comes back to bite Vanderbilt. Luke Hancock hits the right field and the throw misses the excluded player, allowing James to score from the first. He scored his second straight game in the first inning to knock the Bulldogs out ahead. Mississippi State takes a 1-0 lead.

21:21: A mistake in Jason Gonzalez’s throw allows Kamren James to reach first base with two guests.

21:19: Little takes his first shot of the match, catching a corner that Tanner Allen is looking for another.

21:17: Christian Little starts Rowdey Jordan 3-0 but throws a back-to-back, the latter of the two Jordans flew to center field.

21:14 End Top First: Harding blows a quick ball from Dominic Keegan to retreat.

21:11: Houston Harding throws in the next three strikes, and Bradfield goes on strike as the first from the game. Carter Young is based on second pitch and sees two cars in the first inning.

21:10: High speed ball for Enrique Bradfield Jr. to start the game.

21:01: Less than 10 minutes from the start of the second game of the 2021 College World Series.

20:45: The tarpaulin descends from the field to TD Ameritrade Park.

20:30: The College World Series starts at 21:10 ET.

20:21: The start of the 2nd match is left without official time due to a time delay. A recent Lincoln Journal Star report says crew members are on the ground.

19:26: There are still no updates on when the College World Series will resume. According to the Weather Channel, the thunder will end around 7:30 p.m., so it shouldn’t be too far from starting.

18:46: For the second day in a row, the College World Series will begin with a time delay.

18:40: Here’s a look at how the squad will be for the second game of the College World Series finals.

How to watch the final match of the 2021 College World Series, 2nd match

ESPN continues to cover the College World Series with the second game in a series to air on ESPN. ESPN2 will show the third game in the series, if Mississippi State fixes the series on Tuesday.

Viewers will also be able to stream the finals of the College World Series on ESPN + or fuboTV, which offers a free seven-day trial period.

Schedule of world colleges, results

Monday, June 28th

Vanderbilt 8, Mississippi State 2

Tuesday, June 29

Game Weather (channel)
Vanderbilt v. State of Mississippi 7:00 PM ET (ESPN)

Wednesday, June 30th

Game Weather (channel)
Vanderbilt v Mississippi (if necessary) 7:00 PM ET (ESPN2)

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