Concrete Leveling – A Cost-Effective Alternative To Demolition


Concrete Leveling Contractors Akron is a great alternative for homeowners with sunken concrete slabs, or for business owners with uneven floors. It’s usually an affordable alternative to replacing the entire slab. It also helps help save time and energy. Concrete leveling can reduce environmental issues associated with demolition of concrete.

Concrete leveling involves drilling holes in concrete slabs, and then pumping a leveling agent in those holes. Certain concrete leveling products are sold as dry mix while others require water to make a slurry. It could take between one to three hours based on the dimensions of your project. The cost for leveling concrete varies, between $1.80 to $25 per square foot. The amount of slabs to be raised will also impact the price. Typically an inch of concrete that has been leveled will cost between $500 to $1,700. If you need more than 100 square feet, it can cost as much as $2,000.

Concrete leveling is also a way to raise sunken concrete slabs. It can be difficult for people to walk on uneven garage floors, driveways or porch floors. It could also create dangers for tripping. It may also cause water pools. It may cause hairline cracks in your walls, which can create a floor. The resulting voids may cause damage to your home and can lead to water issues in your basement. If you have concrete that is cracked or falling, it could be tempting to replace it, however it’s usually best to fix the issue first.

You might want to think about using self-leveling foam to raise your sunken concrete slabs. It is a plastic material that is injected into holes that are drilled into the concrete. The foam is then spread on top of the concrete and dried to form a level surface. For $35, you could buy 50-pound bags. The leveler product should be kept indoors and away form extreme temperatures. It is recommended that the product is left to set for at most one hour.

Other methods for leveling concrete include mudjacking and poly leveling. Mudjacking involves drilling holes in concrete slabs, and pumping soil and cement through them. The slurry is then lifted up the concrete surface to the desired height. Mudjacking takes between 24 – 48 hours to cure. The polyurethane foam used for poly leveling expands to raise the slab back to its original height. It is also light and can be used in places that do not be prone to heavy loads on the concrete.

Do your homework before you decide to take on the task of leveling concrete. Ask about their insurance policies and find an experienced company in the field you are looking for. It’s also a good idea to ask about the timeline of the project. It is recommended to hire an organization that provides automatic pumping services if you need the work completed quickly.

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