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In my opinion, San Francisco is a great American city. It has everything and is easily walkable when you visit it. San Francisco has even the largest Chinese city outside of Asia. The walk through Chinatown is amazing, then head down to the pier and maybe cross to Alcatraz.

Although the locals lived in the area thousands of years ago, the first European settlement in San Francisco was a mission founded by the Spaniards and then a fort built near the Golden Gate Bridge called El Presidio. After the Mexican-American War, San Francisco became part of the United States, and when gold was discovered in the area and the California Gold Rush began, the population exploded with people coming from about everywhere, making San Francisco one of the most diverse cities in the country. . as early as the 19th century.

Perhaps many today know of the city as the city that gave birth to the “counterculture” movement. The city grew even after World War II, and over the years the combination of “rhythms,” hippies, LGBT culture, tech professionals, and hipsters with students has made the city one of the best for nightlife and bar culture. San Francisco is home to a nightlife that literally satisfies anyone who has a good time, and even has a few legendary drinking fountains. Check out some of the best bars and nightlife spots in San Francisco.


Dave is where you go when you’re not trying to brag. Located on the edge of the financial district and SoMa, you’d think the crowded financial-business-yuppie types here, and although they do show up, at least it doesn’t serve 15 pink martinis and 40-month-old cheese plates. Instead, Dave’s is a quiet place with local beers on tap, TVs playing the game, a welcome bartender, and a sign of any good diving bar; sticky tables. There are no pretensions here, no booze-snobbery, and the menu includes classic bar food like nachos and hot dogs. Perfectly paired with PBR and Jameson footage.

Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The famous foggy weather of San Francisco has made the city a less ideal place for rooftop bars. But Charmaine’s took a risk and set up a bar on the roof of the Proper Hotel. Elegant decors make you feel like a 19th-century Victorian salon mixed with modern feel and even more modern food and drink options. Enjoy expertly made cocktails paired with healthy snacks such as tuna tartare with nori crackers and kale salad with sunflower seeds. Sit among the greenery of plants in the summer or perhaps comfortably by the fireplaces in the colder winters. The atmosphere, views and cocktails of the stars are the shows.


While in town, take a look at some cool neighborhoods.


The site has an alluring appeal that constantly comes to this intimate bar located just around the corner from Haight St. Upon entering, you will notice red upholstered seats and dimly lit lanterns on the ceiling that provide light. I feel more like an “old time” studio where at least it gets most of its charm. The place is unpretentious, but it feels like it could be, but when you settle into your red chair or the little football in the back, you’ll feel right at home. They have 22 beers on tap and a rotating “whiskey of the month”.


This cool cocktail bar has only been around since 2014 and practically since they opened they have won awards after prizes and are among some of the best bars in the world. ABV quickly became the focal point of the Mission and you wouldn’t think of standing by and watching. The place is elegant and modern with a bit of an “industrial” look. Dark floors, lots of wood and metal elements decorate the place with large common tables in case you want to make new friends. But why is that such a focal point you might ask? First of all, their cocktail is relatively small to me. Instead of a big menu of just a few good things, they opted for a small menu of fresh and exotic ingredients with creative inventions. Secondly, the food menu is amazing and sophisticated, along with the fact that the price of food and drinks costs under $ 20. You have a recipe for success.

Last call bar

Located in Castro, Last Call Bar is a gay bar convenient to the neighborhood. The place is a little more covert when it comes to drinking options in the neighborhood, and it’s more of a place to sit and order beers and chat, rather than unruly clubs and larger places nearby. But that doesn’t mean the place doesn’t go hard sometimes. Their jukebox is full of melodies from the 80’s, and happy hour lasts from 12 to 19 hours. Their fireplace is always working, so if you’re looking for an escape from the cold foggy weather, head down to the Last Call Bar for a few beers.


Take some time and head towards Alcatraz.


This women-run Hayes Valley champagne bar is one of the best places in town for your next girlfriends or romantic get-together. The spot is chic and modern with tons of accents of gold, marble and lush greenery. They offer over 100 different types of champagne and if you try them all, you enter the “100 club” and get a jacket with your name embroidered in gold. Don’t be fooled by the sleek gold decor or overpowering list of champagne options, this place is champagne for anti-snobs. There is no judgment based on the bottle or glass you buy, and even better, why not pair your champagne with delicious snacks like tartar or trifles. They even offer “Joan”, a glass of cheap white wine to the top. It combines great with a bad day.


Places like Saloon are a rarity these days. The saloon is aptly named because if there’s a feeling like an old-fashioned salon somewhere, it’s here. The Saloon is the oldest bar in San Francisco and has been operating continuously since 1861. With over 150 years of experience, this place has somehow remained basically the same since the 1870s. The bar was opened by Ferdinand E. Wagner who was the son of a liquor dealer from France. The place was originally opened as a “Wagner pub”, and Wagner and his family lived two floors above the bar.

At least in the modern era it is truly a place of history and true diving. Upon entering, you will notice a large carved wooden bar (which is original) and wooden chairs with black leather tops. Sitting at the bar, you’ll notice “cash only” signs before the bartender asks you what you’re going to drink. Here, prices have barely risen for whiskeys and mixed drinks that cost more than $ 5. No food is served here, and live music (mostly blues) is common. Drinking drinks in the Saloon means the opportunity to run into someone you know, make a new friend or catch acclaimed musicians as they quickly make a scene.

Bardo Lounge and Dinner Club

In the 1960s, San Francisco was the focus. And the Bardo Lounge and Supper Club pays homage to the zest and good times of the decade. Bardo’s goal is to get people to have fun like their grandparents did and enjoy the most interesting aspect of American home entertainment in the middle of the century. Except you don’t have to cook or clean. The space is decorated with antique furniture from the 60s arranged to resemble an intimate living room like a living room. The bartenders mix cocktails inspired by the 1960s with the smooth sound of jazz, soul and R&B, while you can enjoy a drink served in antique glassware and enjoy appetizers appropriate to the era.


El Rio used to be a Brazilian leather bar. Today, the illuminated and inclusive space mostly serves the lesbian community of San Francisco. The bar is one of the coldest places to hang out in town and anyone can certainly enjoy spending a few hours here and drinking a few cocktails. They have live music with local indie bands who come to play fairly regularly, and afternoon ping pong competitions that take place outside on the terrace in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday nights are energetic and fun “afternoon dance parties,” while Wednesday is Queeraoke Night.

san fran

Don’t miss the opportunity to ride the cable car.

Mr. Bing

Right in the heart of Chinatown is Mr. Bing. The bar is old school in the coldest sense of the word. Located far enough away from tourist hotspots, this bar is a real “regular” type of place. Head to the horseshoe-shaped bar and order a drink, a short cocktail or a $ 5 cocktail if you want to “spoil yourself”. Mr. Bing is not into craft beers or professional mixology, you are here for cheap drinks and good times. The bartender might offer you a game of fake dice, and if you can’t lie as a politician, you’ll probably lose in the end.


Anina is a tropical kiss of the sun in the heart of the city. The bar is lit and designed to allow tons of sun and light even in the foggy days of San Francisco. A colorful bar with Moroccan tiles and leafy green plants give the space a breath of fresh air, and large floral prints everywhere give a bit of a taste of kitschy Polynesian aesthetics while you’re in the middle of the city. Like the decor here, the drinks lean towards a tropical atmosphere with tiki punch bowls and light spritzes that look like sea foam. Enjoy fruity and fun cocktails made from some exotic and aromatic ingredients like elderflower and lemongrass. The party in Ana comes to life in the open courtyard on a sunny summer afternoon, while drinks are drunk at large picnic tables mingling with other patrons.


The famous Golden Gate Bridge is ready for your Instagram photo.

Comstock salon

While The Saloon is the oldest bar in San Francisco, Comstock Saloon is the second oldest bar in town. Located on North Beach, the bar was founded in 1907 and established immediately after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that destroyed much of the city. The bar was opened as the “Andromeda Salon” and was a place where executives, sailors and prostitutes could socialize and enjoy a drink.

Andromeda gained a reputation when future heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey got a job there, and it is even rumored that John Dillinger’s collaborator Baby Face Nelson was captured here by the FBI in 1939. During the ban era, the bar managed to stay open by turning into a cafe and serving fresh seafood like oysters and shellfish, while discreetly serving alcohol on the side.

In 2009, the original had to be closed due to financial problems, but the location was reopened under the new name Comstock Saloon. With a multitude of original features still standing and a multitude of modern cocktails and modern bar food, the Comstock Saloon journey is through history with all modern amenities.

Our final word

This list just scratches the surface of amazing places in San Francisco to have a drink. Across the city there are plenty of great places that offer something for any type of person who just wants to have fun. Whether you love chic cocktails, cheap guys, or snacking on bar food with friends, San Francisco covers you.

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