Daily rituals for divine feminine energy


There are really a million ways to the true outcome. Here are a few parts I managed.

Cultivate the sacred space. Find a place in your home where you can place a meditation pillow and create a small altar, even if it’s just a candle, crystal or flower. Something super simple. I’m on the road all the time, so I have a little travel accessory with me that immediately lands me in space.

Experiment with practices and techniques. Journaling is powerful. Just make a big brain throw. Get all your ideas and fears and crazy thoughts out of your mind on paper. Allow yourself to empty yourself.

I’m sitting with a cup of tea twenty minutes. Tea is an amazing ally for awakening the spirit, grounding the body and returning home to yourself. Drinking tea helps us to soften and open the day.

Meditation and breathing can change lives. If you are just starting out, start small. It could be five or ten minutes a day. If you’re like “I’ll meditate for thirty minutes every day for three months,” you’ll probably leave for a few days and then drop out. You’ll be like, “That was stupid. I don’t like meditation. Breathing doesn’t work. “You’re going to lose momentum and eventually blow it. And then you lost the treasure.

If you are someone who does not spend much time in the etheric realm, you may be better off with a more practical incarnation, such as dancing or yoga or running – something that really establishes you in your body.

Allow yourself space to explore. Start your morning practice with five or ten minutes a day for a week. Do it with someone else – a partner for responsibility. Send yourself text messages after you do the exercise. See how you feel after a week or two weeks or a month. If your practice fails after a certain period of time, change it.

Listen to your intuition. These are purification practices. Remove the layers, the piece, so that you can have a more intact experience of the true essence of yourself. When you do, the people you attract into your life absolutely change. That doesn’t mean you need to leave all your old friends. But you may find that you no longer refer to the same people you used to. For example: I know I hung out with a lot of my friends because we would go out for a drink together. We loved going out and getting drunk. And then when I stopped drinking, I couldn’t connect with them in the same way. There is no difference about them. It was simply, “Okay, these relationships are no longer rich in nutrients. This does not feel good. ”

I believe in the power of magnetism. We attract other things and other beings that vibrate with the same frequency as ourselves. If you deepen your relationship with the sacred woman, you may begin to meet more women who are also on that path, who fully possess their feminine power and redefine what it means at all. Women who are deeply connected to the earth and nature and synchronized with the rhythms of this planet. And women who pave their way, not the one who is appointed by them or expected of them. Our strength becomes stronger when we expand our range of masculine and feminine energies and our ability to create from our heart.

If we create from the ego, driven by competition and money, we lose a harmonious balance with the planet. But if we are able to rise in our sacred feminine power and create our world from a place of love and service – can you imagine?

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