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Darrell Henderson

Darrell Henderson

24-year-old Running BackRB

Los Angeles Rams

$He signed a four-year, $ 4.21 million contract with Rams in June 2019.

He is recovering from a sprained thumb

September 8, 2021

Henderson faced a slight thumb sprain from an August 23 injury in training. Since then, the LA position has been further configured due to injury, s Raymond Calais (foot) and Xavier Jones (Achilles) joining Cam Akers (Achilles) off during the season. To strengthen the position group, the Aries gained Sony michel from the Patriots, leaving Henderson to fight the newcomer and rookie of the seventh round Jake Funk. Clearly, as a Rams coach in the third round of 2019, Henderson has the most experience in the stack under coach Sean McVay, which in his 177 weights translates to 4.4 YPCs, 20 catches on 30 targets and a total of six touchdowns in 28 matches. As proof that Henderson remains Rams ’main back, McVay said so Andrew Siciliano of the NFL August 26 that “Darrell will still play a very big role” after Michel’s trade. Look for Henderson to do just that Sunday against the Bears.

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Look at the red zone options within the 20, 10 and 5 yard lines, along with the percentage of time they turned the opportunity into a touchdown.

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How can Darrell Henderson’s advanced statistics for 2020 compare to other runners-up?

This section compares his advanced statistics with players in the same position. The bar represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, then the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and will be considered the average. The longer the bar, the better for the player.

  • Broken accessories%

    The number of broken balls divided by haste attempts.

  • Positive work%

    The percentage of running plays where he managed to achieve a positive rug.

  • % Yds after contact

    Percentage of his yards rushed after contact.

  • Avg. Yds after contact

    The average yard in the rush he gets after contact.

  • TD% in a hurry

    Touchdowns in a hurry divided by attempts at haste. In other words, how often he scores when he runs the ball.

  • Touch after the game

    The number of touches (attempts to hurry + reception) is given on average per game

  • % Snaps w / Touch

    Number of touches played (rush attempts + receptions) divided by offensive shots.

  • Air yards per game

    The number of air yards he averages per game. Air yards measure how much ball is thrown into the field for complete and incomplete passes. Air yards are recorded as a negative value when the passage is directed behind the intersection line. All airfield data comes from Sports Info Solutions and does not include throws as targeted passes.

  • Air yards per impact

    The number of air yards he expresses on average per offensive strike.

  • % Team Air Yards

    Percentage of the total airfield of the team he calculates.

  • % Team goals

    The percentage of total team goals he counts.

  • Average target depth

    Also known as aDOT, this statistic measures the average distance down the target field.

  • Catch Rate

    The number of stocks caught divided by the number of times the quarterback targeted.

  • Drop Rate

    The number of passes he dropped divided by the number of times the defensive player found them.

  • Avg. Yds after catch

    The number of meters he gets after the catch at his receptions.

Average target depth

0.5 yds

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Snap Distribution / Depth Chart

See where Darrell Henderson lined up on the field and how he performed in each place.

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Overview of measurement data
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How can Darrell Henderson’s measurable data compare to other runners-up?

This section compares his metric exercises with players in the same position. The bar represents the percentile rank of the player. For example, if the bar is halfway, then the player falls into the 50th percentile for that metric and will be considered the average.

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The past of fantasy

Henderson caused a lot of noise after being selected in the third round of last year’s draft, but injuries and difficult adjustment of the professional game left him with only 43 touches in 13 games. His cassette from Memphis from college shows the speed and burst that make him capable of making a big win every time he gets the ball, and he has also shown receiving skills that hint at the potential of a three-down. Henderson, however, struggled to pick up the book in the preseason and although he wasn’t expected to see a big role behind healthy Todd Gurley, he didn’t even see double-digit shots until week 6 and barely saw the ground in everything after week 8. Gurley is now in Atlanta, but has been replaced by Cam Akers from the second round in 2020. Aries will have competition for roles in the background, and veteran and longtime Gurley assistant Malcolm Brown are also involved. Brown and Henderson have the advantage of knowing the scheme, while Akers has the advantages of draft capital, prototype size (5-10, 217), and experience in managing a triple role in FSU. That doesn’t mean Henderson isn’t in the race for the lead role, but he’s more likely to finish second or third on the board.

The most electric threat since the big games in this year’s draft, Henderson has averaged an incredible 8.9 YPCs in the last two seasons for Memphis, while dealing with a heavy workload. It doesn’t have a prototype frame for an NFL starter, but its balance and footwork make it harder to reduce traffic than its upright running style suggests, and its incredible acceleration allows it to reach maximum hiccup speed and turn a small crease or tiny patch of greenery to huge gains. Henderson has also shown that he can be active as a receiver, both as a check option and as a runner on the route, but may need to improve his blocking skills to see significant transmission actions. If left only as a backup of Todd Gurley, Henderson’s touches will be limited, especially if Malcolm Brown also stays in the mix for the recordings. The big question is whether Gurley can stay on the field in the middle of a report of a left knee degenerative condition. Otherwise, Henderson could play a key role in an effective high-speed attack with strong blocking and impressive weapons on the field.

More Fantasy News

It is still the ticket for the lead role

Michel joined in the backfield

Spin your thumb, be ready for the 1st week

August 23, 2021

Henderson was diagnosed with a slight sprain of the thumb, but should be available during the first week against the bear, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

He sits for the competition on Saturday

August 21, 2021

Henderson did not play Saturday in a preseason game against the Raiders.

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