Digital Drive Tote Mixer


Even Mix ™, has created the Digital Drive Tote Blender. This compact machine is robust and is designed to mix plastic totes. The company’s patent-pending 3D mixing design and light weight make it the most portable and flexible mixer available. The mixer is lightweight enough to be carried in the field by one person, and weighs just ten lbs. The company offers technical assistance and also conducts laboratory tests to verify its effectiveness.

Even Mix has patented the Mixed Flow Blades, which are specifically designed to mix different liquids. The blades can be folded to fit inside the IBC tote’s 6-inch opening. Once inside, they can be folded to the length of 16 inches. The machine weighs only two pounds that makes it five times lighter that industry-average mixers and 20 percent lighter than other systems. The company’s new product is a shining illustration of its vision.

The TouchMix interface of the company provides the use of a tactile controller to control its various mixing parameters. It weighs just two pounds. This feature is 50 percent lighter than industry average, and twenty percent lighter than other systems that are complete. The digital drive mixer is compatible with the IBC and can be used with all types of containers. It is not suitable for mixing liquids. The company offers a variety of options for the IBC and the Tote Mixer.

The TouchMix-8 compact mixer is compact and powerful. It comes with 14 mixing channels, class A microphone preamps, real-time analysis, and a USB interface. It is ideal for AV professionals, musicians and bands that wish to mix their music on the on the go. Its features and advantages make it a great choice for a small portable studio. It comes with a carrying case for easy portability.

The TouchMix-8 is a high-performance, rugged mixer that has 14 mixing channels. It also has a class A microphone preamp. Its patented clamp mount interface permits tactile control of all mixer functions. Its built-in Bluetooth connection allows users to have the option of connecting to the mixer using an iOS or Android device. The versatile tool offers an array of features. Additionally, it is light, durable, and simple to use.

This durable machine has variable speed control and is specifically designed for laboratory use. It also has a variety of operating modes. It is light and modular which makes it easy to transport and move. A digital panel is available to make operation simple and precise. The Digital Drive Tote Mixer can be operated effortlessly and comes with an adjustable speed control. It can hold up to three liters. The Magnetic Drive Mixer system of TEFC is an ideal choice for preparing media and buffers in large quantities.

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