DIY baking soda body scrub


We were all so much at home last year, and some still are, and that’s why I think it’s the right time to experiment with some “do it yourself” things.

Bring a homemade body wash.

This is what I found online and researched and it is great if you have sensitive skin (just make sure it is diluted!).

Liv Taylor said In splendor which takes several baths a week and uses a whole box of Epsom salts and a pack of baking soda (or hydrogen peroxide – more on that here ).

He says that’s why you sweat all the toxins and garbage in your cells. She said this natural pediatrician told her that when the children got sick. Unbelievable.

So I had to dig deeper. Is baking soda in the bath a thing?

It turned out to be.

After Liva’s interview In splendor, they dug deep and talked James Hardwick about his holistic approach to self-help products:

“First let’s talk about using baking soda as an exfoliator for your face and body. Whole Foods sells a small box for less than a dollar. Places like Target and CVS also sell boxes of Arm & Hammer baking soda, but I’m not sure if it’s as refined or clean as the stuff you’ll find in health food stores.

You can feel the difference if you brush your teeth with it – which I warmly recommend (I’ll get back to this). In the shower I pour a bunch of baking soda into my hands and rub everything – face, hair, body and the actual shower -. It’s a little rough, but it feels good … And maybe I was just lucky, but my skin is happier when I wash it with something simple like baking soda.

It doesn’t seem to dehydrate me or remove healthy oils, and baking soda is pretty stress-free – it’s not a big deal if you accidentally swallow it, throw it away (it’s so cheap), and it’s also environmentally safe! On top of that, baking soda is a scent neutralizer and is good for cleaning products (not something I do in the shower). See? Versatile, simple and inexpensive. “

After digging a little deeper, I found this recipe My happy messy life and tried.

Make your own Baking Soda

What you will need:

♡ tank (everything works, but these look super cute in the bathroom)

Ode to baking soda (obviously Bob’s Red Mill is clean and does not contain aluminum)

♡ water

♡ spoon

♡ optional: a few drops of essential oil (I love lavender because it winds me up)


♡ Fill half of the bowl with baking soda.

♡ Slowly add water.

In put a few drops of essential oil and stir.

♡ Stir gently and add more water or baking soda, depending on your consistency. (You want it to be a paste).

♡ Continue to add water and baking soda until the bowl is full and the paste has formed.

How to use:

♡ grab it with your hand and rub it on your body in the shower.

You should know that baking soda peels off so it will feel a little rough (that’s how I like it). If using it on your face, rub gently!

This is a little trick that is so cheap, effective, fast, easy and good for the environment.

As I mentioned, I love lavender essential oil in this one because it promotes relaxation. I usually take a shower at night, but you’re here. Grapefruit or tangerine would be ideal for energy if you like to take a shower in the morning.

I set up my bathroom with salt rock night light,, eucalyptus hanging, and my DIY lavender peeling makes me feel like I’m in a spa. Then I crawl into bed with my gold CBD pencil from Pellequr. One fluff and I’m completely relaxed.

Do you have any self-care products that you love? Tell me downstairs. So now into this.

x, lauryn

+ all advantages a salt lamp.

++ how bring your own bathroom on a budget.


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