Do you want to eat in the best restaurant in the world? Head to Copenhagen


Do you want to eat in the best restaurant in the world? Head to Copenhagen. Not only the world’s best restaurant and extremely happy people, Copenhagen has become a gourmet paradise. While people have lived in the area for more than a thousand years, Copenhagen began its life only as a small fishing hamlet. By the 11th century the area that the city would become was little more than a fisherman in the harbor, shepherds and cattle grazing in the hills, and a few small buildings overlooking the water. The small islets located outside the port protect the village from winds and weather, so the region was a pretty good place to settle. Although the beginnings of the city were modest, the power of the region grew. Copenhagen grew as a natural stop between the old capital Roskilde and Lund in Sweden. Moreover, Danish fishermen and traders became very successful by selling fish to Roman Catholic Europe during Lent. As a result, the country grew and after several invasions and plunder, Copenhagen emerged as one of the best European cities in the mid-20th century.

If you look back just 20 years ago, no one would think that Copenhagen has an important city of food. In just two decades, the city has become one of the most important cities with food, not only in Europe, but also in the world. Food in Copenhagen is an exercise in modern cuisine and is often brought to the point where the dishes look more like a work of art rather than something that should be eaten. These trends even have a name (again similar to the art movement) The movement of the new Nordic cuisine provides new ideas in environmentally sustainable cooking, minimalist ingredients and seasonal dishes. But not all elegant and delicate dishes, Copenhagen is also home to budget and international tastes, but no matter where you choose to dine, Copenhagen has fresh, delicious and eco-friendly plates.


What can be said about this cult restaurant that has not already been discussed? Noma is not only one of the best restaurants in the city or Europe, but has the honor of being repeatedly rated as the best restaurant in the world. That honor comes with great shoes to fill, and chef and owner René Redzepi presents the best of Danish cuisine since 2003. Being rated the best restaurant in the world means getting to the table here is incredibly difficult, but you can check your waiting list online. Food changes based on the seasons. Seafood is the focus in winter and spring, vegetables in summer, and games in the fall. Prices and ingredients vary depending on what is available with Nordic cuisine movement ethos occupies a central place. The ingredients are all local, from sustainable sources and exposed to a minimalist attitude.

The restaurant is located on the waterfront, housed in a former ammunition depot in the quaint and wacky Christianshavn district. The interior is characterized by designer aesthetics and food served on custom ceramic plates. It will probably be easy to plan your trip to Copenhagen when your booking is opened in Nomi, not the other way around.


While the wait may not last as long as waiting for a spot in Noma, Juno is still waiting for people at the door. Luckily for you, the wait is only a few minutes, but there is a reason why people are waiting in front of this Østerbro bakery. Even if you didn’t know what they were for, chances are good that when you take a walk with the enchanting smell of freshly baked croissants and cardamom buns, you will arouse your curiosity. Juno was started by the famous Swedish baker and former student Nome Emil Glaser, and the extraordinary pastries and pastries make the wait worth it. Pick up a pile and coffee and enjoy a snack or a quick picnic and eat them all. If you do, no one will blame you. As a tip, Juno has a sister cafe around the corner called “On the Counter” that serves similar snacks and a wider selection of coffees.


First of all, Manfreds is charged as a wine bar. And while they have a large selection of wines at their disposal, the food at Manfred’s is a great highlight. The menu here focuses on sausages with a selection of cheeses, cured meats and pairs of wines. And while the focus is on carrots, Manfreds takes it in a healthier and Scandinavian style. The menu is rich in vegetables with local ingredients, and the dishes contain healthy cereal bread baked locally and fresh. If you want to satisfy your craving for protein, then you will also be lucky because the recognizable beef tartare is made from rye crumbs, mayonnaise from poached eggs and long strands of spice for a little heat.

Petrol grill

Copenhagen is full of restaurants serving fresh palate-refreshing foods that are healthy and full of nutrients. But sometimes they want something fast, meaty and bad for you. A gasoline grill is a place when you’re not looking for rye bread and sour herring salad. Winner of the best hamburger in Copenhagen, Gasoline Grill is a roadside hamburger located on the site of a former petrol station. The restaurant is located in a fairly central place and while the gas grill serves pretty tasty burgers, the menu is limited to the idea that it is “less is more”. There are only a few tables out there, and the menu consists of 4 different burgers, but why serve many mediocre burgers when you can finally master a couple? Gasoline Grill also talks about that ethos because in 2017, Bloomberg rated Gasoline Grill as one of the best burgers in the world and the only one in northern Europe.

The beast

Some of the best pizzas outside of Naples are not in New York, but in Copenhagen. Bæst serves some of the best Italian dishes with a Danish mentality behind it. The items and dishes are quite simple, but the handicrafts that go into the food make this place really special. Bæst serves freshly made pizza cooked in an imported wood-fired oven imported from Naples. The pizza dough is made at home from locally ground flour that is left to rise before baking along with vegetables served on the restaurant farm and mozzarella cheese from cows from the same farm. For dessert, homemade ice cream, also made from the restaurant’s own cows. Everything, from dough to cheese, toppings and desserts, is made locally and homemade. The restaurant was also featured on Netflix Ugly Delicious so the restaurant now also has an international reputation.

La Glace Conductors

Conditori La Glace is a cult Danish landmark. Founded in 1870, Conditori La Glace is like Willy Wonka’s former factory. The place is the oldest pastry shop in Denmark and after 150 years of operation the place is a bit mysterious. The interior features a pink, green and brass tea room that gives vibrations from ancient times, while the scenes and smells of delicious pastries and candies torment you. Drink tea and go through all the sweet treats that Conditori La Glace offers. Their specialty is sports cake or “sports cake” made from crushed nougat with whipped cream and pasta base.

Expand and build

The beer scene in Europe is one of the best and it is no secret that Danes love good beer. If you want to try something other than the ubiquitous Tuborg or Carlsberg, head to Broaden & Build and check out what’s new to the touch. Located on the waterfront in an old warehouse, the place has been refurbished to provide guests with plenty of space to socialize, drink and of course enjoy gastronomically inspired food in the café. There are more than 20 different rotating beers here so you can always check out something new, while the food on offer here is one of the best bar foods you’ll ever drink, like fried chicken sprinkled with vinegar powder – a plate with the chef’s signature.

Hooked up

Copenhagen started only as a fishing village and probably raised the power of the European capital because of its maritime industry and fishing. Suffice it to say that fish and seafood are a big part of Danish culture. Hooked brings the best Scandinavian seafood delicacies with a modern flair and flavors of the 21st century. The owners of Hooked achieved great success with the eponymous food truck, as well as touring local food festivals, and decided that the next step was constant trade. Hooked is located in the Nørrebro area and serves things like lobster rolls, fish and chips, fish bowls and fish burgers, and while many places with seafood can be expensive, a dish at Hooked won’t break the bank. The area has many bars and places for nightlife so it is a good place to snack before a few drinks or food to drink alcohol after a night out.


The food in Copenhagen is not all minimalist and the ingredients from the restaurant are carefully arranged in an artistically pleasing way. The food scene extends beyond all of this, and GAO is a perfect example. GAO is the first city bar with dumplings and they specialize in meat, dough and meat delicacies, and these are dumplings. The light green ceramic walls and neon signs give the place a bit of style and modern flair, while the food is similar to something you’ll find on a street corner in China. GAO is located in Blågårdsgade, so there are many small cafes and lakes nearby, so from here you can bring food to drink and organize a picnic if you do not want to eat. Guests here can compile their menu with four different dumpling dishes to choose from, all handmade from start to finish.


Combining Danish minimalism with the bold flavors of Mexico, Sanchez comes from Noma alum Rosia Sanchez. The vibe here is simple but elegant with a full bar filled with a variety of wines and spirits, wooden tables and bright accents for an uplifting and fun atmosphere. In Sanchez, the top cuisine inspired by Mexico, together with Nordic flavors, brings dishes such as homemade taco with Scandinavian salmon and locally made queso frescoes. It’s not exactly what you’ll find in Tijuana, but it’s unique and delicious.

A small bakery

Don’t be fooled by the name, Lille’s bakery is much more than bread and pastries (although there are plenty of them). While other bakeries in the city offer more affordable pick-up, Lille Bakery is the perfect place for morning coffee and relaxation or an afternoon lunch with some colleagues. The open-concept dining and kitchen make you feel homey and fresh, while dishes like salads, pastries and light meals are the perfect place for an afternoon snack.

Our last word

The food scene in Copenhagen has come a long way, even in the last few decades. At a time when people considered Danish food to be sour herring and thick rye bread, it has now become the place where some of the best restaurants in the world come from. The scene is varied and exciting, no matter what you eat, there are always elements of freshness and care in every dish.

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