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Elissa Goodman

Hello, my age is: 60

Elissa Goodman holistic nutritionist, founder of SOUP Cleanse and author

Her skin glows, her smile is bright and easy to move, and her energy is grounded and quietly confident. “I like how I look now, at sixty, better than in my thirties,” says LA author, founder of SOUP Cleanse, cancer survivor and holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman. “I know I know to feel better. “Before his current trip as a health guru, Goodman was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirty-two.” Cancer turned out to be a blessing, ”she says. jobs that were over my head and I never felt good enough. I didn’t take care of myself – I was constantly grabbing sweet food and caffeine, which made me feel good in a nanosecond, but horrible in the long run. ”After being diagnosed with cancer, Goodman was discovered that she, too, suffered from Hashimoto’s disease and celiac disease.

In addition to radiation, Goodman began researching therapy, yoga, and naturopathy. When her husband lost his own battle with cancer a few years later, she returned to school to study Eastern and Western nutrition, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda. She wrote a book on cancer recovery and began working as a nutritionist, designing cleaning programs for a number of wellness restaurants in LA, before founding her own business. Today, her SOUP Cleanse is well-known: customers receive five days of organic herbal soups, salads, tonics, soups and lattes designed to help boost the gut and health of the gut and to support metabolism and help control sugar cravings; the idea is to reset a healthier diet in the future.

Goodman says that in the end the emotional element – loving yourself, believing you are important – is what it means to look good. “When you’re in conflict, it shows up on your face,” she says. So a mom of two goes with what she loves, balancing a clean diet with healthy enjoyment, meditating, exercising, resting on the phone and smoothing out Dad Harper’s skin care; the combination, as you can see here, really works for her.


Reset the hoses

Removing added sugar, dairy, gluten, any GMO and most chemical additives can help you reset your gut and feel good every day and as you age. Healthy cleansing – in my place you get fifty different types of vegetables in five days – should be about increasing nutrients and training to eat the right foods. I love soup, and many people turn out to like hot food better. For example, if you have an autoimmune disease or have a weakened immune system, I’ve seen that jumping into a raw vegan diet can really attack you. Whether raw or cooked food goes well with you may also depend on the time of year.

Fermentation is another way to facilitate intestinal nutrition: Something like coconut kefir has natural enzymes that stimulate beneficial bacteria. Your gut needs healthy bacteria to help break down food and balance inflammation and mood. [Editor’s note: Delicious recipe below.]

Probiotics – whether you get them with food or supplements – are amazing for digestion and skin. I love the Canadian brand Genuine Health. It’s hard to know which brands are legitimate, so if you have I know the brand is legitimate, stick to it.


Take care of your skin

I love things from Tata Harper – when I smooth out Elixir Vitae, my skin looks noticeably supple. It’s so good. I apply Creme Riche over it, and the combination is super filling. For the eye cream, the one from Barbara Sturm is seriously moisturizing and helps me wake up my face and bring life back around my eyes when I apply it in the morning.

  1. Dr.  Barbara Sturm eye cream

    Dr. Barbara Sturm
    Eye cream
    goop, $ 140


  2. Tata Harper Ageless Skin Set

    Dad Harper
    Skin aging set
    goop, $ 295


  3. Tata Harper elixir vitae

    Dad Harper
    The elixir of life
    goop, $ 450




Don’t be obsessed with being “good” all the time – you’ll get sick. I’ve struggled with orthorexia – and honestly, I’m still struggling with it a bit. I’m going to go somewhere and they won’t have anything healthy on the menu, and that can be hard for me. But I love food and I love going out to eat, and I’ve gotten better at relaxing. My fiancé eats healthy, but not as intensely as I do, and that’s good for me. My goal is to eat clean about 80 percent of the time, and then allow pizza, pasta, gluten, cheese, and alcohol, the other 20 percent. I have found that for many people your body can resist this when you treat it well most of the time, and it is important to go out and enjoy it.



In the morning, clean baby wipes quickly. At night, once a week, I use GOOPGLOW exfoliating pads and they make my skin glow. They work by removing all the dead skin and I feel like they are helping my lines look a little better. The rest of the week I do a milder peeling with a Tata Harper renewal mask – my skin, which is on the dry side, after that it feels youthful, elastic and alive.

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW 15% glycolic acid shines exfoliating overnight

    goop Beauty
    GOOPGLOW 15% glycol
    Sour peeling overnight

    goop, $ 125 / $ 112 with subscription


  2. Dad Harper Regenerating Mask

    Dad Harper
    Restoration mask
    goop, $ 65



A little color is super flattering

My makeup vibe is Californian and it’s really simple. The SPF 40 foundation from ILIA is amazing, both for protecting my skin and for the shade, which is the perfect touch of warmth. I apply RMS concealer wherever I need it and finish with a little RMS Lip2Cheek for some subtle color.

  1. RMS beauty Lip2Cheek

    RMS beauty
    goop, $ 36


  2. ILIA Super Serum Foundation SPF 40

    Super serum skin shade
    SPF Foundation 40

    goop, $ 48


  3. RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

    RMS beauty
    “Un” cover-up
    goop, $ 36



Put the phone down

At 7pm I turn off the phone and don’t look at it anymore until 8am – it stays down and I sleep upstairs. I’m really good at it and in religious meditation; just five or ten minutes helps me straighten my head. The diary is also a big help to me, because I am high-energy and I can easily be over-stimulated. In the morning I write a diary to help my anxiety and fears, and before bed I write down three things I am grateful for. Strength yoga is another great thing for me: I practice four times a week.

  1. Manduka GRP yoga mat

    GRP yoga mat
    goop, $ 128


  2. AllSwell Notebook 1

    Notebook 1
    goop, $ 23



Take a bath

I love goop Martini bath salts: I’m an Aries, so I work a lot, ride and somehow help me get back to earth. Baths save lives – water calms the system.

  1. goop Beauty

    goop Beauty
    Emotional “Martini”
    Detox bath

    goop, $ 35



Say, “I’ve had enough”

As women, there is this message that we are not young enough, beautiful enough or thin enough – and we must let it go. Negative thought patterns such as hatred of your body increase cortisol levels and can lower the immune system. Say to yourself, “I am where I need to be. I have everything I need. All I need is love. I am beautiful. “Mantras help us return to a calmer state, where we can accept ourselves. I have mantras in my bathroom mirror – I say them all day. Loving yourself and your body is the ultimate way to become healthy in every way.


You can stop craving sugar

I was addicted to sugar as I was growing up because my mother took all the sugar out of my house. She thought she was doing a good thing, but it was overkill, and as a teenager I couldn’t get enough sugar. My husband was also addicted to sugar and had to have dessert after every meal. After he passed away and when I started eating more vegetables and taking in more nutrients, I discovered I had no desire for sugar. I think a lot of it was also related to rebuilding my gut with probiotics, collagen powder and fermented foods. Studies suggest that when your gut has enough good bacteria, you may not crave sugar as much. I still have no desire for that.

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGENES Marine Collagen Powder

    goop Beauty
    GOOPGENES Marine
    Collagen powder

    goop, $ 95 / $ 86 with subscription


  2. Seeds daily synbiotic

    Daily Sybbiotic
    goop, $ 60



Energy is contagious

I am trained in Reiki – I use it for centering and I use it when I cook sometimes to infuse food with love, nourishing energy. It’s an amazing feeling to give people clean food that makes them feel better.

Coconut yogurt kefir by Elisse Goodman

Drizzled with berries and granola, this is a direct strong breakfast or a killer snack.

  1. 1 coconut milk with a full-fat 16-ounce can

  2. 1 Renew Life 50 billion probiotic capsules opened

  3. 2 tablespoons maple syrup

  4. 1 teaspoon vanilla

  5. 2 cups Zuma Valley coconut meat, thawed

  6. 1 cup berries (optional)

Add coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla, coconut flesh and berries to the blender. Stir until smooth. Add the probiotic capsule and blend again. Cover the blender with gauze and place it in the oven (does not turn on the oven) overnight or for about twelve hours. Remove from the oven and mix well. You may need to blend again until it is smooth. Store in the refrigerator. This is a mild yogurt kefir, which is wonderful if you are sensitive to fermentation. If you prefer a stronger enzyme, you can add 100 billion probiotic capsules.

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