Environmental Concerns and Dry Cleaning Solutions


Contrary to wet cleaners cleaning products require detergent as part of the cleaning process. The detergent helps emulsify hydrophobic soils to avoid redeposition on clothing. The primary solvent employed in dry cleaning is perchloroethylene (PCE). There are other, less aggressive solvents, including hydrocarbons, that account for about ten percent of the market.

Dry cleaning utilizes PERC which is a colorless and gas that is flammable. PERC is a well-known allergen that is found in auto repair shops and manufacturing plants. If you live close to a dry-cleaning shop you could be exposed to PERC. In order to avoid being exposed to this chemical, it’s essential to conduct an air test at your home. If you reside in a region that has several such businesses, you can contact the health department to schedule a free air test.

Our society is becoming more aware of environmental concerns. Perc regulations have led to an increase in the price of this industrial chemical. It can be costly and difficult to switch to hydrocarbon solvents since there are so many dry cleaners available in the US. There are many alternatives to perc. These include GreenEarth and K4 as well as wetcleaning.

Selecting a reputable dry cleaning company is vital to keep your clothes in good shape. You can not only be confident that your local cleaners will provide quality cleaning, but dry cleaners Rockville Pike offer exceptional customer service. A reputable dry cleaning service will be able offer an array of services, including special items and alterations. Whatever type of dry cleaning service you require there’s a cleaner in your area who can satisfy your requirements.

Dry cleaning solvents made of petroleum are the most popular and could pose a threat to the environment. PERC is a solvent derived from petroleum that is used to disinfect and clean delicate textiles. This solvent is a fantastic way for clothes to look clean and fresh. It is also extremely eco-friendly which makes it a great option for those who are concerned about the environment. The most common kind is a non-toxic and environmentally safe perc.

Dry cleaners typically begin by applying a pretreatment solution. This is a solution that kills bacteria and prepares the clothing for pressing. This makes the garment appear slimmer and wrinkle-free. Professional dry cleaners can also perform post-spotting when the stain is difficult to eliminate. Sometimes the stain is too deep or old to be removed effectively.

Dry cleaners should invest in modern equipment and adhere to strict environmental policies to comply with hazardous waste laws. Whether a dry cleaner is an owner or tenant, it must adhere to strict guidelines regarding solvents and their environmental performance. As a business owner it is essential to think about the costs of cleaning clothes in a given location. A policy that protects you and your assets in the event of a disaster can protect you.

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