Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide bath for sore muscles


Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide bath for sore muscles

A few months ago I started boxing and sometimes it hurts so much (in a good way) that I started researching how to soothe sore muscles. Low and here I found a trick to share.

Soothing sore muscles only apply to Epsom salts … or so I thought. But what I’m going to share with you is a detox bath on steroids.

It relieves all pain, and is known to stop infections. The recipe for this bath of salt and hydrogen peroxide from Epsom I got from this page.

Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide bath for sore muscles

What you will need:

-6 4-6 cups of Epsom salt (I love Dr. Teal )

♡ 32-64 oz. from hydrogen peroxide (3%, as found in most food products)

-4 2-4 tablespoons ginger (grate it, then wrap in a thin cloth or a cup of tea )


Fill the tub with water, then add all the ingredients.

♡ Soak for at least 20 minutes as the benefits will increase efficiency.

♡ You can do this for up to 7 days in a row.

++ VERY IMPORTANT: don’t do it if you are pregnant ++

Advantages of epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide baths:

♡ Hydrogen peroxide is a simple, non-toxic molecule of H2O2 that is useful in the oxidation (decomposition) of toxins, as well as in killing anaerobic microbes. It also detoxifies pesticides and oil-based toxins, and oxidizes metals. It is naturally produced by macrophages in the body to kill harmful bacteria. Most harmful bacteria are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen or hydrogen peroxide. Cancer cells are also often very sensitive to oxygen and cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments.

Salt Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) help stabilize hydrogen peroxide so that its final decomposition into water and free oxygen is gradual and beneficial to the body. Recent research has shown that when you soak a tub of magnesium sulfate, both magnesium and sulfate increase measurably in your blood and urine. The Epsom Salt Council reports on the benefits of magnesium in Epsom salt baths on the following:

} “Magnesium, the main component of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), is the second most abundant element in human cells and the fourth most important positively charged ion in the body. Magnesium also helps regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and plays a vital role in organizing many bodily functions, from controlling muscles and electrical impulses to producing energy and removing harmful toxins. “

Other benefits may include:

♡ Improved heart and blood circulation health, which in turn reduces heart failure and blood clots, prevents hardening of the arteries and lowers blood pressure

Improved ability of the body to use insulin, thereby reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes

Flushing toxins and heavy metals from cells, relieving muscle pain and helping the body eliminate harmful substances

Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation. Also, calcium is the main conductor of electricity in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain adequate levels of calcium in the blood.

Relieved stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to remove magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind appropriate amounts of serotonin, a mood-boosting chemical in the brain that creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

♡ Finally, ginger opens the pores of the skin and increases blood flow on the surface of the skin, so that oxygen from hydrogen peroxide can do its job of detoxifying toxins and killing bacteria and fungi. The pores open wider, so that magnesium sulfate can be absorbed more easily. Ginger is invigorating and can stimulate sweating to remove toxins.


Dry brush before bathing. This removes dry and dead skin and just feels so fucking good. Seriously, it creates an addiction. It will help your skin to better absorb all the benefits of this bath, as well as all your beautiful skin products that you use afterwards.

This is such a good way to relax after a long day, especially if you have had a stressful – or intense workout.

YES! This is my hippy dippy hack if it hurts you or you just want to spice up the situation in the tub.

Like I said, I got the recipe and all the information this page, so go if you want more information.

And before we go, if you want to become a real psycho, you could do it but in an ice bath. You should do this in the morning as you will bounce off the walls with energy. Just take a cold bath, add ice, the recipe above. DONE.

x, lauryn

+ the the best shower cap if you don’t want to mess up the blowing

++ why cold hair rinse is one of the best things you can do.


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