First time tips for botox Skinny confidential


First time tips for botox

Many of you have approached me looking for a source to get botox for the first time. I posted my own experience before, but since then I have talked to so many experts, surgeons and practitioners, so I wanted to compile a list of tips, tricks and guidelines here.

In this post, you will hear Dr. Daniel Barrett (he did mine 2. job tits ), Dr. Harold Lancer,, Dr. Dennis Gross,, Dr. Kay durairaj, & Dr. Lara Devgan, plus I end up throwing in my best tips.

Let’s get into that.

First time botox guru tips:

Dr. Daniel Barrett:

♡ Be sure to visit a doctor who has approval.

♡ Are you happy with their before and after photos? Do you like the results?

♡ Be sure to check out their reviews. Yelp is great for this. DO NOT trust all statements on the injector website.

♡ When you call the office, is the chairperson in charge helpful and informed about Botox?

Meet them first. If you’re not feeling well, you probably aren’t. Find someone you trust. Invest time in finding someone you would love to work with.

Dr. Harold Lancer:

Don’t overdo it. Less is more. “It’s a combination of repetitive treatment so you achieve a higher cumulative end result.”

Dr. Dennis Gross:

♡ Start slowly. You can always add more, but you can’t take it out when it comes in.

Bad You can fix bad Botox if it involves more Botox, but you can’t fix it by removing it.

Dr. Kay Durairaj:

♡ Preventive Botox is controversial, but there is no reason to constantly wrinkle the skin (Dr. Kay is a fan of preventive Botox).

Fix what takes away your self-esteem or self-confidence. Today we have technology that is safe, effective and affordable, so feel good.

♡ After checking the injectors, bring pictures of what you like so the doctor can get your vibration and work in a way that suits your face.

Dr. Lara Devgan:

♡ Find someone who has done botox at least 10,000 times. Yes so much.

♡ Compare before and after to see if they suit you. And check out their Instagram page.

♡ Think of Botox as a way to retrain facial muscles.

♡ Be sure to take care of skin care in your favor. Daily maintenance and good skin habits can make people look younger than they are. (Specifically Vitamin C, hyaluronic serum, eye cream and SPF EVERY DAMN DAY).

Tips for Botox Skinny Confidential:

♡ I would never touch my eyes; there is something strange about inducing botox around the eyes.

♡ I would never recommend getting Botox by smile lines because you want to smile. If you get Botox there, it would paralyze your muscles.

It will reportedly last 3-4 months. For me, it takes up to 9 months.

Void Avoid botox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

♡ When it comes to bruises, I only got the tiniest bruise once, but it disappeared the next day.

I hope all these tips and tricks put together in one place will help you if you are on the fence around Botox, don’t know where to start or need help choosing an injector. Don’t rush, research and don’t get Groupon, k?

x, lauryn

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