Five Tips For Your Next Block Party With A Bounce House


It is a great way to meet new neighbors and foster community spirit and pride by throwing a fall block party. This is a great way to enjoy the weather before it becomes too cold. An average block party depends on good company, good food, and good music. Having a bounce house on hand almost guarantees you a memorable party. These tips will help you complete your next block party with a bounce house rental.If you need any kind of information about any Bounce House yopu can visit and contact at

1.  A Kid Friendly Area Should Be Reserved

In the absence of activities for the kids, a block party can be easily turned into a babysitting session. How can the parents handle their energetic little bundles while they talk on the phone? You can solve that problem in a snap by renting a bounce house. Do you know any child who is bored when they see a bounce house? It is important for party planners to locate the inflatable in a safe, well-shaded area.

2.  Arrange for set up as soon as possible

However, the planning, organization and presentation of group activities will take time, and there is nothing wrong with having them for kids. The great thing is that you don’t have to do anything when you rent a bounce house.

You can expect your local Space Walk to handle all the delivery, setup, pickup, and cleaning needs. Your bounce house rental should be ready for the kids before guests arrive as long as you reserve it in a timely manner.

3.  Neighbors can split costs

There are a number of options for the daily rates, and prices differ depending on the unit and location. Further, when the festival’s costs are spread among dozens of guests, they become more reasonable. Sending and receiving your portion is easy with an app like Venmo or PayPal.

4.  Watch the kids in turns

Children are probably safer in a bounce house than anything else at a block party. It is unlikely that a child will be injured if they fall down against thick vinyl walls filled with air.

Kids can sometimes act too excited and run into each other, so it’s important to always keep an eye on him or her. Parties should organize volunteer runs for everyone to participate in while not forgetting safety fundamentals for the bounce house.

5.  Exciting Inflatables

Although we believe all inflatables are fun, there are some that we think will surely make your block party goers smile. A customized photo booth to take home with your guests, such as our Inflatable Photo Booth, will truly be the highlight of your event.

Guests can also try out the, because it gives them a chance to test their climbing skills – along with our small obstacle course, you have the chance to test out over 65 feet of fun!

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