Fixing Sunken Concrete With Concrete Levelers


One method for fixing sunken concrete is poly-leveling, a process in which a foam injection is injected under the slab. The foam expands and forces concrete into the proper position, filling any gaps created by soil settlement. The foam reaches the final strength of 90 percent after the curing. It is chemical- and water-resistant, and does not have adverse effects. It is a great method for fixing sunken concrete and is an ideal choice for patios.

Greene Concrete Leveling is an alternative for fixing sunken concrete. It is necessary for the concrete to be at least 4” thick, otherwise the process could cause further damage. This method is perfect for fixing concrete in areas that are prone to water damage or erosion, such as near large trees. Another benefit of mudjacking is that it is environmentally-friendly, using natural ingredients that do not contain chemical fillers. This method is a cost-effective option for uneven concrete.

Foam-injection concrete leveling is the use of polyurethane foam that is injected under the slab. The foam expands to fill in the voids and raise the surface. It is also long-lasting and will not lose density. Slabjacking is also a better option for decorative areas than concrete replacement. Slabjacking will last for decades. It is a cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement. Sunken concrete is often caused by soil settlement.

Utilize a trowel that is long-handled or broom to apply the concrete leveler compound. The concrete leveler compound will result in an even and wear-resistant surface. The surface will be ready for walking and rubber-wheel traffic within four hours. The rubber-wheel traffic will also be able utilize the surface. Concrete Leveling compounds can be used to waterproof the surface.

After the primer has been applied the next step is to apply the Concrete Leveler. After the primer has been applied, it should be evenly distributed and reach the concrete’s pores. A quart of primer should cover 50 to 100 square feet. For larger areas the gallon-sized container is needed. If the concrete leveling compound is used, it should be dried thoroughly for three hours prior to being reapplied. The concrete leveler cannot be cured unless it has been exposed to water.

Concrete leveling can be completed within a matter of minutes. The process involves pumping a mixture of cement as well as water, sand and soil into a concrete slab. The concrete will continue to flow and level out. This is a fast and efficient method of fixing sunken concrete. There are some things you must keep in mind prior to you make use of self-leveling concrete. If you are in need of concrete slab leveling, you should also consider hiring a concrete professional.

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