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Because I’m finally writing a blog post about my second book Get out of the sun.

They have spent the last 3 years working on chapter outlines, proposing, interviewing, researching, emailing, writing, editing, designing, capturing images, CARANTING AND WRITING MORE, setting up a fun marketing plan and studying.

a skinny confidential book

I have signed, sealed and delivered every detail to you. SKINCARE can be such an overwhelming SOOO that you know I had to create a BARBIE PINK resource.

By no means am I a skin care expert, simply a practitioner who is lucky enough to have access to tricks. That’s why I went straight to the source.

That’s right – 100+ top influencers, celebrities, podcasters, doctors and experts GIVE US JUICE. But wait, that’s not all – it’s going to be like we’re on a drunken brunch together – I’m seriously spilling every HOT TIP I’ve picked up in the last 11 years in this industry. SO MANY SECRET SKINCARE, MY GOD.

Not only will you mark the book as a book, but you will also want it on your coffee table. It’s sweet, it’s chewy, it’s chewy, it looks hot on your instagram feed … AND LIKE IT’S A LOT OF VALUE.

Here’s the deal: you don’t have to read it from cover to cover – in fact, take a glass of chilled pink rose and open it on any page to learn ALL the things about skin care.

So who is this book for? Well, YOU … SPIRIT. But mostly it’s for anyone curious about the best, most famous and smartest skin tips – all in one. think of it as your personal SKINCARE RESOURCE – at your service.

Even the MOST AMAZING people have participated in this book. You will read tips from:

♡ Patrick Starr

♡ Kristin Cavallari

Beli Fat Jews

Lady Ladygang

♡ Hrush Achemyan

♡ Bobbi Brown

♡ Jillian Michaels

Care Skin Care Hyram

♡ Molly Sims

♡ Georgia Louise

♡ Sivan Ayla

♡ Annie Lawless

Ers Founders of the recipe for shine

♡ Justin Anderson

Ers Founders of Summer Fridays

♡ Dom Roberts

Founder Founder of the Drunk Elephant

Bar dr. Barbara Sturm

♡ Aimee Song

♡ dr. Jason Diamond

♡ Mandy Madden Kelley

♡ Lisa Vanderpump

♡ Amelia Gray Hamlin and Delilah Belle Hamlin

♡ Emily Schuman

♡ Patricia Altschul

♡ Stassi Schroeder

♡ Chriselle Lim

♡ Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

+ more!

PLUS !!! foreword by my boyfriend, dr. Dennis Gross.

Like I said, this book is made in the last 3 years.

It was complex because it didn’t just rely on me. I went to about 200+ influencers, famous and doctors to collect their opinions and answers. To lay the foundation, I knew I had to create a compelling book proposal. It had to be very clear to the publishers what I was trying to do: share all my tips and tricks, and spill the tips and tricks from the highest influencers as well. It was cheeky, rosy and shown to be like a reader, and I was in a happy hour.

get away from the sun by skinny confidential{ striped towel |. | strawberry hat |. | an unprecedented sunscreen |. | long gloves |. | umbrella tassel }

I underestimated how crazy it was to collect information and photos from more than 200 people. There was so much going back and forth via email and DM, lawyers were involved, and my team and I had to organize everything to make it as simple as possible. So that involved writing my book, but at the same time I was basically putting together another book in which other people were involved.

When I wrote “Get the fuck out of the sun,” I wanted to keep the same fun, light, cheeky tone in which I write the blog: like talking to my friends over a cocktail.

So many skin books I’ve read are so boring and dry, just not visually appealing. This book is about a casual convocation in terms we can all understand. And it flows. So you won’t hear me talking about an ice roller, and then I go straight to the question of why SPF is important. It would not make sense to think that an ice roller >> lymphatic drainage. It flows.


Also, I wanted to share with you some testimonies from some of my favorite evils:

I first met The Skinny Confidential when we had a haircut live online! Not only did she steal the show, but she helped me look amazing while doing it. When I see her grow as she follows, how she becomes the queen of content and now that I have a BOOK it makes me so happy and I wouldn’t expect anything less !!!

Scotty Cunha, hair salon and owner of Rosé Rescue

Lauryn is my traveler for all beauties. It can literally make a cosmetic product out of anything. Her raw honesty makes her the beauty of BFF that everyone has always wanted … and now she can’t live without her. Along with an interview with leading beauty influencers, “Get Out of the Sun,” is a pretty big bible about skin care. Lauryn covers all products and treatments that REALLY WORK. Do you have questions about skin care? Read the book. They will get your answers.

-Molly Sims, actress and entrepreneur

Skinny Confidential is as raw and real as it gets. Lauryn can connect with her audience and make you feel like you’re her best fucking friend. Anything Skinny confidentially covers … I’m all eyes and ears because she doesn’t lack rhythm when it comes to sharing information and resources that are influential, and actually make a difference. Being a part of this book is such an amazing honor. The love and respect I have for Lauryn and the community she has built is amazing. To this day … I still get calls from girls every day about being on her podcast. It has undoubtedly changed the trajectory of my job and I am forever grateful to be a part of this stubborn community it has built.

-Melissa Wood-Tepperberg by Melissa Wood HEALTH

In the meantime, you can pre-order the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Abrams, Indie Bound, Waterstones (UK) or Target. BUT, I’m a big fan of supporting small bookstores, so be sure to check out your local bookstore as well and order them through them.

If you order a copy in advance, THANK YOU THANK YOU. This is a dream come true for the launch of this book, and really, I couldn’t do it without YOU. I can’t wait for you to tag it and throw out the shit!

a skinny confidential book

You should know that we do so many events around the presentation of the book, so if you may be dealing with this, leave your email in the comments below so we can let you know when and what happens after everything is finalized.

Thanks again. I couldn’t do without this amazing community.

OH !! and please join me talkhoplive May 20 at 19:30 CST to ask me all your burning questions about the book, manipulating your skincare man, botox, LITERALLY NOTHING. You can register here.

x, lauryn

+ check out my first book, a guide to life, here.

++ tips for focusing and doing shit– It’s like writing a book, LOL.


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