Gonzaga vs. Baylor: The Bears dominantly deny Zags ’undefeated season


Monday’s state championship game between the NCAA tournament’s top holders, Gonzaga and Baylor, was supposed to highlight the end of the 2020-21 basketball season.

Baylor at least continued his end of the deal; The Mark Few’s Bulldogs, however, were completely outscored against the bigger, more physical Bears team in an 86-70 defeat, denying them an unbeaten season.

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The Bears continued their defensive dominance – against which they proved themselves Villanova i Houston – against the Bulldogs, holding all but two starters (Jalen Suggs and Joel Ayayi) to less than 50 percent of the shots. They also dominated on the boards, repelling Gonzaga 38-22, including 16-5 on offensive jumps and 22-17 on defensive boards.

Gonzaga could have kept the game closer even with shooting problems, but Baylor also appeared in a big attack. Jared Butler set the tone for the Bears with 22 points, seven assists during the evening in shooting 6 out of 14 (including 4 out of 9 out of 3). Davion Mitchell had 15 points, five assists and six rebounds. MaCio Teague was also great, scoring 19 points in an 8-on-15 shot. Adam Flagler added 13 points from the bench, shooting 3 of 6 from the field and 3 of 4 from 3.

Kudos to Gonzaga, who endured an early 9-0 deficit and overcame the Bears ’19-point lead to bring it back within single-digit values ​​in the second half. Suggs led Gonzaga, scoring 22 points in an 8-of-15 shot. Drew Timme and Corey Kispert also scored 12 points per piece in a lost effort.

The result Gonzaga – Baylor

1H 2H Finally
Baylor 47 39 86
Gonzaga 37 33 70

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Gonzaga – Baylor live update, events from the NCAA Championship

All times Eastern

Final: Baylor 86, Gonzaga 70

23:26: Final: Baylor 86, Gonzaga 70.

23:26: Julian Strawther comes on to the pitch 86-70, and it should be done.

23:25: Butler hits his two free throws to equalize with Suggs by 22 points in the game. We have less than a minute now.

23:24: Suggs hits a quick schedule to bring him 22 points in the game. Don’t fire him while he succeeds 84-67.

23:23: Mitchell made an effort to make another schedule 84-65. Just the complete destruction of the bear.

23:22: Nembhard missed 3. A lot for Gonzaga.

23:20: Well, that was fast. Baylor timeout (3:15).

23:17: 82-65 Baylor with the last time limit for the media (3:18). These few minutes seem to be little more than a formality.

23:15: There is another theft of the Bears, their seventh game. It is 80-63 Baylor approaching the final time limit for the media.

23:13: Ayayi is injured after he and Timme embark on the same offensive jump. He favors his right foot and limps off the field.

23:11: Suggs plays a nice defensive game, and Butler is called up to flagrant player 1 for holding back to prevent him from escaping. Suggs hits 1 out of 2 to make it work 77-63. Zags ball.

23:10: CBS is back with a game that is already in action, but it looks like Kispert scored 3 to score 75-62.

23:05: Mitchell was called on for another foul, although it looks like it was supposed to be an arrow situation. In any case, Gonzaga will knock out two from the break (7:42).

23:04: Nembhard misses both free throws to keep the score 75-59 in favor of Baylor.

23:03: And now Thamba is fouled in an offensive attempt to repel. Vital gets his third at the other end.

23:03: Timme is on the side, taking medication and stretching her left hip.

23:02: Another Suggs 3 succeeds 75-59. They will need a few more of them, and do so quickly, with time falling below nine minutes.

23:01: Another example in the show “Baylor Physically Leads Gonzaga”: The Bears reject them from 28-17.

23:00: Suggs scores 3 to score 73-56. It’s Zags ’first 3 in nine attempts.

22:59: Mitchell hits two free throws to score 73-53, which is now Baylor ‘s biggest lead in the game.

22:58: Matthew Mayer hits a short jumper to get there 71-53 Baylor.

22:57: And there’s Timme’s fourth offense over an offensive attack on the other side. He has 12 points and is moving towards the bench.

22:57: Butler kicks both free throws. Baylor didn’t have much from there, but it’s not missing. It is 69-53 Baylor.

22:54: 67-53 Baylor at a media timeout (11:45).

22:51: Baylor is 10 out of 18 out of 3. Gonzaga is 1 out of 8. That will have to change if Zagovi wants to get back into this.

22:48: An amazing sequence for Baylor there. Vital blocks a shot on one side and Flagler scores a goal 3 on the other. That’s it 67-51 Baylor; they do not discharge fuel.

22:47: Butler dives a couple of free throws to score 62-49 Baylor.

22:46: Nembhard sets himself up hard to succeed 58-49. This is the first single-digit minus for Gonzaga since Baylor opened 9-0.

22:46: And now Tchatchoua is on the bench with four fouls.

22:44: Tchatchoua gets a massive dunk to make it 58-46 outside the time limit. Gonzaga sleeps defensively.

22:40: Baylor ball on the first TV break (15:51).

22:37: Suggs gets one chance. Thamba headed to the bench with his fourth personal foul. Suggs misses a free throw to score 56-45 Bears.

22:36: Kispert seems to have a sting after Thambe fouls. He gets out of the game for the coaches to look at. Thamba hits the end of the pair to reach him 56-43 Bears.

22:34: And 3 more! Butler is 4 out of 6 from that range 53-39 – dangers of the defense zone.

22:33: Good defense by Gonzaga from the goal, but Butler starts the half with a contested 3 to score 50-37 Bears.

First half: Baylor 47, Gonzaga 37

22:12: First half statistics:

  • Field goals: Baylor 19 out of 38 (50 percent); Gonzaga 12 out of 22 (54.5 percent)
  • Threesomes: Baylor 7 out of 12 (58.3 percent); Gonzaga 1 out of 7 (16.7 percent)
  • Free throws: Baylor 2 out of 2 (100 percent); Gonzaga 12 out of 13 (92.3 percent)
  • Jumps: Baylor 16; Gonzaga 10
  • Assists: Baylor 12; Gonzaga 9
  • Stolen: Baylor 5; Gonzaga 2
  • Blocks: Baylor 2; Gonzaga 1
  • Traffic: Baylor 5; Gonzaga 8
  • Violations: Baylor 11; Gonzaga 6
  • Biggest leadership: Baylor 19; Gonzaga N / A

Butler and Teague are leading in points for Baylor, scoring 10 and 14 points, respectively. Butler also has four assists. Timme (10 points) is the only player in double-digit scoring for Gonzaga. Kispert, Suggs and Nembhard have seven points each.

22:11: And they submerged him for the remaining 2 seconds; Nembhard dishes to Anton Watson for the end 47-37 Baylor in the half. Zags were 9-2 at the end of the half, including the last five points.

22:10: Mitchell broke the clock for the shot with the remaining 6.7 seconds in the half. The final shot for Gonzaga to return within double-digit digits before half time.

22:09: Gonzaga has 13 free throw attempts for Baylor’s two.

22:09: Suggs gets one chance; Vital gets a second foul and now the concern for Baylor is serious. Suggs makes a shot to succeed 47-35 with 38.4 remaining in half.

22:07: Timme gets two from the charity track to score 45-32 Bears with 1:20 in the half.

22:06: Tchatchoue’s third foul sends Nembhard to the line, where both tones are to be scored 45-30 Bears.

22:04: Teague pulls all the air out of the Gonzaga race with five quick points after time runs out. It’s back to 43-26 Baylor.

22:00: Gonzaga scores two more buckets from Kispert and Ayayi to reach them 38-26; timeout Bears (3:41).

22:00: … Followed by Mitchell 3. That is 38-22 Bears.

22:00: Gonzaga is in a 6-0 series to get to him 35-22.

21:58: Interesting development: Baylor’s Butler, Thamba and Tchatchou all have two fouls.

21:53: Another turnaround, this one from Suggs, leads to fastbreak points for Baylor on the other hand. The Bears score 13-0 points on lost balls as part of their own 33-14.

21:49: Timme was called in for an offensive foul; meanwhile, Gonzaga has seven turnovers from Baylor’s two. They were handled by them in every sense of the word.

21:46: Teague hits 3 more to get there 29-10 Baylor. They are now 5 out of 5 from that range.

21:44: Butler takes step 3 back to get there 26-10 Bears. Baylor is 4 out of 4 outside the port. This is a direct result of this Thamba block on the other hand:

21:43: Nembhard hits two free throws to make Zags double-digit 23-10.

21:40: Gonzaga will head to the charity line coming out of the second media timet (11:42). Baylor’s leadership remains significant 23-8.

21:39: Baylor is forcing three reversals on Gonzaga, two of which came from Timme. Baylor has a zero to Gonzaga’s five.

21:37: Uh oh. Baylor forced the turn, and Adam Flagler scored 3 on the other side. That’s it 21-6 Baylor – the biggest deficit for Gonzaga during the whole season.

21:36: Timme rides to the edge to get his first score. It is 16-6 Bears.

21:33: Mitchell and Butler fight back with a jumper and 3 points to score 16-4 Baylor. The Bulldogs still have no answer on the defensive for them. They have seven points each. Gonzaga timeout (14:25).

21:32: Right on the sign, Kispert gets Zags ’first basket with a timely 3. That’s 11-4 Baylor.

21:31: Much of the early Zags deficit: Baylor repel Gonzaga 6-2.

21:27: Nembhard hits another from a pair of free throws to enter the board at 16:16. This is immediately followed by Mitchell Jumper to arrive 11-1 Baylor at a media timeout (15:30).

21:26: Suggs was hit by his second offense before the media timeout. He has zero points.

21:25: And another Butler drive succeeds 9-0 Bears, giving them the biggest lead over the Zags all tournament.

21:24: Mitchell scores 3 to score 7-0 Bears. Zags looks a little slow early.

21:23: And now a bucket from Butler to do it 4-0 Baylor; Vital gets the third offensive board of the match. The Bears reject Gonzaga 4-0 too soon.

21:22: Vital misses a few easy setups, but Mitchell brings jumper with Ayayi in defense to succeed 2-0 Baylor.

21:22: Baylor won the tipoff and off we go!

21:17: And now Gonzagin: Drew Timme; Corey Kispert; Jalen Suggs; Andrew Nembhard; and Joel Ayayi.

21:15: Baylor starters: Flo Thamba; Mark Vital; Jared Butler; MaCio Teague; and Davion Mitchell.

21:13: Joe Hamm with a nice message from the foreplay:

Gonzaga vs. Baylor start time

  • Time: 21:20 ET | 18:20 PT
  • Broadcast team: Jim Nantz (play-by-play), Grant Hill, Bill Raftery (analysts), Tracy Wolfson (reporter), Gene Steratore (policy analyst)

The state championship match between Gonzaga and Baylor should be canceled on Monday, April 5, at 21:20 Central European Time.

On which channel is Gonzaga vs. Baylor?

CBS, which has exclusive rights to broadcast the 2021 Final Four, will broadcast Gonzaga against Baylor.

Those who have a cable subscription can stream the game March Madness Live, the network home of every 2021 NCAA tournament game. Final Four can also be broadcast live from fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial.

March Madness Final Four schedule 2021

Saturday, April 3rd

Br. 1 Baylor 78, Br. 2 Houston 59
Br. 1 Gonzaga 93, No. 11 UCLA 90 (ZN)

NCAA National Championship Tournament

Monday, April 5th

Game Weather (ET) TV
Game 67: Br. 1 Gonzaga v. No. 1 Baylor 21:20 CBS, fuboTV

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