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Eid Mubarak to our Muslim readers! What are you doing this weekend? My father is visiting Brooklyn, so I’m going to hang out with him tomorrow. We plan to walk around the neighborhood and prepare dinner with seafood. I hope you have a good one, and here are some fun links from all over the web …

Many readers have asked for our book recommendations in one place, so yes There you are!! (In the upper right corner is the “Books” tab our homepage.) We will continue to add.

Semi-renovated houses.

There is a perfect number of days to work from home, and that two. (Atlantic.)

My way spring nail polish.

People share what is common in their country and not in others. “In Argentina, there is a tradition that if a lost child is found on the beach, an adult will lift them on their shoulders and clap along the shore. People on the beach will also clap with them, making it easier for parents to find their child. “

Life in appearance is a fun series – here Gwyneth Paltrow i Salma Hayek.

Where do you fall on Pantone urination chart?

A once in a lifetime chance to start over. (Atlantic.)

Food I bring in every little thing. “

Meet the latest American chess master: Ten-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi!!

Fun news: Winc, a wine subscription service, offers free shipping for 4 bottles for $ 29.95 for new customers. We love theirs Sauvignon Blanc. (The discount applies automatically when you charge.)

Plus, three reader comments:

GE says when you knew it was love“When? Just this year. While I’m locked up, alone. Somewhere in the middle of all this mess, at the mature age of 39, I fell in love … with myself.”

Says S on when you knew it was love: “I saw my husband across the room at a party and I just knew for sure that I only felt it once – when I met my dog. My husband does not appreciate this comparison, but both of my experiences with love at first sight really worked out for me. “

Ellen says 12 reader comments: “I never felt more alive than when I started skipping a couple of years ago. I’m not a runner and walking is good, but I wanted something more cardio. Here’s what suits me: cardio clothes, an optimistic playlist, a flat open space (like a parking lot) and a readiness to skip. I get an unusual look and a lot of smiles – it’s really liberating. And an added bonus, I’m over 50 and it doesn’t hurt my knees. “

(Photo: Melissa Male.)

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